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Concepts of Person in Religion and Thought

Author : Hans G. Kippenberg
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Since its founding by Jacques Waardenburg in 1971, Religion and Reason has been a leading forum for contributions on theories, theoretical issues and agendas related to the phenomenon and the study of religion. Topics include (among others) category formation, comparison, ethnophilosophy, hermeneutics, methodology, myth, phenomenology, philosophy of science, scientific atheism, structuralism, and theories of religion. From time to time the series publishes volumes that map the state of the art and the history of the discipline.

Concepts of Person in Religion and Thought

Author : H. G. Kippenberg
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Africa s Social and Religious Quest

Author : Randee Ijatuyi-Morphé
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This well-crafted book probes the key dimensions of Africa’s existential predicament. It constitutes an intellectual response to a gnawing “African situation”—the starting point for grasping Africa’s social and religious quest. Beyond split explanations of external versus internal factors (e.g., colonization/slavery vs. leadership/cultural values), this study accounts more comprehensively for emergent issues shaping this situation. The situation reflects a gamut of problems in traditional African religion and material culture, which hitherto defines African communality, polities, and destinies vis-à-vis the cosmos and nature. Thus, African religion and communities, each with its own attendant values, do not operate by critical engagement with larger issues of society and civilization, especially those shaped by the advent of (post-) modernity. Rather, they operate via adaptation. The communal drive for natural and social harmony inevitably produces a preservationist view of culture (“leaving things as they are”). This study takes an integrative approach to religion, society, and civilization; eschews dichotomies; and broadly defines and re-signifies life and wholeness as a true end of Africans’ quest today.

Thought and Faith The concept of divinity

Author : Vassilis Vitsaxis
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The Deuteronomistic History and the Name Theology

Author : Sandra L. Richter
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This monograph is a comparative, socio-linguistic reassessment of the Deuteronomic idiom, leshakken shemo sham, and its synonymous biblical reflexes in the Deuteronomistic History, lashum shemo sham, and lihyot shemo sham. These particular formulae have long been understood as evidence of the Name Theology - the evolution in Israelite religion toward a more abstracted mode of divine presence in the temple. Utilizing epigraphic material gathered from Mesopotamian and Levantine contexts, this study demonstrates that leshakken shemo sham and lashum shemo sham are loan-adaptations of Akkadian shuma shakanu, an idiom common to the royal monumental tradition of Mesopotamia. The resulting retranslation and reinterpretation of the biblical idiom profoundly impacts the classic formulation of the Name Theology.

The Concept of Universal Religion in Modern Hindu Thought

Author : A. Sharma
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Hindu thought has undergone a major reconfiguration in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, in response to its encounter with the forces of modernity. A key element in this reconfiguration is the perception of Hinduism itself as a universal religion; or, as a catalyst promoting the emergence of a universal religion, or, at the very least, as promoting religious universalism. This book examines the views of several major Hindu thinkers of this period, Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi prominent among them, on this potent theme of modern Hinduism.

Religious Pluralism in Christian and Islamic Philosophy

Author : Adnan Aslan
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The philosophy of religion and theology are related to the culture in which they have developed. These disciplines provide a source of values and vision to the cultures of which they are part, while at the same time they are delimited and defined by their cultures. This book compares the ideas of two contemporary philosophers, John Hick and Seyyed Hossein Nasr, on the issues of religion, religions, the concept of the ultimate reality, and the notion of sacred knowledge. On a broader level, it compares two world-views: the one formed by Western Christian culture, which is religious in intention but secular in essence; the other Islamic, formed through the assimilation of traditional wisdom, which is turned against the norms of secular culture and is thus religious both in intention and essence.

Religion Index Two

Author :
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Value of the Vagina How to Make Any Man Do Anything

Author : Ronnie Bo
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Is the value of money determined by the 'Value Of The Vagina'? Are all women worthy of worship? Could one woman change the whole world? The answer is, yes, Yes and YES! Why would you allow any man to use you and abuse you like a pet when you could be the master of every man and make them all your puppets? Why allow your emotions to be played with like a game when you could be worshipped as a goddess? Why allow any man to treat you like trash when you are truly every man's treasure? The answer is, you don't know your worth, You Don't Know Your Worth, and YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR WORTH! Close your legs and open your mind. This book contains the key to unlock the psychological chains on your mind so that you could open the doors to freedom, fortune and fame. This is a man's world. But before it was a man's world it was a woman's world. And now, with this guide available to women worldwide, ""this world will soon be ruled by women once again.""

Loud Thoughts on Religion

Author : Rafig Y. Aliyev
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The book, Loud Thoughts on Religion, has a small prehistory. In 2003 there was held a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Vienna, Austria. On the agenda of the session there was an issue of the study of religion at school and rise in the level of tolerance among followers of the world religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The author of the book made a speech and criticized the system of the study of religion existed in the West then: on a free day representatives of religion attend schools, select a group of religion representatives and teach basics of religion to children in different audiences. This method, indeed, lays the foundation of non-tolerance at the school age. Naturally, by explaining children their religious belonging, every priest puts his religious convictions above others. This cannot be otherwise. Pupils individually understand that their religion is better and take others as representatives of less important religion. The author suggested his variant of approach to the study of religion having made an emphasis on combined study of the history of appearance of religion as they appeared and showing fundamental regulations of every religion. He suggested not providing children with religious education as such, leaving that for pupils and their parents. The session participants liked this pragmatic approach, and they charged Prof. Rafig Y. Aliyev unofficially with preparing the book and submitting it for consideration of PACE Special Commission. Thus, the author' idea was reflected in the book as a religion textbook at school. The book was translated into several languages and distributed among the commission members. Over 10 years has passed since then and the textbook is still used as basic book on religion. Loud Thoughts on Religion provides primary information about the nature and origin of religion. It is an attempt to give a correct vision of national and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and religion of Islam, which is an integral part of the modern way of life. Readers will be able to find interesting materials about the appearance of Islam, Muslim rites of worship and worldview principles, role of Islam in society, and the influence it has on spiritually and culture.