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Conversations With Myself

Author : Nelson Mandela
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Conversations With Myself is a moving collection of letters, diary entries and other writing that provides a rare chance to see the other side of Nelson Mandela's life, in his own voice: direct, clear, private. An international bestseller, Conversations With Myself is an intensely personal book that complements his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. In his foreword to Nelson Mandela's book, President Barack Obama writes: 'Conversations With Myself does the world an extraordinary service in giving us [a] picture of Mandela the man.' Conversations With Myself gives readers insight to the darkest hours of Nelson Mandela's twenty-seven years of imprisonment and his troubled dreams in his cell on Robben Island. It contains the draft of an unfinished sequel to Long Walk to Freedom, notes from Madiba's famous speeches, and even doodles made during meetings. There are photos from his life, journals written while on the run during the anti-apartheid struggles of the early 1960s, and conversations with friends in almost 70 hours of recorded interviews. An intimate journey from the first stirrings of his political conscience to his galvanizing role on the world stage, Conversations With Myself is an extraordinary glimpse of the man behind one of the world's most beloved public figures. 'More revealing of the man than his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom - and in many respects more moving as well' F.W. De Klerk 'A book that breaks the heart and then makes it sing' Andrew Rawnsley, Observer Books of the Year 'Intensely moving, raw and unmediated, told in real time with all the changes in perspective that brings, over the years, mixing the prosaic with the momentous. Health concerns, dreams, political initiatives spill out together, to provide the fullest picture yet of Mandela.' Peter Godwin, Observer

Conversations with Myself

Author : Roy Dopson
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The only way to get to heaven is by realizing that you're already there.


Author : Rache Darwin
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In this unusual and transformative book, Rache Darwin tells of her personal therapeutic journey through a difficult patch in the road to achieving self-enlightenment. The story is told in a series of meditations, which take the form of conversations between her child-self, adult-self and higher self or “Teacher,” illustrating a process that can be used by anyone to discover the healing, comfort and guidance that lie within each of us, as close as our heartbeat. These conversations occurred over a time span of 14 months in the midst of many solitary contemplative sessions, which opened Rache to receive instructive communications from these other "selves." The process, more than the particulars, demonstrates that we all possess a distinct, individual guiding voice and points the way to contact that innate wisdom and blaze our own path to self-understanding and mastery.

Seamless Entanglement

Author : Harley Goode
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HA Goode was born and raised in the Los Angeles but she has spent the last 16 years living all over the united states and abroad. Her passion within the last two decades has been to challenge the conventional structure of poetry. Her educational background is in the STEM disciplines but she has also worked extensively with people in the medical field and those interactions have given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. In her spare time aside from writing prose, she also writes science fiction novellas, song lyrics and others biographies.

Do What You Want

Author : Bree Swain
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"Do what you want"-it feels so good to hear these words. All your defenses drop and your heart begins to dream. If only for a brief moment, you relax into the infinite possibilities that spring to mind from these four little words. Could you really give yourself permission to do what you want? Taking the reins of your own life can be thrilling, confusing, and for many, frighteningly revealing. Author Bree Swain offers a raw and voyeuristic look at her journey through the rocky terrain of her own assumptions and fears and into her own heart of unbridled joy, clarity, and unconditional love. For those who desire to follow this path to their own happiness, this guide will serve as a wise and authentic companion. Each chapter invites you to go inward simply by asking yourself some questions. If you choose to take this invitation, what you discover will be uniquely yours and priceless. "Do What You Want" is the anthem of your own awakening-the cry of your heart that has been bound by rules and fear. Allow the permission of "Do What You Want" to guide you on your entire journey. Only you hold your deepest truth.

Fierce Conversations

Author : Susan Scott
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Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business. An attitude. A way of life. Communications expert Susan Scott maintains that a single conversation can change the trajectory of a career, marriage or life. Whether these are conversations with yourself, partner, colleagues, customers, family or friends, Fierce Conversations shows you how to have conversations that count. Scott reveals how to: *Overcome the barriers to meaningful conversations *Express who you are and what you believe *Confront tough issues with courage, confidence and sensitivity *Overcome fear to get to the heart of the problem *Inspire followers, attract believers and build visions that become reality *Bring about real change through talking *Encourage others to reveal their true opinions Packed with exercises and questionnaires to help you have the best conversations possible, Fierce Conversations will revolutionise the way you communicate.

Conversations with Shopping Carts

Author : Douglas Walker II
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In a world where people seem to give no empathy toward inanimate objects, someone stood up and tried to listen to them. He calls himself, the Cart Reporter. A guy was hired by the WSCA (World Shopping Cart Association). He was asked to go around the area he was assigned to and look for abandoned shopping carts. His objective as a cart reporter was simple: to gather pertinent information about the abandoned shopping carts. He had to know three things: where the shopping cart is located, where it came from, and how it got there. Who would have thought that carts have genders? Or that carts have their own personalities? And above all, who would have thought that they can talk too? He knew he had a lot to learn. Join the cart reporter as he takes you on a journey that will surely make you value the inanimate things around you.


Author : Fode Doumbia
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A Senegalese teacher living in a rural California town is visited by his grandfather. He takes it as an opportunity to resolve a long-standing family problem and his attempt is rewarded with an unexpected treasure: Grandpa's life story. Just like a West African griot, Grandpa tells his life story. Filled with uninterrupted candor, Grandpa also asks for his grandson's story, which is a continuation of his own. Cultures sometimes clash yet still come together as the two have conversations spiced with Senegalese and American flavors on subjects such as politics, education, racism, homosexuality, arranged marriage and even sports. Modern and traditional roles are juxtaposed as the story unfolds.

Sociological Imaginations from the Classroom Plus A Symposium on the Sociology of Science Perspectives on the Malfunctions of Science and Peer Reviewing

Author : Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
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This Spring 2008 (VI, 2) issue of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge includes two symposium papers by Klaus Fischer and Lutz Bornmann who shed significant light on why the taken-for-granted structures of science and peer reviewing have been and need to be problematized in favor of more liberatory scientific and peer reviewing practices more conducive to advancing the sociological imagination. The student papers included (by Jacquelyn Knoblock, Henry Mubiru, David Couras, Dima Khurin, Kathleen O’Brien, Nicole Jones, Nicole [pen name], Eric Reed, Joel Bartlett, Stacey Melchin, Laura Zuzevich, Michelle Tanney, Lora Aurise, and Brian Ahl) make serious efforts at developing their theoretically informed sociological imagination of gender, race, ethnicity, learning, adolescence and work. The volume also includes papers by faculty (Satoshi Ikeda, Karen Gagne, Leila Farsakh) who self-reflectively explore their own life and pedagogical strategies for the cultivation of sociological imaginations regardless of the disciplinary field in which they do research and teach. Two joint student-faculty papers and essays (Khau & Pithouse, and Mason, Powers, & Schaefer) also imaginatively and innovatively explore their own or what seem at first to be “strangers’” lives in order to develop a more empathetic and pedagogically healing sociological imaginations for their authors and subjects. The journal editor Mohammad H. Tamdgidi’s call in his note for sociological re-imaginations of science and peer reviewing draws on the relevance of both the symposium and other student and faculty papers in the volume to one another in terms of fostering in theory and practice liberating peer reviewing strategies in academic publishing. Anna Beckwith was a guest co-editor of this journal issue. Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge is a publication of OKCIR: The Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research in Utopia, Mysticism, and Science (Utopystics). For more information about OKCIR and other issues in its journal’s Edited Collection as well as Monograph and Translation series visit OKCIR’s homepage.

Conversations at the Castle

Author : Ga.) Arts Festival of Atlanta (1996 Atlanta
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This book addresses one of the most troubling questions of contemporary art theory and practice: Who is contemporary art for? Although the divide between contemporary art and the public has long been acknowledged, this is the first time that artists, critics, and the public have come together to debate the problem and to make artmaking, criticism, and public reaction part of the same process. Like the exhibitions, discussions, and seminars held at "The Castle" during the summer 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, this book is based on the premise that contemporary artists and the general public have something to say to each other. By positing the space of "conversation" as one in which artworks can be experienced as creative sites open to multilayered interpretations by changing audiences, the book provides an antidote to the modernist connoisseurial silence that has long been used to define quality. The book is divided into three sections. The first contains essays by project curator Mary Jane Jacob, critic and coeditor Michael Brenson, and cultural critic Homi K. Bhabha. Their essays describe fresh approaches to contemporary art and its audiences at a time of increased access through technology and decreased government funding. The second section contains essays by the six artists/collaborative teams involved in the project. Their works, aimed at public participation, included installation-performances, collaborations with Atlanta communities, cross-country tours, and the creation and presentation of food as a means to stimulate conversation and construct community. The artists are: artway of thinking (Italy), Ery Camara (Senegal/Mexico), Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg (Brazil/Switzerland), Regina Frank (Germany), IRWIN (Slovenia), and Maurice O'Connell (Ireland).The final section contains seven essays by the critics, curators, educators, administrators, and artists who led the "Conversations on Culture" at The Castle. The essays are by Jacquelynn Baas, Michael Brenson, Lisa Graziose Corrin, Amina Dickerson and Tricia Ward, Steven Durland, Susan Krane, and Susan Vogel.

Conversations With Seth Book One

Author : Susan M. Watkins
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In 1963, Jane Roberts met a spiritual entity named Seth. He spoke through her and the lessons he taught proved timeless and crucial. From 1968 to 1975, Roberts held an ESP class, during which she channeled Seth. Susan Watkins was a member of that class. The knowledge gained from Seth helped Watkins and her classmates face serious illness, painful relationships, financial hardship, and natural catastrophe. It also changed their lives. In addition to being a well-written, highly entertaining historical account of the late Jane Roberts and her class, Conversations with Seth reveals the profound insights discovered by class members--insights into the origin of both the troubling and triumphant events in our lives and into the vast nature of human consciousness. Roberts' Seth material is consistently one of the top two most visited collections at the Yale University Archives. The story that launched the New Age movement.

Conversations with God Books 2 3

Author : Walsch, Neale Donald
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AND GOD SAID… Neale Donald Walsch didn’t claim to be special or spiritually gifted. He was just a frustrated man who sat down one day with pen in his hand and some tough questions in his heart. As he wrote his questions to God, he realized that God was answering them—directly—through Walsch’s pen. And the result was a series of witty, provocative, and profound books that have changed the lives of readers around the world. Here in one handsome volume, with new introductions and afterwords, are the second two books in the Conversations with God series. In Conversations with God 2, Neale Donald Walsch and God continue their discussion and move on to larger topics than the personal issues addressed in Conversation with God 1. The pair discusses time, space, and politics. It is an honest look at some of the broad issues important to all of us on the planet. Conversations with God 3, the final book of the original three-book series, contains “universal truths of the highest order, and the challenges and opportunities of the soul.” In this volume, the dialogue expands to include more about the nature of God, about love and fear, about who we are and who we may become. Here is also a profound dialogue about the culture, philosophy, and spirituality of highly evolved beings in other realms of the universe and how they have learned to view life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Do You Want to Go to Jail Today

Author : Peter Hall
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Why you should be reading this book. To the victims of crime: Make no mistake about it, after reading this book, you will know beyond a reasonable doubt that prisoners in jail are suffering. Whether it is on the city, county, or state level, prisoners are living in a world that far extends the suffering they have inflicted upon you. Having this knowledge will never make up for your loss or ill feelings. It can only do two things: give you peace of mind...or allow you to forgive. In any case, each and every day a criminal is behind bars, s/he is subject to disease, destruction, despair, and death. This book will provide you with extremely vivid details of the life of a prisoner...And I can assure you, whats going in the mind of a prisoner is far more torturous than whats happening in the cell. To the parents: What will it be today that sets you apart from the responsibility of being accountable to your children. How will you spend your day? What puts you at risk of coming to jail today? Consider the events that make up your day; the drives, the pick ups, the drops, the fighting, the stealing, the dealing, the doping, the drinking. How much longer can you play this game of roulette with your children? Whats it going take for you to already realize the sorrow, regret, and despair, you will feel by coming to jail and simultaneously abandoning your children. To the criminal: Are you alone? Did you come to jail today? Will you be here tomorrow? Does your history wish for a better re-occurrence of events unfolding in your life? Right now, at this very moment, are you in jail because of some unforseen future that should have been recognized long before the cuffs were place around your wrists? If you are in jail today, have been in jail before, or are setting yourself up to go to jail, this is the book to read. Jail is the sentence you receive for committing a crime. The sentence will be time. But the true punishment of your crime will come from the imprisonment of your mind. Peter Hall

The Conversations

Author : Olivia Fane
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We've all known the heady thrill of a conversation that goes on all night. Once we had opinions on everything but as life becomes more humdrum we often lose that passion. Sometimes we can't remember what we really think at all. This brilliant book encourages us all to think anew. Olivia Fane provides the starting points for 66 conversations to be had with a partner, friend, stranger or simply with ourselves. These thought-provoking and stimulating short discussions on happiness, vanity, infidelity, education and more, ask you the questions that will help you get to know those with whom you share your life. Whether you agree or vehemently disagree, The Conversations provides endless food for thought and a surprising window onto some of the big subjects that define who we are and how we live.

Color Me Crazy

Author : Jennifer Pick
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This book tells the history of my illness and recovery from total organ failure. I took up digital painting when the whole ordeal was over, and my inspirations came from my life and my experiences in the healing process. It wasn't all-together unpleasant to feel mentally euphoric, until I began to see the chaos this little incident was causing. The whole event still makes the bottom of my stomach drop to the back of my throat....I know it should rise, but it drops and drops with a thud.


Author : Adam Roberts
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Sprung from a prison in the centre of a star, the universe's last criminal is employed to kill the population of a planet. It is a crime that will tear apart an interstellar utopia. Keeping ahead of detection and preparing the crime, the killer voyages to numerous worlds and hones the instincts required for murder. And wonders who is behind the contract. Roberts' new novel is an extraordinary fusing of ideas, exotic locations, personal drama and an enquiry into the nature of crime in a society that thinks it has forgotten how to commit it.

The Conversations

Author : César Aira
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A cerebral and wildly funny story revolving around the incongruity of a gold Rolex watch spotted on a lowly goatherd’s wrist Daily conversations in outdoor cafés with cultured friends can help make reality a little more real. Unfortunately, however, during one such conversation, one man spots a gold Rolex watch on a TV soap opera’s goatherd. This seemingly small absurdity sets off alarms: strange sensations of deception, distress, and incipient madness. The two men’s uneasiness soon becomes a nightmare as the TV adventure advances with a real-life plot — involving a mutant strain of killer algae — to take over the world! The Conversations, a reality within a fiction within a parallel reality, is hilariously funny and surprisingly touching.

Goodbye Mom

Author : George Staursky
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This book is not a biography about a man, but rather it is about a Journey. This is a Journey through life, with this illness, Bipolar Disorder, and all the dynamics that go along with it. This book shows how a man faced the consequences of this disease, and all its pain, bigotry and anguish, but this journey also shows how he defeated the disease. This is a book of his Journey through trauma, tragedy, and recovery. This book is a riveting account of that journey. It includes others who have suffered the indignities of this illness. It brings to life an account of a story that could be written by many different people over time. Destroying a life to save the same life could be construed by many as an oxymoron. However, in this case, it fits the scenario perfectly. As in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there had to be destruction of one's inner-self to save everyone from the inner-demons plaguing Dr. Jekyll.

A Principal s Personal Journey

Author : Sylvester Carrington Ed. D
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Me Myself Bob

Author : Phil Vischer
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The author, founder of Big Idea Productions and creator of " VeggieTales," describes the rapid success of his company and its eventual sale in bankruptcy, and explains how his Christian beliefs gave him insight and the strength to start a new venture inhis chosen field.