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Collector Book New Perspectives

Author : Contemporary Art Curator
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Curated by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

New Perspectives on Ibn As kir in Islamic Historiography

Author : Steven Judd
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This volume offers seven new studies on Ibn ʿAsākir and his Taʾrīkh madīnat Dimashq that range from analyses of specific biographical entries to studies on the later use of this work.

New Perspectives on Anarchism

Author : Nathan J. Jun
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The study of anarchism as a philosophical, political, and social movement has burgeoned both in the academy and in the global activist community in recent years. Taking advantage of this boom in anarchist scholarship, Nathan J. Jun and Shane Wahl have compiled twenty-six cutting-edge essays on this timely topic in New Perspectives on Anarchism. This collection of essays is unique in its global and multi-cultural scope, as its contributors hail from across the globe. The scholars and activists featured in New Perspectives on Anarchism view anarchism from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, and ecology. Together, they attest to the vibrancy, intrepidity, and diversity of contemporary anarchist studies both within and without the academy. New Perspectives on Anarchism's broad approach to anarchism will make it appealing to scholars and political activists from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

New Perspectives in Book History

Author : Dr. H. van den Braber
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New Perspectives in Book History verschijnt ter gelegenheid van het 14de SHARP congres dat in juli 2006 in Leiden en Den Haag plaatsvindt. De Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) is een internationale organisatie met wereldwijd zo’n 1200 leden. Het boek bevat 13 artikelen van zowel jonge als gevestigde boekhistorici uit Nederland en België. De onderwerpen lopen uiteen van de Leuvense Universiteit in de vroegmoderne tijd, 17de-eeuwse marskramers en 20ste-eeuwse uitgeverijen tot de toepassing van modellen uit de bedrijfsgeschiedenis of uit de netwerkanalyse in het moderne boekhistorische onderzoek. In het boek is aandacht voor nieuwe ontdekkingen zoals boekenloterijen en voor de internationale positie van Nederland in het boekenvak. Tezamen vormen deze artikelen een staalkaart van het moderne boekhistorische onderzoek in de Lage Landen.

New Perspectives on Russian American Relations

Author : William Benton Whisenhunt
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New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations includes eighteen articles on Russian-American relations from an international roster of leading historians. Covering topics such as trade, diplomacy, art, war, public opinion, race, culture, and more, the essays show how the two nations related to one another across time from their first interactions as nations in the eighteenth century to now. Instead of being dominated by the narrative of the Cold War, New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations models the exciting new scholarship that covers more than the political and diplomatic worlds of the later twentieth century and provides scholars with a wide array of the newest research in the field.

New Perspectives for Energy Savings in Agriculture

Author : V. Goedseels
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In its continuing efforts to improve production and storage , European agriculture and food industry consumes ever more energy. Hence, as was the case for all European sectors founded on intensive energy consump tion, agriculture was also severely affected by the shortages and price increases of conventional energy sources over the past decade. The energy consciousness generated in this way led to a widespread con sideration of the application of other, renewable energy sources. The potential applications in agriculture are, however, extremely diverse, and this explains to a great extent the fragmentary nature and even in some cases the mediocre level of current research. The objective of this book is, therefore, to guide the reader in a syste matic way through the apparent chaos of operational data which are currently available on the subject matter: thermal applications within agriculture of solar energy by means of solar collectors, passive designs and storage devices. While in volume I of this series H this area is assessed from a more general economic perspective, this tome II takes a more detailed technical approach. The results of this book were produced in the form of a European concerted action under the leadership of the Commission in Brussels. All possible data were collected by national representatives in the EC member countries. Coordinators were Professor V. Goedseels and Mr E. Van der Stuyft from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Professor G.

Shadows in the Field

Author : Gregory F. Barz
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Ethnomusicological fieldwork has significantly changed since the end of the the 20th century. Ethnomusicology is in a critical moment that requires new perspecitves on fieldwork - perspectives that are not addressed in the standard guides to ethnomusicological or anthropological method. The focus in ethnomusicological writing and teaching has traditionally centered around analyses and ethnographic representations of musical cultures, rather than on the personal world of understanding, experience, knowing, and doing fieldwork. Shadows in the Field deliberately shifts the focus of ethnomusicology and of ethnography in general from representation (text) to experience (fieldwork). The "new fieldwork" moves beyond mere data collection and has become a defining characteristic of ethnomusicology that engages the scholar in meaningful human contexts. In this new edition of Shadows in the Field, renowned ethnomusicologists explore the roles they themselves act out while performing fieldwork and pose significant questions for the field: What are the new directions in ethnomusicological fieldwork? Where does fieldwork of "the past" fit into these theories? And above all, what do we see when we acknowledge the shadows we cast in the field? The second edition of Shadows in the Field includes updates of all existing chapters, a new preface by Bruno Nettl, and seven new chapters addressing critical issues and concerns that have become increasingly relevant since the first edition.

Tourism Methodologies

Author : Jane Widtfeldt Meged
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Working on your Master Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation, have you ever felt the limits of your methodological toolbox when it comes to grasping the complexity or messiness that emerges when you begin scratching the surface of your drawn up research agenda? As an experienced researcher, are you preoccupied with the ways your actions in doing and thinking research have affected and continue to affect your research outcomes? Have you looked for new types of doing research but felt discouraged by traditional perceptions of good and bad data sources or you have looked for alternative paths to creating better and richer research materials while acknowledging the (co)creative aspects of knowledge production? If you can recognize the above or similar issues, you might find the present book of inspiration. This book is aimed at researchers who share our desire to engage with new and innovative approaches to an already well established repertoire of tourism methodologies. The book deals with a wide variety of themes relating to qualitative tourism research but, in particular, it addresses how the issues of meaning making, mobility and performance are integrated elements in the research process.

Collectors Collections and Museums

Author : Stacey Pierson
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This book presents the first comprehensive study of the collecting, consumption and display of Chinese porcelain in Britain from the 16th to the 20th century, as well as the impact of this activity on British culture. Beginning with the early porcelains acquired as objects of exotica and vessels for the consumption of tea and coffee, followed by porcelains for display in the country house interior, the first part of this book reveals the role of porcelain in Britain's developing economic relations with China and the impact of this material on both daily life and interior design. The subsequent diplomatic and political conflicts of the 18th and 19th centuries provide a framework for an examination of British consumption of Chinese porcelain as both spoils of war and iconic representations of China, material which helped to shape and influence British perceptions of China. The final section demonstrates how these perceptions of China and its porcelain began to change significantly in the 20th century with porcelains acquired as works of art and displayed publicly in museums. Collectors in Britain began to specialise in this area and actively invented a 'field' of Chinese ceramics that was promulgated by learned societies and culminated in the founding of a museum of Chinese ceramics in London by one of the foremost British collectors, Sir Percival David, who donated his world class collection to the University of London in 1950.

New Perspectives on F Holland Day

Author : Patricia J. Fanning
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New Perspectives on Turkey

Author :
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Jewish Manuscript Cultures

Author : Irina Wandrey
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Hebrew manuscripts are considered to be invaluable documents and artefacts of Jewish culture and history. Research on Hebrew manuscript culture is progressing rapidly and therefore its topics, methods and questions need to be enunciated and reflected upon. The case studies assembled in this volume explore various fields of research on Hebrew manuscripts. They show paradigmatically the current developments concerning codicology and palaeography, book forms like the scroll and codex, scribes and their writing material, patrons, collectors and censors, manuscript and book collections, illuminations and fragments, and, last but not least, new methods of material analysis applied to manuscripts. The principal focus of this volume is the material and intellectual history of Hebrew book cultures from antiquity to the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, its intention being to heighten and sharpen the reader’s understanding of Jewish social and cultural history in general.

New Perspectives in English One 2005 Ed

Author :
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New Perspectives in Reading Instruction

Author : Albert J. Mazurkiewicz
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New Perspectives in Infectious Diseases An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America Equine Practice

Author : Robert H. Mealey
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This issue focuses on the latest approach to infectious diseases and covers topics such as: Salmonellosis, Lawsonia intracellularis, Strangles, Rhodococcus equi, Equine Herpesvirus-1, Equine Influenza Virus, Equine Arteritis Virus, West Nile Virus and Equine Encephalitis Viruses, Equine Infectious Anemia Virus, and more!

New Perspectives

Author : Tony Abramson
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Early Anglo-Saxon coinage, its imagery and development, has recently been the subject of renewed study amongst scholars and collectors leading to the establishment of a biennial Symposium dedicated to the subject. The growth of material available for study, combined with analytical approach now be applied to research in this area, has enabled scholars to shed new light upon what was, for many decades, a long overlooked area of study. Studies in Early Medieval Coinage 2 builds upon the recent advances to establish a new benchmark for the study of coin typologies. Going beyond the traditional studies of moneyers, mint marks and monarchs, these collected essays, by many of the leading scholars currently working in the field, draw upon the imagery present upon the coins themselves to offer new insights into Anglo-Saxon art and society.Based upon the proceedings of the second biennial Sceattas Symposium, which was held as part of the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds in 2008, Studies in Early Medieval Coinage collects together much of the current research in these fascinating examples of Anglo-Saxon material culture. Combined with information on ground breaking new discoveries, and including the first section of the long awaited early numismatic bibliography, this series is expanding to become an invaluable resource to scholars, institutions and collectors.

Museums and Digital Culture

Author : Tula Giannini
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This book explores how digital culture is transforming museums in the 21st century. Offering a corpus of new evidence for readers to explore, the authors trace the digital evolution of the museum and that of their audiences, now fully immersed in digital life, from the Internet to home and work. In a world where life in code and digits has redefined human information behavior and dominates daily activity and communication, ubiquitous use of digital tools and technology is radically changing the social contexts and purposes of museum exhibitions and collections, the work of museum professionals and the expectations of visitors, real and virtual. Moving beyond their walls, with local and global communities, museums are evolving into highly dynamic, socially aware and relevant institutions as their connections to the global digital ecosystem are strengthened. As they adopt a visitor-centered model and design visitor experiences, their priorities shift to engage audiences, convey digital collections, and tell stories through exhibitions. This is all part of crafting a dynamic and innovative museum identity of the future, made whole by seamless integration with digital culture, digital thinking, aesthetics, seeing and hearing, where visitors are welcomed participants. The international and interdisciplinary chapter contributors include digital artists, academics, and museum professionals. In themed parts the chapters present varied evidence-based research and case studies on museum theory, philosophy, collections, exhibitions, libraries, digital art and digital future, to bring new insights and perspectives, designed to inspire readers. Enjoy the journey!

Different Sames

Author : Hamid Keshmirshekan
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Exploration of Iranian art and artists over the past 100 years.

Vitamin P3 New Perspectives in Painting

Author : Phaidon Editors
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The indispensable guide to the most exciting painters of recent years, chosen by leading arts professionals - now in paperback Despite its long history, painting continues to evolve and excite, with new generations taking it in unexpected directions. A central pillar of artistic practice, painting also has enduring appeal for collectors and still dominates the art market. Vitamin P3 takes the conversation forward, spotlighting more than 100 outstanding artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium of paint. In its new paperback format, it's sure to inspire a wider-than-ever audience.

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts

Author : June Jamrich Parsons
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Be engaged, excited and enlightened with the New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Tenth Edition, providing you with the most current information on computers, software, the Internet, and emerging issues and technologies.