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Computer aided Translation Technology

Author : Lynne Bowker
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This book provides a practical introduction to a wide range of leading-edge computer-aided translation (CAT) tools including corpora and corpus analysis tools, terminology management and translation memory systems and localization tools that translators now need to understand and use in order to stay competitive in today's global market. Specific chapters describe tools such as optical character recognition and voice recognition systems, corpora and corpus analysis tools, terminology management and translation memory systems and localization tools. In addition to describing the tools themselves, this book also addresses issues such as how translators interact with CAT tools and what impact the use of technology may have on the translator's working life. Each chapter provides a clear explanation and illustrative examples of how the different technologies work, accompanied by an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of using these tools in a translation environment. Key points are summarized at the end of each chapter and further reading is suggested.

The Future of Translation Technology

Author : Chan Sin-wai
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Technology has revolutionized the field of translation, bringing drastic changes to the way translation is studied and done. To an average user, technology is simply about clicking buttons and storing data. What we need to do is to look beyond a system’s interface to see what is at work and what should be done to make it work more efficiently. This book is both macroscopic and microscopic in approach: macroscopic as it adopts a holistic orientation when outlining the development of translation technology in the last forty years, organizing concepts in a coherent and logical way with a theoretical framework, and predicting what is to come in the years ahead; microscopic as it examines in detail the five stages of technology-oriented translation procedure and the strengths and weaknesses of the free and paid systems available to users. The Future of Translation Technology studies, among other issues: The Development of Translation Technology Major Concepts in Computer-aided Translation Functions in Computer-aided Translation Systems A Theoretical Framework for Computer-Aided Translation Studies The Future of Translation Technology This book is an essential read for scholars and researchers of translational studies and computational linguistics, and a guide to system users and professionals.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology

Author : Sin-Wai Chan
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The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology provides a state-of-the art survey of the field of computer-assisted translation. It is the first definitive reference to provide a comprehensive overview of the general, regional and topical aspects of this increasingly significant area of study. The Encyclopedia is divided into three parts: Part One presents general issues in translation technology, such as its history and development, translator training and various aspects of machine translation, including a valuable case study of its teaching at a major university; Part Two discusses national and regional developments in translation technology, offering contributions covering the crucial territories of China, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States Part Three evaluates specific matters in translation technology, with entries focused on subjects such as alignment, bitext, computational lexicography, corpus, editing, online translation, subtitling and technology and translation management systems. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology draws on the expertise of over fifty contributors from around the world and an international panel of consultant editors to provide a selection of articles on the most pertinent topics in the discipline. All the articles are self-contained, extensively cross-referenced, and include useful and up-to-date references and information for further reading. It will be an invaluable reference work for anyone with a professional or academic interest in the subject.

A Dictionary of Translation Technology

Author : Sin-wai Chan
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This dictionary is intended for anyone who is interested in translation and translation technology. Especially, translation as an academic discipline, a language activity, a specialized profession, or a business undertaking. The book covers theory and practice of translation and interpretation in a number of areas. Addressing and explaining important concepts in computer translation, computer-aided translation, and translation tools. Most popular and commercially available translation software are included along with their website addresses for handy reference. This dictionary has 1,377 entries. The entries are alphabetized and defined in a simple and concise manner.

The Human Factor in Machine Translation

Author : Sin-wai Chan
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Machine translation has become increasingly popular, especially with the introduction of neural machine translation in major online translation systems. However, despite the rapid advances in machine translation, the role of a human translator remains crucial. As illustrated by the chapters in this book, man-machine interaction is essential in machine translation, localisation, terminology management, and crowdsourcing translation. In fact, the importance of a human translator before, during, and after machine processing, cannot be overemphasised as human intervention is the best way to ensure the translation quality of machine translation. This volume explores the role of a human translator in machine translation from various perspectives, affording a comprehensive look at this topical research area. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in translation studies, machine translation or interested in translation technology.

Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology

Author : Ruslan Mitkov
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The correct interpretation of Multiword Units (MWUs) is crucial to many applications in Natural Language Processing but is a challenging and complex task. In recent years, the computational treatment of MWUs has received considerable attention but there is much more to be done before we can claim that NLP and Machine Translation (MT) systems process MWUs successfully. This volume provides a general overview of the field with particular reference to Machine Translation and Translation Technology and focuses on languages such as English, Basque, French, Romanian, German, Dutch and Croatian, among others. The chapters of the volume illustrate a variety of topics that address this challenge, such as the use of rule-based approaches, compound splitting techniques, MWU identification methodologies in multilingual applications, and MWU alignment issues.

Translation and Technology

Author : Chiew Kin Quah
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Chiew Kin Quah draws on years of academic and professional experience to provide an account of translation technology, its applications and capabilities. Major developments from North America, Europe and Asia are described, including developments in uses and users of the technology.

Using Computers in the Translation of Literary Style

Author : Roy Youdale
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This volume argues for an innovative interdisciplinary approach to the analysis and translation of literary style, based on a mutually supportive combination of traditional close reading and ‘distant’ reading, involving corpus-linguistic analysis and text-visualisation. The book contextualizes this approach within the broader story of the development of computer-assisted translation -- including machine translation and the use of CAT tools -- and elucidates the ways in which the approach can lead to better informed translations than those based on close reading alone. This study represents the first systematic attempt to use corpus linguistics and text-visualisation in the process of translating individual literary texts, as opposed to comparing and analysing already published originals and their translations. Using the case study of his translation into English of Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti’s 1965 novel Gracías por el Fuego, Youdale showcases how a close and distant reading approach (CDR) enhances the translator’s ability to detect and measure a variety of stylistic features, ranging from sentence length and structure to lexical richness and repetition, both in the source text and in their own draft translation, thus assisting them with the task of revision. The book reflects on the benefits and limitations of a CDR approach, its scalability and broader applicability in translation studies and related disciplines, making this key reading for translators, postgraduate students and scholars in the fields of literary translation, corpus linguistics, corpus stylistics and narratology.

Restructuring Translation Education

Author : Feng Yue
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This book offers data-based insights into the problems of translation education and their causes in the context of localization and globalization in the era of big data. By examining language services around the globe, illustrating applications of big-data technology and their future development, and describing crowdsourcing and online collaborative translations, speech-to-speech translation and cloud-based translation, it makes readers aware of the important changes taking place in the professional translation market and consequently recognize the insufficiency of translation education and the need for it to be restructured accordingly. Furthermore, the book includes data-based analyses of translation education problems, such as teaching philosophy, curriculum design and faculty development of both undergraduate and postgraduate education in China. More importantly, it proposes solutions that have already been successful in experiments in a number of universities in China for other institutions of higher education to imitate in restructuring translation education. The discussion is of interest for current and future translation policy makers, translation educators, translators and learners.

International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Security and Intelligence ATCI 2018

Author : Jemal Abawajy
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The book highlights innovative ideas, cutting-edge findings, and novel techniques, methods and applications touching on all aspects of technology and intelligence in smart city management and services. Above all, it explores developments and applications that are of practical use and value for Cyber Intelligence-related methods, which are frequently used in the context of city management and services.

Application of Intelligent Systems in Multi modal Information Analytics

Author : Vijayan Sugumaran
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest advances and trends in information technology, science and engineering. Specifically, it addresses a number of broad themes, including multi-modal informatics, data mining, agent-based and multi-agent systems for health and education informatics, which inspire the development of intelligent information technologies. The contributions cover a wide range of topics such as AI applications and innovations in health and education informatics; data and knowledge management; multi-modal application management; and web/social media mining for multi-modal informatics. Outlining promising future research directions, the book is a valuable resource for students, researchers and professionals, and a useful reference guide for newcomers to the field. This book is a compilation of the papers presented in the 2021 International Conference on Multi-modal Information Analytics, held in Huhehaote, China, on April 23-24, 2021.

A Practical Guide to Localization

Author : Bert Esselink
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Translation technology has evolved quickly with a large number of translation tools available. In this revised addition, much content has been added about translating and engineering HTML and XML documents, multilingual web sites, and HTML-based online help systems. Other major changes include the addition of chapters on internationalizatoi, software quailty assurance, descktop publishing and localization supprort. There is a focus on translators who want to learn about localization ad translation technology.

An Encyclopedia of Practical Translation and Interpreting

Author : Chan Sinwai
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As a sequel to?An Encyclopedia of Translation: ChineseEnglish EnglishChinese, which was published in 1995, this volume,?An Encyclopedia of Practical Translation and Interpreting, focuses on practical translation and interpreting, the two emerging areas of increasing importance in recent decades. Some chapters in this volume are illustrated with examples in translation between Chinese and English. Scholars and experts from China, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States share with us their experiences in translation or interpreting practice. This encyclopedia should be of great interest to both specialists and general readers.

Human Issues in Translation Technology

Author : Dorothy Kenny
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Translation technologies are moulded by and impact upon humans in all sorts of ways. This state-of-the-art volume looks at translation technologies from the point of view of the human users – as trainee, professional or volunteer translators, or as end users of translations produced by machines. Covering technologies from machine translation to online collaborative platforms, and practices from ‘traditional’ translation to crowdsourced translation and subtitling, this volume takes a critical stance, questioning both utopian and dystopian visions of translation technology. In eight chapters, the authors propose ideas on how technologies can better serve translators and end users of translations. The first four chapters explore how translators – in various contexts and with widely differing profiles – use and feel about translation technologies as they currently stand, while the second four chapters focus on the future: on anticipating needs, identifying emerging possibilities, and defining interventions that can help to shape translation practice and research. Drawing on a range of theories from cognitive to social and psychological, and with empirical evidence of what the technologization of the workplace means to translators, Human Issues in Translation Technology is key reading for all those involved in translation and technology, translation theory and translation research methods.

Big Data Analytics for Cyber Physical System in Smart City

Author : Mohammed Atiquzzaman
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Translation Technology and Translation Quality

Author : Haichen Sun
File Size : 42.16 MB
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Post editing of Machine Translation

Author : Laura Winther Balling
File Size : 56.31 MB
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Post-editing is possibly the oldest form of human-machine cooperation for translation. It has been a common practice for just about as long as operational machine translation systems have existed. Recently, however, there has been a surge of interest in post-editing among the wider user community, partly due to the increasing quality of machine translation output, but also to the availability of free, reliable software for both machine translation and post-editing. As a result, the practices and processes of the translation industry are changing in fundamental ways. This volume is a compilation of work by researchers, developers and practitioners of post-editing, presented at two recent events on post-editing: The first Workshop on Post-editing Technology and Practice, held in conjunction with the 10th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, held in San Diego, in 2012; and the International Workshop on Expertise in Translation and Post-editing Research and Application, held at the Copenhagen Business School, in 2012.

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Technology

Author : Minako O'Hagan
File Size : 29.28 MB
Format : PDF
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The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Technology provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the dynamically evolving relationship between translation and technology. Divided into five parts, with an editor's introduction, this volume presents the perspectives of users of translation technologies, and of researchers concerned with issues arising from the increasing interdependency between translation and technology. The chapters in this Handbook tackle the advent of technologization at both a technical and a philosophical level, based on industry practice and academic research. Containing over 30 authoritative, cutting-edge chapters, this is an essential reference and resource for those studying and researching translation and technology. The volume will also be valuable for translators, computational linguists and developers of translation tools.

Statistical Machine Translation

Author : Philipp Koehn
File Size : 63.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The dream of automatic language translation is now closer thanks to recent advances in the techniques that underpin statistical machine translation. This class-tested textbook from an active researcher in the field, provides a clear and careful introduction to the latest methods and explains how to build machine translation systems for any two languages. It introduces the subject's building blocks from linguistics and probability, then covers the major models for machine translation: word-based, phrase-based, and tree-based, as well as machine translation evaluation, language modeling, discriminative training and advanced methods to integrate linguistic annotation. The book also reports the latest research, presents the major outstanding challenges, and enables novices as well as experienced researchers to make novel contributions to this exciting area. Ideal for students at undergraduate and graduate level, or for anyone interested in the latest developments in machine translation.

Translation Globalization and Translocation

Author : Concepción B. Godev
File Size : 30.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book examines the spaces where translation and globalization intersect, whether they be classrooms, communities, or cultural texts. It foregrounds the connections between cultural analysis, literary critique, pedagogy and practice, uniting the disparate fields that operate within translation studies. In doing so, it offers fresh perspectives that will encourage the reader to reappraise translation studies as a field, reaffirming the directions that the subject has taken over the last twenty years. Offering a comprehensive analysis of the links between translation and globalization, this ambitious edited collection will appeal to students and scholars who work in any area of translation studies.