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Conceptual Transfer as an Areal Factor

Author : Stefanie Siebenhütter
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By analyzing conceptual transfer this volume offers new insight in areal linguistics. Mainland Southeast Asia unifies great linguistic richness consisting of numerous languages and countless varieties of genetically diverse language families. Nevertheless, the area is known as a prime example for linguistic convergence. Exemplified by spatial reference in Thai, Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese, this study reveals conceptual borrowing due to language contact as an areal defining feature. The results from the field-based data analysis may help answer what extent cultural impact can be used as evidence for the existence of linguistic areas. A speaker’s cultural background might have a stronger impact on the choice of spatial language encoding than expected. Method and structure of argumentation can provide a model for similar questions addressing the existence of linguistic areas as well as to other cognitive dimensions within the Southeast Asian area under consideration. Therefore, the study can be seen as a significant contribution to analyze possibly existing conceptual areas empirically and exemplarily. Additionally, the investigation can serve as an important complement to empirical assumptions of conceptual transfer.

Improved Fire Protection for Underground Fuel Storage and Fuel Transfer Areas

Author : William H. Pomroy
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Conceptual Transfer in the Bilingual Mental Lexicon

Author : Sherif Okasha
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Combining theory, psychological tests, and corpus, this book is an interdisciplinary study of the conceptual transfer of abstract nouns in the bilingual mental lexicon of professional translators, a treatise in philosophical linguistics, and a challenger of traditional ideas in the psychology of concepts. Not only does it shatter the common belief among cognitive scientists that abstract concepts are not researchable and cannot be subject to empirical investigation, it goes far beyond this to prove that abstract conceptssuch as science, language, religion, etc.are even more amenable to empirical research than concrete ones. It establishes a new paradigm in the relationship between language and cognition that allows each to be accessed through the other. Arguing that lexical-semantic analysis of concepts should precede psychological tasks, and supplying the tools therefore, it provides a new cognitive approach to lexical semantics and a new semantic approach to cognitive psychology. While it addresses itself to all these topics drastically and untraditionally, the major topic of this book still is the conceptual transfer in the bilingual mental lexicon of English-Arabic translators.

Pre Service and In Service Teacher Education Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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As with any industry, the education sector goes through frequent changes due to modern technological advancements. It is every educator’s duty to keep up with these shifting requirements and alter their teaching style to best fit the needs of their classroom. Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications explores the current state of pre-service teacher programs as well as continuing education initiatives for in-service educators. It also emphasizes the growing role of technology in teacher skill development and training as well as key pedagogical developments and methods. Highlighting a range of topics such as teacher preparation programs, teaching standards, and fieldwork and practicum experiences, this multi-volume book is designed for pre-service teachers, teacher educators, researchers, professionals, and academics in the education field.

Fundamental Mass Transfer Concepts in Engineering Applications

Author : Ismail Tosun
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Fundamental Mass Transfer Concepts in Engineering Applications provides the basic principles of mass transfer to upper undergraduate and graduate students from different disciplines. This book outlines foundational material and equips students with sufficient mathematical skills to tackle various engineering problems with confidence. It covers mass transfer in both binary and multicomponent systems and integrates the use of Mathcad® for solving problems. This textbook is an ideal resource for a one-semester course. Key Features The concepts are explained with the utmost clarity in simple and elegant language Presents theory followed by a variety of practical, fully-worked example problems Includes a summary of the mathematics necessary for mass transfer calculations in an appendix Provides ancillary Mathcad® subroutines Includes end-of-chapter problems and a solutions manual for adopting instructors

Heat Convection

Author : Latif M. Jiji
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Jiji's extensive understanding of how students think and learn, what they find difficult, and which elements need to be stressed is integrated in this work. He employs an organization and methodology derived from his experience and presents the material in an easy to follow form, using graphical illustrations and examples for maximum effect. The second, enlarged edition provides the reader with a thorough introduction to external turbulent flows, written by Glen Thorncraft. Additional highlights of note: Illustrative examples are used to demonstrate the application of principles and the construction of solutions, solutions follow an orderly approach used in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical thinking, assumptions, approximations, application of principles and verification of results. Chapter summaries help students review the material. Guidelines for solving each problem can be selectively given to students.

Heat Exchanger Design Handbook

Author : Kuppan Thulukkanam
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"This comprehensive reference covers all the important aspects of heat exchangers (HEs)--their design and modes of operation--and practical, large-scale applications in process, power, petroleum, transport, air conditioning, refrigeration, cryogenics, heat recovery, energy, and other industries. Reflecting the author's extensive practical experienc

PPI Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals A Comprehensive Reference Covering Thousands of Engineering Topics

Author : Michael R. Lindeburg
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The Go-To Reference for Engineering Students and Professionals “Core Engineering Concepts is a unique book. It's a blend of the most useful concepts taught in college and the most useful practical knowledge learned afterward.”— Author Michael R. Lindeburg, PE Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals is a cross-disciplinary reference that can be used by engineers studying or practicing in any engineering field, including civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, environmental, industrial, and chemical engineering. This authoritative reference provides comprehensive coverage of thousands of engineering concepts in one convenient book, including topics covered in 4- and 5-year engineering degree programs and those encountered in practice. Written for both students and practitioners by a professional engineer, it incorporates more than 30 years of engineering experience. Topics Covered Atomic Theory Biology Chemistry Circuits Computer Programming Dynamics Engineering Licensure Engineering Management Fluids Heat Transfer Material Science Mathematics Mechanics of Materials Physical Representation Physics Statics Systems Analysis Thermodynamics Key Features Covers the breadth of a 4-year engineering degree Contains civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and industrial engineering subjects Features 82 chapters covering thousands of engineering concepts Contains more than 580 examples with step-by-step solutions Presents over 3,700 essential engineering equations and formulas References over 780 tables and 315 conversion factors in detailed appendices Lists fully defined nomenclature for each chapter Includes a comprehensive index Binding: Hardcover Publisher: PPI, A Kaplan Company

The Aerial Transmission of Disease

Author : Royal Society (Great Britain). Discussion Meeting
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Roots of Modern Technology

Author : Siegfried Wendt
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If the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates came to life again today, he would wonder how airplanes fly and light bulbs glow, but not wonder much about the world’s political and social changes that took place since his time. The author puts himself in the position of explaining to Socrates the technological fundamentals behind all our modern conveniences . Since he takes Socrates seriously, the author accepts the challenge of introducing the relevant mathematical and technical concepts, and he does so in a remarkably easy-tounderstand and accurate way. The result is a comprehensive overview of the elements of our technical civilization, an overview properly based upon elementary but solid mathematical and scientific principles. Everyone with an inclination toward science and technology can take advantage of the clear structure, the comprehensive presentation and the many wonderfully-illustrated examples of the book.

Sustainable Process Integration and Intensification

Author : Jirí Jaromír Klemeš
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In its second edition, Sustainable Process Integration and Intensification continues the presentation of fundamentals of key areas of both fields. Thoroughly updated and extended to include the latest developments, the reader also finds illustrated working sessions for deeper understanding of the taught materials.The book is addressed to graduate students as well as professionals to help the effectively application in plant design and operation.

An Introduction to Economics

Author : Berkeley Hill
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An Introduction to Economics, 3rd Edition provides a careful and clear explanation of universal economic principles that are illustrated primarily by examples drawn from agriculture, rural areas and the food industry.Since the first and second editions, agriculture has increasingly been viewed in a global context. International trade agreements have influenced domestic agriculture everywhere and many countries have seen growth in processing and the role of large-scale retailers. There is also evidence that the main rural land-users (farming and forestry) form only a part of the total economic activity going on in the countryside of developed countries. This third edition has been updated using examples that cover this wider range of circumstances. Other updates include the section on policy, which has been expanded to reflect that agriculture plays an increasing role in policies directed at the countryside in general, especially those aimed at conserving the environment. A new section has also been added to reflect the important advances in production technology. The text is further enhanced by the inclusion of more exercises, a revised list of essay questions and updated suggested further reading.


Author : Michael Parkin
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Cryocoolers 10

Author : Ronald G. Ross
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Cryocoolers 10 is the premier archival publication of the latest advances and performance of small cryogenic refrigerators designed to provide localized cooling for military, space, semi-conductor, medical, computing, and high-temperature superconductor cryogenic applications in the 2-200 K temperature range. Composed of papers written by leading engineers and scientists in the field, Cryocoolers 10 reports the most recent advances in cryocooler development, contains extensive performance test results and comparisons, and relates the latest experience in integrating cryocoolers into advanced applications.

Local Electronic Government

Author : Helmut Drüke
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This book investigates how the internet is being used as a tool for comprehensively modernizing local government

Eaches or Pieces Order Fulfillment Design and Operations Handbook

Author : David E. Mulcahy
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If your business uses warehouses to deal with the sales of goods, then you know that facility operations, shipping, and customer service are important to your company's health. Eaches or Pieces Order Fulfillment, Design, and Operations Handbook offers insights for warehouse, distribution, or logistics professionals to make their "eaches or pieces"

Comparative Politics

Author : Daniele Caramani
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With unparalleled empirical material, this is the most comprehensive introduction to comparative politics written by the leading experts in the field who bring together a diverse and informed international perspective on comparative politics. Five new authors join the team for the fifth edition, bringing fresh ideas and insights to the comparative analysis the book provides. The new edition has been brought fully up to date with coverage of Brexit, Trump and the resurgence of Populism, and a greater focus on developing countries through a reworked Chapter 15 on Regions and Ethnicity. Furthermore, the chapter on Political Culture includes more in-depth coverage of gender and representation in the era of the #MeToo movement. Importantly, issues around migration and how different countries respond are explored in Chapter 24 on Globalization. An unrivalled amount of empirical material in the text and in the supporting online resources illustrates key similarities and differences of political systems in practice. The wealth of empirical data also encourages students to go beyond the 'what' of comparison to the 'how'. Combining cutting edge treatment of theories and truly global geographical coverage, this exciting textbook is essential reading for all comparative politics students.

Models Methods Concepts Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Author : Thomas L. Saaty
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The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a prominent and powerful tool for making decisions in situations involving multiple objectives. Models, Methods, Concepts and Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 2nd Edition applies the AHP in order to solve problems focused on the following three themes: economics, the social sciences, and the linking of measurement with human values. For economists, the AHP offers a substantially different approach to dealing with economic problems through ratio scales. Psychologists and political scientists can use the methodology to quantify and derive measurements for intangibles. Meanwhile researchers in the physical and engineering sciences can apply the AHP methods to help resolve the conflicts between hard measurement data and human values. Throughout the book, each of these topics is explored utilizing real life models and examples, relevant to problems in today’s society. This new edition has been updated and includes five new chapters that includes discussions of the following: - The eigenvector and why it is necessary - A summary of ongoing research in the Middle East that brings together Israeli and Palestinian scholars to develop concessions from both parties - A look at the Medicare Crisis and how AHP can be used to understand the problems and help develop ideas to solve them.

Viability Assessment of a Repository at Yucca Mountain Preliminary design concept for the repository and waste package

Author :
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Heat Transfer 1970

Author : Ulrich Grigull
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