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Ollendorff s new and easy method of learning the German language tr by H W Dulcken With Key

Author : Heinrich Godefroy Ollendorff
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Come Stay Learn Play

Author : Andrea Gallagher Nalls
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"Come, Stay, Learn, Play is a practical guide to creating amazing visitor experiences for those on the front-line of museums"--

When the Pixies Come Out to Play

Author : Lois Carey
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A collection of essays and articles written over a 30 year span by a seasoned sandplay therapist. When Pixies Come Out to Play: A Play Therapy Primer is the work of a true master of the craft of sandplay therapy informed by Jungian theory and the pioneering work of Dora Kallf with whom Lois Carey studied. Woven into the exquisite tapestry of this lovely book is history and theory of the method, rich case material told in a warm and moving voice which reflects the extraordinary empathy of this remarkable sandplay and play therapist . . . A wealth of information packed into a highly readable book that just like the author herself will be a cherished gift to us all for a long time to come. —David A. Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP, RPT-S Clinical Director "The metaphor that comes to mind as I read this book is that of the aboriginal painting—a large canvas of lots of varied sized and colored dots which represents a map of the territory. This book provides an extensive map of the territory, that is Play Therapy, Child Therapy and sand play as it applies to children, with a particular Jungian slant. I would recommend this to practitioners and students who can learn from its wisdom." —Aideen Taylor de Faoite, author of Narrative Play Therapy: Theory and Practice. "When Pixies Come Out to Play is a wonderful book for any clinician who uses creative mediums in their therapeutic work. It is a book that provides a back drop to understanding art therapy, play therapy and sandplay from a Jungian perspective. It provides a history and theoretical framework to create context and a lens to view the work through." —Majella Ryan, Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapist, Child Psychotherapist.

The Adventures of A Stay At Home Dad

Author : Adam Bradley
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Learn to Sell and Stay Employed in Any Economy

Author : James R. Thompson
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No Matter what your career you can improve your ability to get hired or stay employed if you understand the sales techniques in this book! Learn to SELL and Stay Employed takes you through real-life sales experiences and teaches you over 100 proven Sales Techniques. James is one of those unique people that you want to do business with because, in simplest terms: He knows so much. -Howard Bronson -Author Free Enterprise James Thompson is a proven leader in sales. -Adrian T. Dayton, Esq., Author The Year of 12 Virtues Mr. Thompson has significant sales experience in multiple vertical markets. His book reads like a novel and teaches like a mentor. - L.S. Teza, Author, Brown-Nosing 101: A career survival manual for the rest of us Graduate Business Policy, Planning and Development Area Chair, Fl. I have worked with Mr. Thompson and know first-hand that his techniques and experiences can work for anyone who wants to expand their client base. -Paul B. Mouritsen, LTC (Ret), US ARMY, International Hospital CEO

The Devil s Box

Author :
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Author : Marian Potter
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A talkative 10-year-old, living in rural Missouri in the 1930's, becomes the heroine of her family and community by putting her wagging tongue to good use.


Author : Chuck Brummel
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“My storey is about my life. I was born in 1939, and my family literally broke apart when I was “little”. I do not recall ever living in a home with my mother and father together. There were several years I spent in foster care; and then living with Mom and then Dad, bouncing back and forth a couple of times, until I was a junior in high school. My father moved, but I didn’t. I spent my final year in high school living with a local family, thanks to a basketball coach who took special interest in me. I spent some of my time growing up being a juvenile delinquent; petty theft, shop-lifting, drinking, smoking and other such irresponsible activities. I made a decision to change my life after my freshman year in high school, and went to live with my father, whom I already knew was a strict disciplinarian and a very controlling individual. But, I got the chance to start my life over again at age 15. I made the most of my new start, and I want to tell my story!”

Let Dogs Be Dogs

Author : Monks of New Skete
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America's foremost authorities on dog care and training distill decades of experience in a comprehensive "foundational" guide for dog owners. No matter what training method or techniques you use with your dog, the training is unlikely to be optimally successful unless it is predicated on an understanding of the dog's true nature. Dogs need food, water, exercise and play, rest, veterinary care -- the basics. But since dogs naturally want to be led, they also need focused and compassionate guidance. Through abundant stories and case studies, the authors reveal how canine nature manifests itself in various behaviors, some potentially disruptive to domestic accord, and show how in addressing these behaviors you can strengthen the bond with your dog as well as keep the peace. The promise of this book is that, especially in an ever-accelerating world filled with digital distractions, you can learn from your dog's example how to live in the moment, thereby enriching your life immeasurably.

How to Play the Game at the Top

Author : Fenorris
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Before starting his own successful company, Fenorris Pearson was a top executive with Dell and Motorola with responsibilities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. He worked with top people on top teams building and selling top products to global audiences. Smart people like to work with smart people and when cutting-edge technology, big-name corporate players, major new product launches, and billions of dollars are on the line, there is no room for sleepwalkers, jokers, or phoning it in. Top performers get to the top by bringing their A-game every day. But now even that isn’t enough. You have to come fully prepared to work at the top of your game, every day. Pearson reveals how to do just that, opening up the corporate play book and providing a glimpse into the inner workings of the men and women driving American business today: the consummate corporate executives.

How to Stay in Love

Author : James J. Sexton
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Hard-hitting divorce lawyer James Sexton shares his insights and wisdom from the front lines of divorce to keep you out of his office and improve your relationship. If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late. James Sexton knows this. After dealing with more than a thousand clients whose marriages have dissolved over everything from an ill-advised threesome with the nanny to the uneven division of carpool duties, he also knows all of the what-not-to-dos for couples who want to build—and consistently work to preserve—a lasting, fulfilling relationship. Described by former clients as a “courtroom gunslinger” and “the sociopath you want on your side,” Sexton tells the unvarnished truth about relationships, diving straight into the most common marital problems. These usually derive from dishonest—or nonexistent—communication. Even when the alleged reason for separation is one spouse’s new “personal trainer,” there’s likely a communication problem that predates the fitness kick. Symptom and root cause get confused all the time. Sexton has spent his career working with spouses-to-be-no-longer. Reverse engineering a relationship can help to identify and fix what does not work. Ever feel like you’re holding back criticism of your spouse because you just can’t have that fight right now? Sexton will tell you to “Hit Send Now.” Maybe you aren’t as adventurous as you used to be, or need some "you time," but for some reason it seems weird or exhausting to change up the routine now. Sexton knows where that mentality leads and offers viable alternative paths to take. Though he deals constantly with the heartbreak of others, he still believes in romance and the transformative power of love. This book is his opportunity to use what he has learned to help couples that aren’t so far gone get back on track.

Evidence pt 1

Author : Great Britain Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Revenues and Management of Certain Colleges and Schools, and the Studies Pursued and Instruction Given Therein
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Report of Her Majesty s Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Revenues and Management of certain Colleges and Schools and the Studies pursued and Instruction given therein with an Appendix and Evidence

Author :
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Report of Her Majesty s Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Revenues and Management of Certain Colleges and Schools and the Studies Pursued and Instruction Given Therein

Author : Great Britain. Commissioners appointed to inquire into the revenues and management of certain colleges and schools, and the studies pursued and instruction given therein
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When the Girls Come Out to Play

Author : Katharine Milcoy
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Filling a long-standing gap both in women's history and in the material history of class culture, this book is a unique and necessary reassessment of the social and cultural scene during the inter-war period in England. By combing over the everyday practices of working-class girls in 1920s and 30s England, including a sharp focus on Bermondsey south-east London and oral testimony from women who grew up in the period, Milcoy demonstrates the persistence and ingenuity with which these teenagers gained access to the commercial leisure culture of the day, from hairstyles and fashionable dress to films, music, and dances. She shows how this access had a startling ripple effect, transforming the way young women rehearsed and contested their identities so that play, rather than work, became the primary mechanism for defining subjectivity and constructing femininity. When the Girls Come Out to Play is a refreshing and nuanced take on the social and cultural history of England between the World Wars.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Why Play Learning Through Play

Author : Chris K. Pancoast
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Why Play? Learning Through Play is a valuable resource for everyone interested in exploring early childhood education and development. This book explores the critical importance of play for children (and for adults!) Some topics discussed include: Reasons that play is important Types of play Brain development Health and nutrition Tips for how adults can promote play Educational philosophies For more information and to explore the world of play visit,

To Be Or Not to Bop

Author : Dizzy Gillespie
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Originally published: New York: Doubleday, 1979.

Strategies for Stay at home Parents

Author : Kristine Berggren
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You are both working. You have a new baby. One parent will have to stay at home. Which one? How do you adjust your finances from two incomes to one? How do you put your career on hold? This book focuses on practical issues and emphasises each family's unique values and provides helpful tips for creating a lifestyle for both parents and children. The author has interviewed dozens of stay-at-home parents who shed light on a variety of topics which the reader may not have considered weighing the rewards and challenges; choosing who stays at home; financial planning; caring for your kids; nurturing yourself; managing your time and space; family dynamics; returning to work. An invaluable book for first time parents and newlyweds, containing many ideas and topics not to be found in other parenting books.

Come Into My Trading Room

Author : Alexander Elder
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The trading bible for the new millennium In Come Into My Trading Room, noted trader and author Dr. Alexander Elder returns to expand far beyond the three M's (Mind, Method, and Money) of his bestselling Trading for a Living. Shifting focus from technical analysis to the overall management of a trader's money, time, and strategy, Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader--identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits. Come Into My Trading Room educates the novice and fortifies the professional through expert advice and proven trading methodologies. This comprehensive trading guide provides a complete introduction to the essentials of successful trading; a fresh look at the three M's, including a proven, step-by-step money management strategy; and an in-depth look at organizing your trading time. Come Into My Trading Room reviews the basics of trading stocks, futures, and options as well as crucial psychological tactics for discipline and organization—with the goal of turning anyone into a complete and successful trader. By showing traders how to combine the elements of mind, method, and money, Come Into My Trading Room gives readers the knowledge and insight to enter the market with confidence and exit with profits. Unparalleled depth and a wide range of coverage will keep all levels of traders engaged, informed, and returning to Come Into My Trading Room again and again. Dr. Alexander Elder (New York, NY) is a professional trader, technical analysis expert, and practicing psychiatrist. He is the founder of Financial Trading Inc., providing intensive trading camps to traders all over the world. Elder's first book Trading for a Living (Wiley: 0471592242) and the companion study guide have sold over 160,000 copies.