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Author : Tim Marshall
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This book explores how composting works, outlines its many benefits and shows how to build a foolproof heap and maintain it well. As landfill and waste disposal are increasingly on the global agenda, more and more people are turning to ways of recycling in their own backyards. Composting is an easy, rewarding and profitable activity, with multiple benefits for you and your garden.this book explores how composting works, outlines its many benefits and shows how to build a foolproof heap and maintain it well.A comprehensive listing of all compostible materials - from ash to algae, human hair to shredded newspaper - shows how the materials for composting can go much further than kitchen and green waste. Other features include sections on biodynamic composting methods and ingredients; composts for different climates and how to maintain a thriving worm colony. there are also suggestions on the many ways to use the rich, crumbly organic matter your compost will produce.


Author : Dion Rosser
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Learn the best way to create your own compost! Do you produce lots of organic waste? Are you tired of seeing all that waste go to . . . waste? Do you need something homemade to enrich your garden soil and make your plants healthier? Welcome to Organic Composting - you've just found your ultimate guide to creating organic compost from kitchen scraps and backyard waste. In this book, you'll learn how to make organic compost from scratch, including tips on gathering materials, building a pile, and effectively maintaining it to produce rich, nutrient-filled humus for your garden plants. The best thing about this book is that you have everything you need broken down and explained step-by-step. If like many people, you're frustrated with the current environmental conditions around the world, you can do your part by recycling your organic waste to usable compost. Aided by this book, you will: Learn how to build a balanced compost heap from scratch Never need to purchase commercial fertilizers again Master step-by-step techniques to produce quality compost from your food scraps and garden waste Master the art of vermicomposting Discover tips, techniques, and tricks to maintain your compost pile for as long as you want You'll be going from basic gardening to advanced techniques in no time! Add this book to your cart now, and you will never run out of rich compost for your plants again!

Outside the Magic Square

Author : Lolo Houbein
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Outside the Magic Square considers issues of food security and offers solutions at the street, neighbourhood and global levels. Mixing gardening advice and food plot design with discussion of issues like global warming, dwindling oil supplies, the future for farmers and GM foods, Lolo Houbein challenges us to mobilise for food security.

Organic Oren s Gardening Guide

Author : Oren Macintosh
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You don’t have to be a health nut to embrace organic gardening. The World Health Organization estimates that there are up to a quarter of a million pesticide related deaths per year. They are designed to kill, and boy do they! Learn how to eliminate toxins in your food by growing your own organic garden. This book will take you from start to finish through all steps of the process: Plan for a successful garden Prep your land Plant for optimal growth Feed your food only the best! Maintain and care for your precious sprigs Harvest the right way to make room for more Store your food to last It’s easier than you think. If you've been gardening for years or are just beginning to grow your own food, organic gardening can provide you with peace of mind and pride in your produce.

Composting Inside and Out

Author : Stephanie Davies
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Rethink Your Refuse Hundreds of millions of tons of solid waste are produced in the U.S. annually, and the landfills simply store it, not eliminate it. Recycling diverts significant amounts of waste, but the fact remains that the majority of landfill space is occupied by organic material. The good news is composting is a natural and beneficial way to eliminate this waste, and anyone can do it. Whether you live on a farm, in the suburbs or a city apartment, composting is possible. Composting Inside and Out will introduce you to the essentials and explore various methods of indoor and outdoor composting to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Inside you'll find: • A compete overview of the composting process • Advice on finding the right equipment • Step-by-step instruction for fourteen different composting methods • Ideas for using the soil you produce • Quick answers to common problems Whether you create a compost heap, bury your scraps, ferment them, tumble them or feed them to the worms, you too can be successful with composting. Use the fruits of your labor on you houseplants, your lawn, your flowerbeds or your garden. Put your waste and your energy to good use. Reclaim the benefits of participating in the planet's health through composting—its rewards are simply miraculous.

Rodale s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Author : Fern Marshall Bradley
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over 400 entries of the most practical, up-to-date gardening information ever, collected from garden experts and writers nationwide! "Gardens are places to renew yourself in mind and body, to reawaken to the truth and beauty of the natural world, and to feel the life force inside and around you. And the organic way to garden is safer, cheaper, and more satisfying. Organic gardeners have shown that it's possible to have pleasant and productive gardens in every part of this country without using toxic chemicals. They make their home grounds an island of purity."--Robert Rodale

The Ultimate Gardening Guide Top Tips Inspiration and Helpful Advice to Help You Make the Most of your Garden

Author : Gazella D.S. Pistorious
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Many people enjoy watching hummingbirds, butterflies and other wild birds visiting their gardens. Aside from enjoying the natural wildlife, birds and butterflies can also have other benefits for your gardens. Growing a stunning, lush garden that attracts wild birds and butterflies and still creates a beautiful visual appeal doesn’t need to be difficult. Take some time to learn what plants will do well in your local area for your own climate conditions. If you’ve always loved the idea of having a gorgeous flower garden or a productive vegetable garden but you just don’t have the space, there is a solution. The basics of successful gardening won’t take you long to learn. Are you ready to get started? Let’s get gardening…

The Complete Guide to Working with Worms

Author : Wendy Vincent
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Provides information on composting with earthworms, covering such topics as caring for a worm bin, harvesting, and growing worms and vermicompost for sale.

New York New Jersey Getting Started Garden Guide

Author : Vincent Simeone
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Format : PDF
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Even beginner gardeners can select plants to create a stunning garden as unique as the Empire or Garden State - with expert help to ensure success! New York & New Jersey Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant selection guide, perfect for when you're choosing plants and starting a garden in a climate that can be as challenging as it is beautiful. Choose the right plants and care for them properly, with help from an expert. Vincent Simeone, one of the area's most highly respected and experienced gardeners, shares his deep knowledge of the region, gardens, and plants in a lively, upbeat style. The author's top picks for plants that will thrive in this area's winter cold, soils, coastal conditions, urban living, and other unique growing conditions guarantee success for area gardeners and home landscapers. Plants are divided into easy-to-browse chapters such as Annuals, Bulbs, Groundcovers, Ornamental Grasses, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Lawns, and Vines. Each plant is highlighted in its respective chapter with a large full-color photograph and tips on how, when, and where to plant. New York & New Jersey Getting Started Garden Guide doesn't stop at plant selection. Methods for preparing soil, watering, fertilizer application, and pest management are also covered in detail. Along with the "nitty-gritty" of tending your garden, Vincent shares his inspiration for garden design, offers ways to incorporate your plants into the landscape, and names some favorite cultivars or species. His sound, practical advice is clothed in beautiful descriptions of each plant that will inspire you to get your hands dirty!

Complete Idiot s Guide to Saving the Environment

Author : Greg Pahl
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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saving the Environment" is a comprehensive guide to the ways an average citizen can make every day Earth Day. We learn how the environment got in this condition and how we can improve it by reducing, reusing, and recycling at home, at work, and everywhere else. The book suggests groups and organizations to join or to go to for information.