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Contemporary American Cinema

Author : Williams , Linda Ruth
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This is a comprehensive introduction to post-classical American film. Covering American cinema since 1960, the text looks at both Hollywood and non-mainstream cinema.

Hollywood Utopia

Author : Pat Brereton
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Utopianism, alongside its more prevalent dystopian opposite together with ecological study has become a magnet for interdisciplinary research and is used extensively to examine the most influential global medium of all time. The book applies a range of interdisciplinary strategies to trace the evolution of ecological representations in Hollywood film from 1950s to the present, which has not been done on this scale before. Many popular science fiction, westerns, nature and road movies, as listed in the filmography are extensively analysed while particularly privileging ecological moments of sub.

Studying Contemporary American Film

Author : Thomas Elsaesser
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This text presents the most appropriate theories and methods for analyzing contemporary America cinema. Using an innovative approach to writing about individual movies, each of the main chapters examines the assumptions behind one traditional theory of film (e.g. auteurism, narratology, psychoanalysis), distills a method of analysis from it, and then analyzes a contemporary American movie. The text then goes beyond traditional theory by analyzing the same movie using a more current theory and method (e.g. new media theory, deconstruction, cognitivism).

Contemporary US Cinema

Author : Michael Allen
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Contemporary U.S. Cinema is a forceful exploration of the tumultuous changes that have dominated the shifting landscape of American film-making over the past three decades. From the explosive release of Easy Rider to the excesses of Heaven's Gate and the comic book figures of Spider-Man, its aim is to examine the economic, social and cultural contexts of mainstream and independent American films. The book divides into nine provocative chapters with material on: the most significant individual film-makers, such as Scorsese, Coppola and Lucas, as well as independent film-makers like Jarmusch and Anders the careers of leading actors of the last thirty years, such as Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford and Julia Roberts, whilst exploring the powerful position of the film star in the modern American film-making process the economics of Contemporary U.S. Cinema with particular reference to the tortuous journey from production, distribution and exhibition of Waterworld and Titanic the artistic influence of foreign film-makers, such as François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, and explores Hollywood's increasing dominance and reliance on the global market genres, sequels and the recent developments in computer-based technologies, using examples from The Godfather I - III, The Matrix, the Star Wars saga and remakes from Shaft to Ocean's Eleven The book is illustrated with stills throughout and includes a bibliography and annotated further reading list.

Film Firsts The 25 Movies That Created Contemporary American Cinema

Author : Ethan Alter
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This forward-looking exploration of contemporary American film across the last 40 years identifies and examines the specific movies that changed the film industry and shaped its present and future. • Takes stock of the 2000s and explains how this period built on what came before and predicts how American cinema will continue to evolve in the next decade • Provides up-to-the-minute, contemporary treatment of contemporary cinema that will appeal to and resonate with young readers and film buffs in particular • Presents a historical perspective on 40 years of American film within the framework of a list of 25 essential movies to effectively capture readers' attention and expand their cinematic horizons beyond the latest Hollywood blockbuster production • Utilizes a film-by-film approach that also allows for the inclusion of appendices that focus upon ideas, subjects, and people in modern film, such as comic books, key actors and actresses, and video games

Millennial Masculinity

Author : Timothy Shary
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In virtually every aspect of culture-health, marriage, family, morals, politics, sex, race, economics-American men of the past two decades have faced changing social conditions and confronted radical questions about themselves. In Millennial Masculinity: Men in Contemporary American Cinema, editor Timothy Shary collects fourteen contributions that consider male representation in films made at the turn of the century to explore precisely how those questions have been dealt with in cinema. Contributors move beyond the recent wave of "masculinity in crisis" arguments to provide sophisticated and often surprising insight into accessible films. Chapters are arranged in four sections: "Performing Masculinity" includes a discussion of Adam Sandler and movies such as Milk; "Patriarchal Problems" looks at issues of fathers from directors such as Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, and David Fincher; "Exceptional Sexualities" examines male love and sex through movies like Brokeback Mountain and Wedding Crashers; and "Facing Race" explores masculinity through race in film. Sean Penn, Jackie Chan, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, and Philip Seymour Hoffman are some of the actors included in these analyses, while themes considered include police thrillers, psychotic killers, gay tensions, fashion sense, and the burgeoning "bromance" genre. Taken together, the essays in Millennial Masculinity shed light on the high stakes of masculine roles in contemporary American cinema. Film and television scholars as well as readers interested in gender and sexuality in film will appreciate this timely collection.

Engaging Film Criticism

Author : Walter Metz
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Engaging Film Criticism examines recent American cinema in relationship to its «imaginative intertexts», films from earlier decades that engage similar political and cultural themes. This historical encounter provides an unexpected and exciting way of reading popular contemporary films. Eclectic pairings include the Schwarzenegger action film True Lies with the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest, as well as the lampooned Will Smith comedy Wild, Wild West with Buster Keaton's silent feature The General. Using a theoretically and historically informed brand of criticism, Engaging Film Criticism suggests that today's Hollywood cinema is every bit as worthy of study as the classics.

Film Directors and Emotion

Author : Darragh Greene
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Cinema is an affective medium. Films move us to feel wonder, joy, and love as well as fear, anger, and hatred. Today, we are living through a new age of sensibility when emotion is given priority over reason. Yet, there is a counter-cultural current in contemporary American cinema that offers a more nuanced treatment of emotion. Both aesthetically and eidetically, this new cinema of affect allows viewers to make up their own minds about what they feel and think. This book focuses on key films by important auteur-directors--David Fincher, Bryan Singer, Christopher Nolan, Kathryn Bigelow, Richard Linklater, Barry Jenkins, Greta Gerwig, and Pete Docter--who are to the forefront of this new cinema. It explores how they anatomize affect and how it functions in the creation or degradation of character and society.

Evidence of Film Noir in the Contemporary American Cinema

Author : Todd R. Erickson
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Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Author : Deborah Shaw
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This engaging book explores some of the most significant films to emerge from Latin America since 2000, an extraordinary period of international recognition for the region's cinema. Each chapter assesses an individual film, with some contributors considering the reasons for the unprecedented commercial and critical successes of movies such as City of God, The Motorcycle Diaries, Y tu mamá también, and Nine Queens, while others examine why equally important films failed to break out on the international circuit. Written by leading specialists, the chapters not only offer textual analysis, but also trace the films' social context and production conditions, as well as critical national and transnational issues. Their well-rounded analyses provide a rich picture of the state of contemporary filmmaking in a range of Latin American countries. Nuanced and thought-provoking, the readings in this book will provide invaluable interpretations for students and scholars of Latin American film. Contributions by: Sarah Barrow, Nuala Finnegan, David William Foster, Miraim Haddu, Geoffrey Kantaris, Deborah Shaw, Lisa Shaw, Rob Stone, Else R. P. Vieira, and Claire Williams.

Framing Latin American Cinema

Author : Ann Marie Stock
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Proposes new critical directions in Latin American film. Framing Latin American Cinema embraces multiple modes of scholarship, juxtaposing feature films and documentaries, and locating cinema within larger cultural debates. Considering works from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Venezuela, the contributors address a range of topics including studies of directors like Roman Chalbaud and Fernando Perez, examinations of viewer patterns and critical tendencies, and analyses of Mexican melodrama, revolutionary films, and such internationally acclaimed works as Dona Herlinda and A Place in the World.

Visions of Empire

Author : Stephen Prince
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This study explores film's function as a medium of political communication, recognizing the various ways that conventional narrative films embody, question, or critique established social values underlying American attitudes toward historical, social, and political events.

Contemporary Black American Cinema

Author : Mia Mask
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Contemporary Black American Cinema offers a fresh collection of essays on African American film, media and visual culture in the era of global multiculturalism. Integrating theory, history, and criticism, the contributing authors deftly connect interdisciplinary perspectives from American studies, cinema studies, cultural studies, political science, media studies, and Queer theory. This multidisciplinary methodology expands the discursive and interpretive registers of film analysis. From Paul Robeson's and Sidney Poitier's star vehicles to Lee Daniels' directorial forays, these essays include but surpass discussions of urban realism in New Black Cinema. These entries address the career legacies of film stars, examine various iterations of Blaxploitation-animation, question the comedic politics of fat suit films, and celebrate the innovation of avant-garde and experimental cinema.

Historiography of World War II in Contemporary American Cinema

Author : Deniz Gürgen Atalay
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The sensual experience generated by the diegetic film allows the comprehension of the narrated event to frame the representation practiced in film. In a similar vein, the historiography of the historical diegetic film transmits its perspective of the historical event it represents to the audience through its sensual experience. Exploring the significance of mainstream film’s practice of historical representations, this book focuses on the shift of the historiography of World War II in Hollywood films. Adopting a comparative study, it discusses World War II films made during the Bush administration after 9/11 and those produced during the presidency campaign period of Obama.

Generation Multiplex

Author : Timothy Shary
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When teenagers began hanging out at the mall in the early 1980s, the movies followed. Multiplex theaters offered teens a wide array of perspectives on the coming-of-age experience, as well as an escape into the alternative worlds of science fiction and horror. Youth films remained a popular and profitable genre through the 1990s, offering teens a place to reflect on their evolving identities from adolescence to adulthood while simultaneously shaping and maintaining those identities. Drawing examples from hundreds of popular and lesser-known youth-themed films, Timothy Shary here offers a comprehensive examination of the representation of teenagers in American cinema in the 1980s and 1990s. He focuses on five subgenres—school, delinquency, horror, science, and romance/sexuality—to explore how they represent teens and their concerns, how these representations change over time, and how youth movies both mirror and shape societal expectations and fears about teen identities and roles. He concludes that while some teen films continue to exploit various notions of youth sexuality and violence, most teen films of the past generation have shown an increasing diversity of adolescent experiences and have been sympathetic to the particular challenges that teens face.

Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Author : Claudia Sandberg
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Contemporary Latin American Cinema investigates the ways in which neoliberal measures of privatization, de-regularization and austerity introduced in Latin America during the 1990s have impacted film production and film narratives. The collection examines the relationship between economic policies and the films that depict recent transformations in many Latin American countries, demonstrating how contemporary Latin American film has not only criticized and resisted, but also benefitted from neoliberal advancements. Based on films produced in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru since 2010, the fourteen case studies illustrate neoliberalism’s effects, from big industries to small national cinemas. It also shows the new types of producers that have emerged, and the novel patterns of distribution, exhibition and consumption that shape and influence the Latin American filmscape. Through industry studies, reception analyses and close readings, this book establishes an informative and accessible text for scholars and students alike.

Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

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A comprehensive overview of the film industry in Hollywood today, Contemporary Hollywood Cinema brings together leading international cinema scholars to explore the technology, institutions, film makers and movies of contemporary American film making.

Contemporary African American Cinema

Author : Sheril D. Antonio
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Locating contemporary Black filmmaking squarely within the mainstream film industry, Antonio (film, television, and new media, New York U.) explores New Jack City, Boyz N the Hood, Juice, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., and Clockers. She argues that these films simultaneously pushed African American political and social aspirations while existing in the space of the classic American gangster genre. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Child in Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Author : Deborah Martin
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What is the child for Latin American cinema? This book aims to answer that question, tracing the common tendencies of the representation of the child in the cinema of Latin American countries, and demonstrating the place of the child in the movements, genres and styles that have defined that cinema. Deborah Martin combines theoretical readings of the child in cinema and culture, with discussions of the place of the child in specific national, regional and political contexts, to develop in-depth analyses and establish regional comparisons and trends. She pays particular attention to the narrative and stylistic techniques at play in the creation of the child's perspective, and to ways in which the presence of the child precipitates experiments with film aesthetics. Bringing together fresh readings of well-known films with attention to a range of little-studied works, The Child in Contemporary Latin American Cinema examines films from the recent and contemporary period, focussing on topics such as the death of the child in ‘street child’ films, the role of the child in post-dictatorship filmmaking and the use of child characters to challenge gender and sexual ideologies. The book also aims to place those analyses in a historical context, tracing links with important precursors, and paying attention to the legacy of the child’s figuring in the mid-century movements of melodrama and the New Latin American Cinema.

The New American Cinema

Author : Sabrina Barton
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Deliberately eclectic and panoramic, THE NEW AMERICAN CINEMA brings together thirteen leading film scholars who present a range of theoretical, critical, and historical perspectives on a rich and pivotal time in American cinema--that from the mid 1960s to the present. With its range of topics and breadth of critical approaches, this anthology illuminates the volatile mix of industrial process and artistic inspiration that comprises American moviemaking. 46 photos.