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Contact Continuity and Collapse

Author : James Harold Barrett
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This collection of ten papers investigates the Norse colonization of the North Atlantic region, starting with Viking expansion in Arctic Norway and ending with a discussion of the longterm implications of medieval Scandinavian exploration of the New World. Each chapter provides a short regional synthesis of the archaeological evidence and, where appropriate, addresses three interrelated themes: the relationship between native and newcomer; the creation of local identities in the settlement period; the relationship between archaeology, history and the construction of modern national identities. In sequence, the chapters focus on North Norway, the Faeroes, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, the Inuits of Smith Sound, L'Anse aux Meadows and Vinland, together with introductory and concluding chapters.

Churches in Early Medieval Ireland

Author : Tomás Ó Carragáin
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This is the first book devoted to churches in Ireland dating from the arrival of Christianity in the fifth century to the early stages of the Romanesque around 1100, including those built to house treasures of the golden age of Irish art, such as the Book of Kells and the Ardagh chalice. � Carrag�in's comprehensive survey of the surviving examples forms the basis for a far-reaching analysis of why these buildings looked as they did, and what they meant in the context of early Irish society. � Carrag�in also identifies a clear political and ideological context for the first Romanesque churches in Ireland and shows that, to a considerable extent, the Irish Romanesque represents the perpetuation of a long-established architectural tradition.

Parts Materials and Processes Experience Summary

Author : Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
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The Fantastic in Old Norse Icelandic Literature

Author : John McKinnell
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Anglo Saxons in a Frankish World 690 900

Author : James T. Palmer
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"The Anglo-Saxon mission to early medieval Germany and the Netherlands has long been seen as a major contribution to the foundation of Christian Europe. Encouraged by the activities of prominent Anglo-Saxons such as St Willibrord (d. 739) and St Boniface(d. 754), pious men and women left their homes in England to reform and reinvigorate the culture and politics of the Church in Northern Europe, while greatly expanding the frontiers of Christendom. Anglo-Saxons in a Frankish World, 690-900 provides the first major reassessment of the Anglo-Saxons' influence on the Frankish world for fifty years. It argues that, because figures like Boniface were so important to the cult of saints east of the Rhine, stories about them became central to the ways in which different groups responded to the rapidly changing landscape of Carolingian culture and politics. The study draws on letters, charters, and other evidence to recontextualize the numerous hagiographies written about the Anglo-Saxons on the European mainland, while providing fresh perspectives on attitudes to mission, monasticism, authority, and the secular world in East Frankish society."--Back cover.

Teaching and Learning in Northern Europe 1000 1200

Author : Sally N. Vaughn
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The essays in this collection focus not on texts but on people, specifically on teachers and their students, beginning with the late Carolingian era and continuing through the creation of monastic and secular schools in the centuries before the first universities. Central to the articles in this volume are the schools and communities of Northern France and England, including Reims, Bec, Soissons, and Canterbury, whose patterns of thought and learning gave shape to intellectual endeavours throughout medieval Europe. In addition to some of the most prominent personalities of the day (among them Gerbert of Reims, Lanfranc and Anselm of Bec, Ivo of Chatres, and John of Salisbury), the contributors examine those teachers and students who worked in the shadows: figures like the biblical exegete Richard of Preaux and the musical innovator Theinred of Dover. The focus throughout the volume is on personalities and personal relationships, thus recreating the human connections that lay behind medieval humanism and the Twelfth-Century Renaissance. Taken together, the essays here create a coherent and compelling picture of the tumultuous time before the universities came to organize and take control of teaching and learning-a seminal period when teaching methods and curricula grew out of the particular experience of specific teachers and their interactions with their students.

Text Image Interpretation

Author : Alastair J. Minnis
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In emulation of Professor Eamonn O Carragain, who has, over the last few decades, demonstrated how words and images together join in that extraordinary cultural achievement which is the Ruthwell Cross, the volume seeks to transcend the established methods of the single discipline. The twenty-six essays draw together insights from fields as diverse as archaeology, art history, and liturgy to reflect on the literature and material culture of the Anglo-Saxons. The first section looks outwards from the insular context, to medieval Rome, more generally to western Europe, and backwards to the world-geography of the ancient world; its illustrations include colour plates to illumine the hangings, clothing and vestments extant from Anglo-Saxon England. A range of texts is considered in the central section, Latin, English, and Old Norse. The third section focuses on sculpture, buildings and the insular landscape, juxtaposing the sculptured stonework of Northern Britain with early Christian monuments and remains from Ireland; among the illustrations are striking coloured photographs of Irish ecclesiastical sites. The contributors are from Canada, the United States, Italy, Britain, and Ireland.

The Vikings

Author : Martin Arnold
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The story of the Vikings is one of the most dramatic in European history. This work is a survey of who the Vikings were, what they did, why they did it, and how we know about them. It includes an account of their remarkable saga literature.

Saga Book of the Viking Society for Northern Research

Author : Viking Society for Northern Research
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List of members in v. 3, 5.

The North in the Old English Orosius

Author : Irmeli Valtonen
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The Old English Homily

Author : Aaron J. Kleist
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The articles in this volume explore from diverse but complementary perspectives the sources of Anglo-Saxon homilies, the homilies themselves, and their impact. The volume examines the anonymous homilies, as well as those by AElfric and Wulfstan.


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Author : Elias Bredsdorff
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Landscape as Heritage

Author : Graham Fairclough
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Viking Kings of Britain and Ireland

Author : Clare Downham
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Vikings plagued the coasts of Ireland and Britain in the 790s AD. Over time, their raids became more intense and by the mid 9th century, Vikings had established a number of settlements in Ireland and Britain and had become heavily involved with local politics. A particularly successful Viking leader named à varr campaigned on both sides of the Irish Sea in the 860s. His descendants dominated the major seaports of Ireland and challenged the power of kings in Britain during the late 9th and 10th centuries. In 1014, the battle of Clontarf marked a famous stage in the decline of Viking power in Ireland while the conquest of England in 1013 by the Danish king Sveinn Forkbeard marked a watershed in the history of Vikings in Britain. The descendants of à varr continued to play a significant role in the history of Dublin and the Hebrides until the 12th century, but they did not threaten to overwhelm the major kingships of Britain or Ireland in this later period as they had done before. This book provides a political analysis of the deeds of à varr's family, from their first appearance in Insular records down to the year 1014. Such an account is necessary in light of the flurry of new work that has been done in other areas of Viking Studies. Recent theoretical approaches to the subject have raised many interesting questions regarding identity, material culture, and structures of authority. Archaeological finds and excavations have also offered potentially radical insights into Viking settlement and society. In line with these developments, Clare Downham provides a reconsideration of events based on contemporary written accounts.

Collegium medievale

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Viking and Medieval Scandinavia

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Proceedings of the Symposium on the Chemistry and Physics of Composite Media

Author : Micha Tomkiewicz
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Bibliographic Index

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