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Batman Arkham Origins Signature Series Strategy Guide

Author : BradyGames
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Batman Arkham Origins introduces an original prequel storyline to the already fascinating story leading up to this game. The guide features complete coverage of the single-player walkthrough, character bios, enemy analyses and more!

United States Naval Medical Bulletin

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The Price of Altruism George Price and the Search for the Origins of Kindness

Author : Oren Harman
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Describes the intellectual journey of eccentric American genius George Price, who tried to answer the evolutionary riddle of why people are nice, and eventually gave away all his belongings and took his own life in a squatter's flat.

Becoming a No Fail Mission The Origins of Search and Rescue In Canada

Author : James Pierotti
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The Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF’s) involvement with the search and rescue (SAR) mandate in Canada dates to 1947. The RCAF’s Air Sea Rescue predecessor capability from the Second World War dates back to 1942. How and why did the RCAF become involved with both of those capabilities, and is there historical rationale for the continued involvement of the RCAF in the domestic SAR service today? Amplified with operational examples of the rescue system in action, this previously untold history aims to describe the origins of SAR history in Canada and to further the debate on the continued use of military resources for domestic responsibilities.

Origins of the Geomancer

Author : J.L. Connew
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In the year 2020, New Yorkborn arcana-archaeologist Russell Samway discovers the Staff of the Great Geomancer, a magical artefact that once belonged to one of the most powerful earth elementalists in history at an archaeological dig in England whilst under the onslaught of a small horde of merciless undead. Half the globe away, a group of individuals with unique skills and abilities is on their way to thwart an evil shamans machinations in Indonesia. Surviving his ordeal in England against the merciless undead, Russell returns to New York to enrol at a prestigious school of magic and befriends the group of unique individuals who thwart the evil shamans nefarious scheme in Indonesia. Between the demons, undead, and juvenile shoplifters they come across, Russell slowly gets to know these mysterious individuals, who, alone, struggle to bring down one of the worlds most powerful secret societies during their long quest for ancient artefacts.

Writing Combat and the Self in Early Modern English Literature

Author : Jennifer Feather
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By examining these competing depictions of combat that coexist in sixteenth-century texts ranging from Arthurian romance to early modern medical texts, this study reveals both the importance of combat in understanding the humanist subject and the contours of the previously neglected pre-modern subject.

On the Origins of Gender Inequality

Author : Joan Huber
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In our fast-paced world of technology and conveniences, the biological origins of women's inequality can be forgotten. This book offers a richer understanding of gender inequality by explaining a key cause-women's reproductive and lactation patterns. Until about 1900, infants nursed every fifteen minutes on average for two years because very frequent suckling prevented pregnancy. The practice evolved because it maximized infant survival. If a forager child was born before its older sibling could take part in the daily food search, the older one died. This practice persisted until the modern era because until after the discovery of the germ theory of disease, human milk was the only food certain to be unspoiled. Lactation patterns excluded women from the activities that led to political leadership. During the twentieth century the ancient mode declined and women entered the labor market en masse. Joan Huber challenges feminists toward a richer understanding of biological origins of inequality-knowledge that can help women achieve greater equality today.

The Origins and Course of Psychopathology

Author : John Strauss
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The Society for Life History Research in Psychopathology is a group of investigators from many disciplines who share an interest in studying the longitudinal aspects of psychiat ric disorder. Sociologists, psychologists, statisticians, psychiatrists, epidemiologists, and others each bring to the study of life history the expertise and vantage point arising from his or her unique training and experience. This volume, the fifth in a series, is devoted to explor ing the methods used to contribute to the understanding of the complex unfolding of a human life as it avoids, copes with, or succumbs to psychiatric disorder. We hope that by describing these methods, their current status, advantages, and short comings, this volume can serve as a guidepost to all who are involved in our field to help understand it further and to generate solutions for the many crucial problems we face. J. S. H. B. M. R. Contents Introduction . . . . . 1 John S. Strauss, Haroutun M. Babigian, and Merrill Roff SECTION I CONTROLLED VS. NATURALISTIC APPROACHES CHAPTER 1 Controlled vs. Naturalistic Experiments: Application of the Life Table Method 7 Myrna M. Weissman CHAPTER 2 The Psychiatric Case Register: A Versatile Device for the Application of Multiple Methodological Approaches . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Haroutun M. Babigian and Dolores B. Jones CHAPTER 3 A Survey of Issues Related to the Analysis of Observational Data in Longitudinal Research . . 43 John E.

The Origins and Development of the National Training Center 1976 1984

Author : Anne W. Chapman
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The Origins of Gnosticism Le origini dello gnosticismo

Author : Bianchi
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