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Concepts in Wine Technology Small Winery Operations

Author : Yair Margalit
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Following up on his bestselling Winery Technology and Operations, physical chemist and winemaker Yair Margalit comes out with the successive, Concepts in Wine Technology, fully updated and revised to meet the advances of modern winemaking. Among the extended topics are fermentation, skin contact, acid balance, phenolics, bottling, the use of oak and quality control. He begins in the vineyard discussing proper maturation, soil and climate, bunch health, vineyard disease states, and grape varieties. Next he tackles the preharvest with a careful look at vineyard management and preparing the winery for harvest. Dr. Margalit then outlines the entire process of harvesting, from destemming, crushing, and skin contact as it applies to both red and white grapes to pressing, must correction, and temperature control. Fermentation is examined fully and includes a lengthy look at the factors affecting malo-lactic fermentation and its pros and cons. There is a chapter on cellar operations that deals with racking, stabilization, fining, filtration, blending, and maintaining winery hardware, followed by sections on barreling and bottling. The final chapter pulls together the more general aspects of wine technology, covering sulphur-dioxides, different forms of wine spoilage and ways to ward them off, legal regulations and, one of the most important and enigmatic compounds in wine, phenolics.

Understanding Wine Technology 3rd Edition

Author : Bird, David
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Any student who has ever logged credits in a viticulture and enology class knows David Bird's book: it is the most widely assigned wine science primer in the English-speaking world. This completely revised and updated edition to Bird's classic textbook deciphers all the new scientific advances from the last several years, and conveys them in his typically clear and plainspoken style that renders even the densest subject matter freshman friendly. The new material includes an expanded section on the production of red, rose, white, sweet, sparkling, and fortified wines; information on histamine, flash detente, maceration, and whole bunch and whole berry fermentation; an expanded chapter on wine faults, including Brettanomyces; a new section on HACCP analysis as applied to a winery; and much more.

Exporter s Handbook to the US Wine Market

Author : Deborah M. Gray
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Attempting to export wine to the U.S. has long been fraught with difficulty, especially for the smaller producers. The U.S. wine industry, complicated by confusing regulations and intense internal brand competition, is also the land of opportunity and home to an adventurous and egalitarian wine consuming population. But without an understanding of how to effectively enter this complex market, the exporter often founders and retreats in frustration. This book provides a guide to approaching and attracting an importer, differentiating terms and regulations which must be understood to prosper, and avenues to achieving and sustaining attainable sales and distribution goals.

Business of Winemaking

Author : Jeffrey L. Lamy
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The Business of Winemaking places all facets of the wine business in perspective for investors, owners, and anyone else who is interested in how the wine business operates. Abundantly illustrated and written in a readily understandable style, the book addresses the technical rudiments of viticulture and enology and all of its related business actions: market analysis, vineyard and winery design, construction and equipment costs, regulatory and legislative issues, accounting and recordkeeping, financial analysis, tax considerations, typical salaries by geographical area, the minimum economic size of vineyards, the business plan, financing, product pricing, advertising, and sustainable farming and immigrant labor. This book features comprehensive case studies from 20 winery sites from coast to coast, making it an ideal resource for anyone wanting to better understand the inner workings of a successfully run winery.

Wine Faults and Flaws

Author : Keith Grainger
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WINE FAULTS AND FLAWS Wine Faults and Flaws: A Practical Guide An essential guide to the faults and flaws that can affect wine Written by the award-winning wine expert, Keith Grainger, this book provides a detailed examination and explanation of the causes and impact of the faults, flaws and taints that may affect wine. Each fault is discussed using the following criteria: what it is; how it can be detected by sensory or laboratory analysis; what the cause is; how it might be prevented; whether an affected wine is treatable, and if so, how; and the science applicable to the fault. The incidences of faulty wines reaching the consumer are greater than would be regarded as acceptable in most other industries. It is claimed that occurrences are less common today than in recent recorded history, and it is true that the frequency of some faults and taints being encountered in bottle has declined in the last decade or two. However, incidences of certain faults and taints have increased, and issues that were once unheard of now affect many wines offered for sale. These include ‘reduced’ aromas, premature oxidation, atypical ageing and, very much on the rise, smoke taint. This book will prove invaluable to winemakers, wine technologists and quality control professionals. Wine critics, writers, educators and sommeliers will also find the topics highly relevant. The wine-loving consumer, including wine collectors will also find the book a great resource and the basis for discussion at tastings with like-minded associates.

Cultural Heritage Possibilities for Land Centered Societal Development

Author : Józef Hernik
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This book includes multi-national research studies (social and natural science research, as well as more directly practical university-based knowledge) about cultural heritage, land, and societal development in varied countries. The book is particularly about land use (as a fundamental aspect of the environment) and its role in development (especially sustainable development). Many of the studies are about topics concerning the transition from more rural to more urbanized land areas. However, some studies concern other types of changes. This includes general attention to globalization and nation-state dimensions of change. Nonetheless, there are interpretations communicated of unique histories at differing scales in the researches here. There is often a focus on more uniquely local and regional territories (including attention to smaller-scale land use) and an interest in future possibilities that conserve positive features of past terrain.

View from the Vineyard

Author : Clifford P. Ohmart
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Author and entomologist Clifford P. Ohmart brings reason and clarity to the politically loaded and amorphously defined popular world of sustainable viticulture with this unique and comprehensive examination of the subject. View from the Vineyard does much more than explain what "sustainable" means, its practical importance to the wine industry, and the costs of agribusiness as usual. It provides the farmer with a realistic and achievable path to a sustainable vineyard by describing the challenges of practicing sustainable winegrowing, where integrated pest management fits in, how organic and sustainable farming related, a holistic vision for the farm, how to identify and define your farm's resources, methods for developing sustainable goals, creating a plan to achieve your holistic vision, ecosystem management, and understanding the vineyard as habitat. The book concludes with a self-assessment guide in which growers can easily track their progress through these transitional periods.

Molecular Marketing Market Leadership Creative Modeling

Author : Iveta Merlinova
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Earthly Delights

Author :
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A group of 17 international experts examines continuities and discontinuities in the culinary cultures of the Ottoman Empire, East-Central Europe and the Balkans from the 17th to the 19th century.

How to Launch Your Wine Career

Author : Liz Thach
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Written by successful and respected industry professionals, How to Launch Your Wine Career gives practical, real-world advice on how to land, develop, and succeed in a career in wine making and production, vineyard management, marketing and sales, public relations, writing, education, winery management and administration, direct-to-consumer sales, and more. Featuring interviews with some of wine's most prominent figures—including winemaker Heidi Barrett and wine writer James Laube of Wine Spectator—the book builds a career from the ground up, explaining job descriptions, educational and skill requirements, the career ladder, how to get started, and job hunting strategies. Each chapter ends with a helpful resource guide of available conferences, books, and websites. The appendix provides a detailed action plan worksheet to help the prospective applicant plan, plot progress, and nail that killer wine industry job.