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Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

Author : John D. Paliouras
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Outstanding undergraduate text provides a thorough understanding of fundamentals and creates the basis for higher-level courses. Numerous examples and extensive exercise sections of varying difficulty, plus answers to selected exercises. 1990 edition.

Applied Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

Author : Yue Kuen Kwok
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This introduction to complex variable methods begins by carefully defining complex numbers and analytic functions, and proceeds to give accounts of complex integration, Taylor series, singularities, residues and mappings. Both algebraic and geometric tools are employed to provide the greatest understanding, with many diagrams illustrating the concepts introduced. The emphasis is laid on understanding the use of methods, rather than on rigorous proofs. Throughout the text, many of the important theoretical results in complex function theory are followed by relevant and vivid examples in physical sciences. This second edition now contains 350 stimulating exercises of high quality, with solutions given to many of them. Material has been updated and additional proofs on some of the important theorems in complex function theory are now included, e.g. the Weierstrass–Casorati theorem. The book is highly suitable for students wishing to learn the elements of complex analysis in an applied context.

Applied Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

Author : Y. K. Kwok
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Introductory text on complex variable methods for scientists, with many applications.

Complex Variables Applied in Science and Engineering

Author : Harold Wayland
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Complex Analysis with Applications in Science and Engineering

Author : Harold Cohen
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The Second Edition of this acclaimed text helps you apply theory to real-world applications in mathematics, physics, and engineering. It easily guides you through complex analysis with its excellent coverage of topics such as series, residues, and the evaluation of integrals; multi-valued functions; conformal mapping; dispersion relations; and analytic continuation. Worked examples plus a large number of assigned problems help you understand how to apply complex concepts and build your own skills by putting them into practice. This edition features many new problems, revised sections, and an entirely new chapter on analytic continuation.

Fundamentals of Complex Analysis for Mathematics Science and Engineering

Author : E. B. Saff
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This applied book provides a comprehensive introduction to complex variable theory and its applications. The Second Edition features a revised and up-dated presentation that reflects contemporary theories and their applications to current engineering problems.


Author : H. S. KASANA
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The second edition of this comprehensive and accessible text continues to offer students a challenging and enjoyable study of complex variables that is infused with perfect balanced coverage of mathematical theory and applied topics. The author explains fundamental concepts and techniques with precision and introduces the students to complex variable theory through conceptual develop-ment of analysis that enables them to develop a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. Geometric interpretation of the results, wherever necessary, has been inducted for making the analysis more accessible. The level of the text assumes that the reader is acquainted with elementary real analysis. Beginning with the revision of the algebra of complex variables, the book moves on to deal with analytic functions, elementary functions, complex integration, sequences, series and infinite products, series expansions, singularities and residues. The application-oriented chapters on sums and integrals, conformal mappings, Laplace transform, and some special topics, provide a practical-use perspective. Enriched with many numerical examples and exercises designed to test the student's comprehension of the topics covered, this book is written for a one-semester course in complex variables for students in the science and engineering disciplines.

Complex Variables with Applications

Author : Saminathan Ponnusamy
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Explores the interrelations between real and complex numbers by adopting both generalization and specialization methods to move between them, while simultaneously examining their analytic and geometric characteristics Engaging exposition with discussions, remarks, questions, and exercises to motivate understanding and critical thinking skills Encludes numerous examples and applications relevant to science and engineering students

Complex Variables

Author : H. R. Chillingworth
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Complex Variables covers topics ranging from complex numbers to point sets in the complex plane, elementary functions, straight lines and circles, simple and conformal transformations, and zeros and singularities. Cauchy's theorem, Taylor's theorem, Laurent's theorem, contour integration, and miscellaneous theorems are also discussed. This volume consists of 14 chapters, the first of which introduces the theory of complex numbers and their development either from an algebraic or from a geometrical viewpoint. Emphasis is on the complex plane, modulus, amplitude, number pairs, complex conjugates, the triangle inequality, De Moivre's theorem, and the four mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Attention then turns to point sets in the complex plane, infinite series and tests for convergence, functions of a complex variable, and elementary functions. The chapters that follow focus on straight lines and circles, simple and conformal transformations, and integration. Exercises are included in every section of each chapter except the last. This book is written primarily for students and teachers of mathematics.

Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering

Author : John H. Mathews
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This text provides a balance between pure (theoretical) and applied aspects of complex analysis. The many applications of complex analysis to science and engineering are described, and this third edition contains a historical introduction depicting the origins of complex numbers.

Complex Variables and the Laplace Transform for Engineers

Author : Wilbur R. Le Page
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Acclaimed text on essential engineering mathematics covers theory of complex variables, Cauchy-Riemann equations, conformal mapping, and multivalued functions, plus Fourier and Laplace transform theory, with applications to engineering, including integrals, linear integrodifferential equations, Z-transform, more. Ideal for home study as well as graduate engineering courses, this volume includes many problems.

Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering

Author : John H. Mathews
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Intended for the undergraduate student majoring in mathematics, physics or engineering, the Sixth Edition of Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering continues to provide a comprehensive, student-friendly presentation of this interesting area of mathematics. The authors strike a balance between the pure and applied aspects of the subject, and present concepts in a clear writing style that is appropriate for students at the junior/senior level. Through its thorough, accessible presentation and numerous applications, the sixth edition of this classic text allows students to work through even the most difficult proofs with ease. New exercise sets help students test their understanding of the material at hand and assess their progress through the course. Additional Mathematica and Maple exercises, as well as a student study guide are also available online.

Complex Analysis for Science and Electrical Engineering Students

Author : James D. Lewis
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Functions of a Complex Variable

Author : George F. Carrier
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Functions of a complex variable are used to solve applications in various branches of mathematics, science, and engineering. Functions of a Complex Variable: Theory and Technique is a book in a special category of influential classics because it is based on the authors' extensive experience in modeling complicated situations and providing analytic solutions. The book makes available to readers a comprehensive range of these analytical techniques based upon complex variable theory. Advanced topics covered include asymptotics, transforms, the Wiener-Hopf method, and dual and singular integral equations. The authors provide many exercises, incorporating them into the body of the text. Audience: intended for applied mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and senior or graduate-level students who have advanced knowledge in calculus and are interested in such subjects as complex variable theory, function theory, mathematical methods, advanced engineering mathematics, and mathematical physics.

Handbook of Complex Variables

Author : Steven G. Krantz
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This book is written to be a convenient reference for the working scientist, student, or engineer who needs to know and use basic concepts in complex analysis. It is not a book of mathematical theory. It is instead a book of mathematical practice. All the basic ideas of complex analysis, as well as many typical applica tions, are treated. Since we are not developing theory and proofs, we have not been obliged to conform to a strict logical ordering of topics. Instead, topics have been organized for ease of reference, so that cognate topics appear in one place. Required background for reading the text is minimal: a good ground ing in (real variable) calculus will suffice. However, the reader who gets maximum utility from the book will be that reader who has had a course in complex analysis at some time in his life. This book is a handy com pendium of all basic facts about complex variable theory. But it is not a textbook, and a person would be hard put to endeavor to learn the subject by reading this book.


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Author's aim is to make the readers easily understand the theory of complex variables. He explains this subject matter from a rudimentary to advanced level in a very simple manner. Organized in two parts, this book explains exact definitions of different terms used by supplying worked-out examples wherever found necessary. A large number of examples have been solved in the book to acquaint the readers with different techniques. Furthermore, a large number of problems have been supplied with answers at the end of each chapter. The first part of the book (Chapters 1 through 11) containing analysis of complex variables will be useful for the undergraduate students of engineering and science. The second part of the book (Chapters 12 through 20) is written in complex domain and is targeted towards advanced level readers who are either pursuing postgraduate studies in Mathematics or research in Applied Mathematics. The first part is prerequisite for this section of the book.

Complex Variables and Transform Calculus

Author : Matiur Rahman
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Based on a series of lectures given by the author this text is designed for undergraduate students with an understanding of vector calculus, solution techniques of ordinary and partial differential equations and elementary knowledge of integral transforms. It will also be an invaluable reference to scientists and engineers who need to know the basic mathematical development of the theory of complex variables in order to solve field problems. The theorems given are well illustrated with examples.

Fundamentals of Complex Analysis

Author : Edward B. Saff
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. This is the best seller in this market. It provides a comprehensive introduction to complex variable theory and its applications to current engineering problems. It is designed to make the fundamentals of the subject more easily accessible to students who have little inclination to wade through the rigors of the axiomatic approach. Modeled after standard calculus books–both in level of exposition and layout–it incorporates physical applications throughout the presentation, so that the mathematical methodology appears less sterile to engineering students.


Author : Shahnaz Bathul
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This thoroughly revised book, now in its third edition, continues to discuss two important topics—special functions and complex variables. Chapters have been rearranged keeping in view the current syllabi of the universities. The book analyzes special functions, Legendre’s equation and function, and Bessel’s function. It explains how to solve Cauchy equations, differential equation with variable coefficients and Frobenius of solving differential equation at a regular singular point. Besides, the text also explains the notions of limit, continuity and differentiability by giving a thorough grounding on analytic functions and their relations with harmonic functions. In addition, the book introduces the exponential function of a complex variable, and with the help of this function, defines trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and explains their properties. While discussing different mathematical concepts, the book discusses a number of theorems such as Cauchy’s integral theorem for the integration of a complex variable, Taylor’s theorem for the analysis of complex power series, the residue theorem for evaluation of residues, the argument principle and Rouche’s theorem for the determination of the number of zeroes of complex polynomials. Finally, the book gives a thorough exposition of conformal mappings and develops the theory of bilinear transformation.

Complex Dynamics

Author : Vladimir G. Ivancevic
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Readers learn to predict and control low- and high-dimensional as well as continuous- and discrete-time nonlinear systems dynamics in complex variables. In the final chapter, all the previously developed methods are used to present the "Holy Grail" of modern physical and cosmological science, the search for the "theory of everything" and the "true" cosmological dynamics.