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Reading Joyce

Author : David Pierce
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`Is there one who understands me?' So wrote James Joyce towards the end of his final work, Finnegans Wake. The question continues to be asked about the author who claimed that he had put so many enigmas into Ulysses that it would `keep the professors busy for centuries' arguing over what he meant. For Joyce this was a way of ensuring his immortality, but it could also be claimed that the professors have served to distance Joyce from his audience, turning his writings into museum pieces, pored over and admired, but rarely touched. In this remarkable book, steeped in the learning gained from a lifetime's reading, David Pierce blends word, life and image to bring the works of one of the great modern writers within the reach of every reader. With a sharp eye for detail and an evident delight in the cadences of Joyce's work, Pierce proves a perfect companion, always careful and courteous, pausing to point out what might otherwise be missed. Like the best of critics, his suggestive readings constantly encourage the reader back to Joyce's own words. Beginning with Dubliners and closing with Finnegans Wake, Reading Joyce is full of insights that are original and illuminating, and Pierce succeeds in presenting Joyce as an author both more straightforward and infinitely more complex than we had perhaps imagined. T. S. Eliot wrote of Joyce's masterpiece, Ulysses, that it is `a book to which we are all indebted, and from which none of us can escape'. With David Pierce as a guide, the debt we owe to Joyce becomes clearer, and the need to flee is greatly reduced.

The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce

Author : Derek Attridge
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This second edition of The Cambridge Companion to Joyce contains several revised essays, reflecting increasing emphasis on Joyce's politics, a fresh sense of the importance of his engagement with Ireland, and the changes wrought by gender studies on criticism of his work. This Companion gathers an international team of leading scholars who shed light on Joyce's work and life. The contributions are informative, stimulating and full of rich and accessible insights which will provoke thought and discussion in and out of the classroom. The Companion's reading lists and extended bibliography offer readers the necessary tools for further informed exploration of Joyce studies. This volume is designed primarily as a students' reference work (although it is organised so that it can also be read from cover to cover), and will deepen and extend the enjoyment and understanding of Joyce for the new reader.

James Joyce

Author : Gordon Bowker
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Long-awaited and comprehensive biography of the great Irish author James Joyce James Joyce was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, but he was not immediately recognised as such; rather he lived in exile in the cosmopolitan Europe of the 1920s in a bid to escape the suffocating atmosphere and parochial prejudices of his native Dublin. His unstinting dedication to authorship picks him out as a writer in the romantic tradition. He battled poverty and financial dependency for much of his adult life, as well as near-blindness from 1917 and the grief of his daughter Lucia's mental illness. He suffered too the slings and arrows of uncomprehending critics especially for his influential Ulysses, which was banned in both Britain and America. Drawing on considerable new material that has only recently become available, Gordon Bowker's biography attempts to get beyond the exterior life to explore the inner landscape of an extraordinary writer who continues to influence and fascinate, well over a century after his birth.

Consuming Joyce

Author : John McCourt
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James Joyce's relationship with his homeland was a complicated and often vexed one. The publication of his masterwork Ulysses - referred to by The Quarterly Review as an "Odyssey of the sewer" - in 1922 was initially met with indifference and hostility within Ireland. This book tells the full story of the reception of Joyce and his best-known book in the country of his birth for the first time; a reception that evolved over the next hundred years, elevating Joyce from a writer reviled to one revered. Part reception study, part social history, this book uses the changing interpretations of Ulysses to explore the concurrent religious, social and political changes sweeping Ireland. From initially being a threat to the status quo, Ulysses became a way to market Ireland abroad and a manifesto for a better, more modern, open and tolerant, multi-ethnic country.

Consuming Traditions

Author : Elizabeth Outka
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In an unprecedented phenomenon that swept across Britain at the turn of the nineteenth century, writers, advertisers, and architects began to create and sell images of an authentic cultural realm paradoxically considered outside the marketplace. Such images were located in nostalgic pictures of an idyllic, pre-industrial past, in supposedly original objects not derived from previous traditions, and in the ideal of a purified aesthetic that might be separated from the mass market. Presenting a lively, unique study of what she terms the "commodified authentic," Elizabeth Outka explores this crucial but overlooked development in the history of modernity with a piercing look at consumer culture and the marketing of authenticity in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain. The book brings together a wide range of cultural sources, from the model towns of Bournville, Port Sunlight, and Letchworth; to the architecture of Edwin Lutyens and Selfridges department store; to work by authors such as Bernard Shaw, E. M. Forster, Henry James, D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf.

Psychoanalytic Accounts of Consuming Desire

Author : John Desmond
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Seeks to connect the reader to the scope and majesty of Freud's vision. Most chapters focus on one of his key texts before discussing the topics more widely in relation to other authors and to consumer research. Explanations by Melanie Klein, Jacques Lacan and René Girard, among others are selectively discussed in relation to a range of topics including: sexuality, aggression, narcissism, mourning, excess, lack, freedom and hysteria. While not motivated to rehabilitate psychoanalysis, a subsidiary aim is to introduce discussion of the usefulness of psychoanalytic understandings of concepts such as identification, the unconscious, mourning, narcissism, lack and hysteria in relation to consumer desire. It also aims to provide a flavour of Freud's connection to ancient philosophy through works such as Plato's Symposium and to the arts. Finally it selectively discusses how psychoanalytic ideas were interpreted by others, for better and for worse, during the twentieth century.

James Joyce in Context

Author : John McCourt
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A collection of new essays covering Joyce's life, times and cultural contexts.

Joyce s Benefictions

Author : Helmut Bonheim
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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1964.

Joyce T S Eliot Auden Beckett

Author : Adrian Poole
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Great Shakespeareans offers a systematic account of thosefigures who have had the greatest influence on the interpretation,understanding and cultural reception of Shakespeare, both nationally andinternationally. In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution ofJames Joyce, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden and Samuel Beckett to the afterlife andreception of Shakespeare and his works.Each essay assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figurecovered and of that figure on the understanding, interpretation andappreciation of Shakespeare, providing a sketch of its subject's intellectualand professional biography and an account of the wider cultural context.

Consuming Silences

Author : Myles Weber
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J. D. Salinger was an author in 1951 when he published The Catcher in the Rye. Is he one now? Was Henry Roth an author during the sixty years that separated Call It Sleep, his literary debut, from his second novel, Mercy of a Rude Stream? To show us how silence can be produced and consumed as a literary text, Myles Weber takes a provocative look at four revered authors who battled writer’s block or simply ceased publishing. The careers of Tillie Olsen, Henry Roth, J. D. Salinger, and Ralph Ellison suggest that an unproductive twentieth-century author could command serious critical attention and remain a literary celebrity by offering the public volumes of silence, which became read and admired like any other text. Weber sees periods of nonpublication as texts that are consumed by the literary public--and sometimes produced deliberately by inactive writers and their handlers. However, his aim is not to criticize individual authors but to reveal connections between literature as a commodity and authorship as a profession. As Weber looks at the particular circumstances of each author’s silence, he brings to them an understanding of such topics as the cult of celebrity, intellectual property law, the complicity of the media and the academy in engendering and then maintaining an author’s silence, and mass production and distribution. By helping us to look in new ways at authorial silence not just as a biographical fact or a creative problem but also as a marketing opportunity, Consuming Silences injects energy into debates about the nature of literary production and the cultural place of authors who do not publish.

James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century

Author : John Nash
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This collection shows the depth and range of James Joyce's relationship with key literary, intellectual and cultural issues that arose in the nineteenth century. Thirteen original essays explore several new themes in Joyce studies, connecting Joyce's writing to that of his predecessors, and linking Joyce's formal innovations to his reading of, and immersion in, nineteenth-century life. The volume begins by addressing Joyce's relationships with fictional forms in nineteenth-century and turn-of-the-century Ireland. Further sections explore the rise of new economies of consumption and Joyce's formal adaptations of major intellectual figures and issues. What emerges is a portrait of Joyce as he has not previously been seen, giving scholars and students of fin-de-siècle culture, literary modernism and English and Irish literature fresh insight into one of the most important writers of the past century.

Consuming and Consumed

Author : Lynne A. Bongiovanni
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I Can t Imagine

Author : Emilia Quinn Sears
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When we come across a happy narrative, we love imagining ourselves living out that story as the main character, yet, when faced with tales of human pain or suffering, we often awkwardly shy away, offer quick condolences, and say “I Can’t Imagine”. Human nature is to relish success, whimsy, and tales of happy endings. But, by avoiding those “other” stories, the painful and uncomfortable ones, we often miss out on some of life’s most important lessons. I Can’t Imagine is one of those “other” stories that will take readers through a powerful journey about a micro-preemie named Emilia Quinn Sears, who was born during a pandemic, at only 22-weeks-old, weighing just over 1 pound, with the odds of survival stacked against her. Inspired by her parents’ personal journals, passionately written to Baby Emilia, this book will take you on an epic journey of loss, love, and resilience. By the end, you will be able to imagine what it is like to fight for your child’s survival in the NICU, ultimately losing your battle and subsequently watching your world get destroyed. You will also experience the beautiful lessons and raw power of purpose that can arise from some of the worst things anyone can imagine.

Consuming Literature

Author : Shuyu Kong
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This book examines the changes taking place in literary writing and publishing in contemporary China under the influence of the emerging market economy. It focuses on the revival of literary best sellers in the Chinese book market and the establishment of a best-seller production machine. The author examines how writers have become cultural entrepreneurs, how state publishing houses are now motivated by commercial incentives, and how "second-channel,” unofficial publishers and distributors both compete and cooperate with official publishing houses in a dual-track, socialist-capitalist economic system. Taken together, these changes demonstrate how economic development and culture interact in a postsocialist society, in contrast to the way they work in the mature capitalist economies of the West. That economic reforms have affected many aspects of Chinese society is well known, but this is the first comprehensive analysis of market influences in the literary field. This book thus offers a fresh perspective on the inner workings of contemporary Chinese society.

Publishing in Joyce s Ulysses

Author :
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Publishing in Joyce's “Ulysses”: Newspapers, Advertising and Printing gathers twelve essays by Joyce scholars exploring facets of the printing and publishing trades that pervade the substance of the novel.

Joyce s Love Stories

Author : Christopher DeVault
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In his comprehensive study of love in James Joyce's writings, Christopher DeVault suggests that a love ethic persists throughout Joyce's works. DeVault uses Martin Buber's distinction between the true love for others and the narcissistic desire for oneself to frame his discussion, showing that Joyce frequently ties his characters' personal and political pursuits to their ability to affirm both their loved ones and their fellow Dubliners. In his short stories and novels, DeVault argues, Joyce shows how personal love makes possible a broader social compassion that creates a more progressive body politic. While his early protagonists' narcissism limits them to detached engagements with Dublin that impede effective political action, Joyce demonstrates the viability of his love ethic through both the Blooms’ empathy in Ulysses and the polylogic dreamtext of Finnegan's Wake. In its revelation of Joyce's amorous alternative to the social and political paralysis he famously attributed to twentieth-century Dublin, Joyce's Love Stories allows for a better appreciation of the ethical and political significance underpinning the author's assessments of Ireland.

Eat and Stay Thin

Author : Joyce Meyer
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Effective October 1, 2002, Joyce Meyer's bestselling backlist is available exclusively from Warner Faith. And look for the first of several new major books from Joyce beginning in April 2003.

Consumption and the World of Goods

Author : John Brewer
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The study of past society in terms of what it consumes rather than what it produces is - relatively speaking - a new development. The focus on consumption changes the whole emphasis and structure of historical enquiry. While human beings usually work within a single trade or industry as producers, as, say, farmers or industrial workers, as consumers they are active in many different markets or networks. And while history written from a production viewpoint has, by chance or design, largely been centred on the work of men, consumption history helps to restore women o the mainstream. The history of consumption demands a wide range of skills. It calls upon the methods and techniques of many other disciplines, including archaeology, sociology, social and economic history, anthropology and art criticism. But it is not simply a melting-pot of techniques and skills, brought to bear on a past epoch. Its objectives amount to a new description of a past culture in its totality, as perceived through its patterns of consumption in goods and services. Consumption and the World of Goods is the first of three volumes to examine history from this perspective, and is a unique collaboration between twenty-six leading subject specialists from Europe and North America. The outcome is a new interpretation of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, one that shapes a new historical landscape based on the consumption of goods and services.

The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics

Author : Anne Barnhill
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Academic food ethics incorporates work from philosophy but also anthropology, economics, the environmental sciences and other natural sciences, geography, law, and sociology. Scholars from these fields have been producing work for decades on the food system, and on ethical, social, and policy issues connected to the food system. Yet in the last several years, there has been a notable increase in philosophical work on these issues-work that draws on multiple literatures within practical ethics, normative ethics and political philosophy. This handbook provides a sample of that philosophical work across multiple areas of food ethics: conventional agriculture and alternatives to it; animals; consumption; food justice; food politics; food workers; and, food and identity.

James Joyce and the Matter of Paris

Author : Catherine Flynn
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James Joyce must be understood as drawing on French nineteenth- and twentieth-century literary innovations to grapple with the challenges of Paris.