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Confessions of a Boring Wife

Author : M-R. Lavoie
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Forty-eight-year-old Diane's husband has just left her for a younger woman - because, he says, she 'bores' him. Diane takes the charge to heart and, alongside wild and hilarious best friend Claudine, embarks on a journey to restore her faith in herself and work out exactly what she is left with after all these years. Witty, sharp and emotionally rich, this is a story about freedom and identity and how it's never too late to put yourself first.

Confessions of a Belly Dancer Coming Home

Author : Raksanna Larcher Gore
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Author : Keith Lee Johnson
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A Supreme Court nominee has been murdered several days before her confirmation hearing. Within twenty-four hours, another high-ranking politician is killed -- and soon government officials are being picked off one by one. Enter FBI Special Agent Phoenix Perry, a tough-as-stilettos detective known to hold her own against even the most lethal of criminals. Phoenix, already involved in another high-profile sex-abuse investigation, is hand-picked by the President to find the assassin. Little did she know that the two cases are related...and that the culprit knows her every move.

Confessions of a Self Care Junkie

Author : Christy Primmer
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We live in a time when more women are raising their hand and demanding to be seen and heard. Women have endless possibilities to create their dream business, relationships, and lifestyle. It’s a time of celebration and yet, a time to bring awareness to a bigger issue many women face. The fear trap, a trap that holds women prisoner to their past, stuck in shame, and afraid to act. Women want to know if they can have it all. Author Christy Primmer knows they can. In Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie, she shares that the secret to living your best life is hidden in your self-esteem, trust, and ultimately, your self-care routine. Inspired by her own journey of self-discovery, Primmer details how she learned to love herself, build her faith, and live a life she only dreamed of. Every confession highlights an area of both struggle and growth while teaching the importance of self-care from six different angles. Primmer tells how she went from living on the sidelines to center stage of her own life, discussing how releasing the need to be liked transformed the woman she is and how she lives. Inspirational, Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie gives you practical strategies to unleash your inner possibilities, release the fear, and live free.

Confessions Revised and Updated

Author : Matthew Fox
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Matthew Fox's stirring autobiography, Confessions, reveals his personal, intellectual, and spiritual journey from altar boy, to Dominican priest, to his eventual break with the Vatican. Five new chapters in this revised and updated edition bring added perspective in light of the author's continued journey, and his reflections on the current changes taking place in the Catholic church. Instead of living out his vows as a Dominican brother Matthew Fox was expelled from the Order after 34 years by Cardinal Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI. Fox took this as a warning from the Church that henceforth thinkers should not think, but get in line. It is from this anti-intellectual, inquisition-style mentality that the cover-up of priestly pedophilia also grew as the Vatican appointed several generations of bishops and cardinals whose only criterion for selection was that they be uncritical yes-men. Confessions tells the inside story of what it was like "standing in front of the train" when the Vatican was on the attack. It also reflects on the meaning of the encouragingly healthy papacy of Pope Francis, but holds little hope for the institutional church. Rather, this book points to the main interest and accomplishments of the author's work to bring spirituality and prophetic warriorhood alive again in society and religion. Fox draws inspiration from great mystics of the past, such as Hildegard of Bingen (a champion of the Divine Feminine) and Meister Eckhart (a profoundly mystical and ecumenical champion of those without a voice), and the return of the archetype of the Cosmic Christ alongside the teachings of the historical Jesus and the bringing forth of the wisdom traditions from all the world's spiritual traditions to stand up for eco-justice, gender justice, economic justice and social justice. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Confessions of a Recruiting Director

Author : Brad Karsh
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A college grad has specific questions when trying to land the first job after school. How are just a few candidates chosen from a stack of hundreds of resumes? What exactly do recruiters want to hear in an interview? What are the common job-hunting mistakes students make time and time again? Confessions of a Recruiting Director gives the inside scoop on the entire hiring process- from a top recruiting director who's seen and heard it all-and delivers a specific, step-by-step approach to beating the odds. Step 1: Resumes-how to pass the 15 Second Test Step 2: Networking-how to use connections to get a job Step 3: Cover Letters-why nine out of ten never get read Step 4: Ace the Interview- the shocking truth about what recruiters want Step 5: Thank-You Notes- making a lasting impression Step 6: Follow Up-the fine line between persistence and stalking Plus: Real-life before-and-after resumes, cover letters, thank-you notes and the answers to ten necessary interview questions.

Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy

Author : Joe Farrell
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A smorgasbord of entertainment and lessons awaits readers as author Joe Farrell releases through Xlibris a unique memoir. Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy: Jesus Runs Away and Other Stories chronicles his journey as a student who enjoys a carefree life amid schools of rigid discipline and stern religious training. In the early sixties, being in a Catholic school means being compelled to always abide by the rules: pray earnestly when told to do so, study the lessons to answer questions correctly, a “yes” or “no” answer should always be followed by “Sister”, and never ever do anything that would upset or make the teachers mad. Through vivid narration, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy unveils the funny side that lurks behind the austere façade of Catholic Schools. It follows the author as he finds himself caught up in different mischief during grade school and to even more grave misbehaviors—including a police arrest—during high school and college. A baby boomer, Farrell’s life is one that is carved by the tumult of the fifties and sixties and the social and personal dramas that come along with it. His is an interesting wave of colors brightened by adventure, discipline, lessons learned, friendship, and love. Providing a good glimpse into the life of pure Catholic training, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolboy: Jesus Runs Away and Other Stories is a witty revelation of a schoolboy’s shenanigans and the ultimate inspiration one can get from them. This memoir of growing up in the 60’s is full of Farrell’s wit, humor, and irreverence yet it’s a touching and poignant story. A fun and enjoyable read.

The Noah Confessions

Author : Barbara Hall
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At the age of 16, it's standard procedure for every girl at Lynnie Russo's posh Los Angeles prep school to get a car. So on her 16th birthday, Lynnie is startled when she opens the small gift box from her father—it doesn't contain the shiny new set of keys she was expecting. Instead she finds a worn-out bird charm bracelet. What can he be thinking? When she cuts school to go try surfing so as to have a special day, instead of grounding her, her father hands her a manuscript box and says, "Your mother wanted you to have this when it seemed you were losing perspective. I think now's the time." Through "The Noah Confessions," Lynnie uncovers her family's secrets, loves, and tragedies, and comes to recognize that their past may not necessarily determine her future.

The Confessions and Correspondence Including the Letters to Malesherbes

Author : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Based on his doctrine of natural goodness, Rousseau intended the Confessions as a testing ground to explore his belief that, as Christopher Kelly writes, "people are to be measured by the depth and nature of their feelings." Re-created here in a meticulously documented new translation based on the definitive Pléiade edition, the work represents Rousseau's attempt to forge connections among his beliefs, his feelings, and his life. More than a "behind-the-scenes look at the private life of a public man," Kelly writes, "the Confessions is at the center of Rousseau's philosophical enterprise."


Author : Thomas Docherty
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This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on This book explores what is at stake in our confessional culture. Thomas Docherty examines confessional writings from Augustine to Montaigne and from Sylvia Plath to Derrida, arguing that through all this work runs a philosophical substratum - the conditions under which it is possible to assert a confessional mode - that needs exploration and explication. Docherty outlines a philosophy of confession that has pertinence for a contemporary political culture based on the notion of 'transparency'. In a postmodern 'transparent society', the self coincides with its self-representations. Such a position is central to the idea of authenticity and truth-telling in confessional writing: it is the basis of saying, truthfully, 'here I take my stand'. The question is: what other consequences might there be of an assumption of the primacy of transparency? Two areas are examined in detail: the religious and the judicial. Docherty shows that despite the tendency to regard transparency as a general social and ethical good, our contemporary culture of transparency has engendered a society in which autonomy (or the very authority of the subject that proclaims 'I confess') is grounded in guilt, reparation and victimhood.