Collections of Nothing


Author: William Davies King

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226437094

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

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Nearly everyone collects something, even those who don’t think of themselves as collectors. William Davies King, on the other hand, has devoted decades to collecting nothing—and a lot of it. With Collections of Nothing, he takes a hard look at this habitual hoarding to see what truths it can reveal about the impulse to accumulate. Part memoir, part reflection on the mania of acquisition, Collections of Nothing begins with the stamp collection that King was given as a boy. In the following years, rather than rarity or pedigree, he found himself searching out the lowly and the lost, the cast-off and the undesired: objects that, merely by gathering and retaining them, he could imbue with meaning, even value. As he relates the story of his burgeoning collections, King also offers a fascinating meditation on the human urge to collect. This wry, funny, even touching appreciation and dissection of the collector’s art as seen through the life of a most unusual specimen will appeal to anyone who has ever felt the unappeasable power of that acquisitive fever. "What makes this book, bred of a midlife crisis, extraordinary is the way King weaves his autobiography into the account of his collection, deftly demonstrating that the two stories are essentially one. . . . His hard-won self-awareness gives his disclosures an intensity that will likely resonate with all readers, even those whose collections of nothing contain nothing at all."—New Yorker "King's extraordinary book is a memoir served up on the backs of all things he collects. . . . His story starts out sounding odd and singular—who is this guy?—but by the end, you recognize yourself in a lot of what he does."—Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune

A Little Shot of Nothing


Author: C.R. Asher


ISBN: 1312230711

Category: Poetry

Page: 40

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A collection of poetry, and free-form observational verse.

Biopsychosocial Approaches in Primary Care

State of the Art and Challenges for the 21st Century


Author: Hoyle Leigh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 146155957X

Category: Medical

Page: 242

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ST MEDICINE IN A CHANGING UNIVERSE AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE 21 CENTURY Hoyle Leigh, M. D. I Professor ofPsychiatry San Francisco, University ofCalifornia, and Fresno VAMedical Center INTRODUCTION During my lifetime, the universe has changed beyond recognition. The universe into 111 which I was born, in the first halfofthe 20 century, was still infinite, permanent, orderly, and tranquil --- a universe that worked like a masterfully constructed clock. Matter and energy followed Newton's lawsofconservation. Shortly after my birth, Hiroshima proved, with a big bang, that matter was no longer permanent, everything was relative. Einstein had also shown thateverything that happened was local, that is, there was an event horizon beyond which no information could reach as nothing can travel faster than light. When I was growing up, the moon was for lovers, and going there was an impossible dream. Cosmologically, the Big Bang theory that postulates that the universe was born out ofan explosion some 10-15 billion years ago from a primordial point won over steady state. Ithas been expanding ever since, although the ultimate fateofthe universe is still unknown whetherit will keep on expanding resulting in aperpetual stateofheat death, or will at some point startcontracting, resulting in a big crunch ofgravitational collapse ending in a single black hole out ofspace, time, and existence. Quantum theory has defeated even Einstein's genius and proven that God indeed plays dice.

Historical Collections of Private Passages of State

Weighty Matters in Law, Remarkable Proceedings ... Beginning the Sixteenth Year of King James, Anno 1618. and Ending ... [with the Death of King Charles the First, 1648]


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Historical Collections of Virginia

Containing a Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c., Relating to Its History and Antiquities, Together with Geographical and Statistical Descriptions; to which is Appended an Historical and Descriptive Sketch of the District of Columbia


Author: Henry Howe

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 570

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The primary focus of this work is to narrate the most prominent events in the history of Virginia, and to give a geographical and statistical view of its condition before the year 1845. Information for this work was obtained by traveling over the entire state, collecting materials, taking sketches for illustrations, and via written communications. This text is comprised of three parts. The first part, a general history, surveys events from the discovery of America and first settlement of Virginia until 1845. The second part presents a geographical and statistical description of Virginia, containing results of the 1840 government census. This part also contains essays on miscellaneous topics such as the origin of the appellation "Old Dominion," the region's slavery and tobacco, the Indians, etc.; plus lists of Virginians who have held high public stations and extracts from the ancient laws of Virginia. The book's third and principal part is arranged by county, in alphabetical order, where each is successively treated, touching on local history and geography as well as prominent citizens. The following are included: descriptions of towns, literary institutions, churches and religion, public buildings, seats and memoirs of eminent Virginians, antique structures, natural scenery, anecdotes, local history and more. This work includes more than 100 illustrations of notable persons and places. Appended is a historical and descriptive sketch of the District of Columbia. An every-name index has been added to aid in research. If you are interested in the history of Virginia, and want a fascinating and enlightening book to add to your collection, this is the one!

A collection of thoughts, moral and divine

upon various subjects, in prose and verse : dedicated, by permission, to the Right Honourable Earl of Powis


Author: Wellins Calcott

Publisher: N.A


Category: Conduct of life

Page: 439

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