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Competitiveness in the Tourism Sector

Author : Samuelson Wei-Chiang Hong
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International tourism is expected to be a major vehicle of economic development in industrializing countries in the 21st century, especially for Asia. To generate long-term growth, countries with tourism-based economies must develop strategies for employing their comparative advantages to achieve competitive advantages. However, competitiveness in the tourist industry is multi-dimensional and complex. This study evaluates the competitiveness of the Taiwanese tourism sector by a multi-dimensional framework. The theoretical model proposes that the competitiveness of tourist destinations should be composed of Ricardian comparative advantages (like the conditions of natural endowments and the degree of technological change); Porterian competitive advantages; tourism management, i.e., providing high quality education and job training, public goods, support services and reduced transaction costs to enhance comparative and competitive advantages; and environmental conditions.

The Competitive Destination

Author : J. R. Brent Ritchie
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The purpose of this book is to provide a framework for understanding the complex and multifaceted nature of the factors that affect destination competitiveness. It provides guidance on how to create successful destinations by developing and presenting a conceptual model of destination competitiveness that recognizes the importance of sustainability for long-term success. The book is both theoretically sound and managerially useful. It is intended to appeal to both academic researchers and industry professionals and practitioners. Anyone with an interest in the enhancement of a destination's competitiveness from nations to small towns or regions will find this book invaluable.

Tourism Destination Competitiveness Expression of Spain Superiority in Tourism

Author : Daniel Bulin
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From a strictly economic point of view, the notion of competitiveness is defined as the capacity to cope with competition in an effective and efficient manner. World tourism is currently characterized by a strong competition between destinations. The foundations of the tourism destination competitiveness are the attractions and tourism resources. However, the real and long-term success of a destination is determined by the capacity to guarantee and ensure tourists, throughout its entire offer, an authentic experience, of a level at least equal, if not superior to the one of other existing alternatives. While tourism potential is a prerequisite for the act of tourism, a crucial factor for the development of the tourism industry is the overall infrastructure. The World Economic Forum has developed, since 2007, a model of measuring factors and policies for tourism development in countries around the world: the travel and tourism competitiveness index. The ranking of 2015 brought a change of leader: Spain became the most competitive country in tourism. Spain's position is strengthened by the number of foreign tourists who visit it, but also its tourism generated revenue. The regions that attract most tourists are the Canary Islands, Catalonia, and Andalusia. Located on the Costa Daurada, Tarragona is the capital of the southernmost province of Catalonia with the same name. We propose in this paper an approach to tourism competitiveness through a qualitative research, based on a case study on the city of Tarragona, a major tourist attraction of Catalonia and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourist Clusters Destinations and Competitiveness

Author : Francesco Capone
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Tourism has become one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world economy. Increasingly, research on tourism destinations has been at the centre of debates concerning destination competitiveness, governance, policies and destination management and marketing. This book investigates tourist destinations from two different perspectives. First, it approaches destinations using the concept of tourist clusters and investigates their role in competitiveness and firm performances. The second perspective studies the development of models of competitiveness and governance. It also develops an international benchmarking system of 15-EU countries, with an additional focus on Italy, UK and United States. The book will appeal to academics, scholars and practitioners in tourism studies, management, urban and regional studies and economic geography, etc.

Destination Competitiveness the Environment and Sustainability

Author : Andres Artal-Tur
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Destination competitiveness and sustainability are important issues for many stakeholders within the tourism industry. In recent years, destinations have faced some challenges with respect to maintaining sustainability; they must be cleaner, greener and safer in order to safeguard the life quality of holidaymakers and local residents. Providing an invaluable review of the latests research on the topic, global case studies provide a perspective of the worldwide challenges and solutions arising in the management of tourism destinations. The analysis presents an interdisciplinary approach, including contributions of economists, geographers, managers and marketing professionals.

Positioning and Branding Tourism Destinations for Global Competitiveness

Author : Hashim, Rahmat
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Market positioning and branding has evolved from a peripheral process in the marketing effort to a critical process in any strategic planning initiative. Effective positioning will result in a strong brand that develops an emotional and productive two-way relationship. Positioning and Branding Tourism Destinations for Global Competitiveness focuses on utilizing destination branding and content marketing for sustainable growth and competitive advantage within the tourism and hospitality industry, including tools and techniques for travel branding and best practices for better tourism management strategies. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as hospitality, brand loyalty, and knowledge transfer, this book is ideally designed for industry professionals including those within the hotel, leisure, transportation, theme park, and food service sectors, policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and students.

A Model Development for Measuring Global Competitiveness of the Tourism Industry in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Chʻŏr-wŏn Kim
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Competitiveness and Tourism

Author : Geoffrey Ian Crouch
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Competitiveness and Tourism brings together the key scholarly articles which discuss the challenges of managing, maintaining and enhancing competitive tourism destinations. This authoritative collection of articles covers service sector competition; conceptual models of tourism competitiveness; the measurement and modeling of tourism competitiveness; organizing, planning and management issues; tourism marketing; price competitiveness and demand elasticity; sustainability issues and case studies of tourism competitiveness from around the world. Along with an original introduction by the editors, this two-volume set is designed for scholars, students and practitioners interested in a deeper understanding of the nature of tourism competition and implications for tourism and destination management.

Tourism SMEs Service Quality and Destination Competitiveness

Author : E. Jones and C. Haven
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This book focuses in on the dominant role of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the tourism and hospitality industry. It explores their impact on consumer perceptions of a destination, drawing on examples of small hotels, guesthouses, cafes and restaurants. It also highlights the challenges faced by SMEs to promote destination business growth - with discussion of competitiveness, quality and standards. With its entity-relationship model of a destination, this edited collection of international papers fully explores the dynamics SMEs. Case studies from around the world also puts SMEs research into a global context.

Mekong Tourism

Author : Andrew Adam
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