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Cole and Sav

Author : Cole Labrant
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Popular YouTubers Cole and Savannah LaBrant share their inspiring love story, highlighting the redemptive, surprising nature of God at work in our lives, and how He graciously steps in and turns our messes into something beautiful. Millions around the world followed the fairytale love story of viral YouTube stars Cole and Savannah LaBrant and watched as they said “I do.” Their subsequent YouTube channel, dedicated to family and faith, garners more than 100 million views each month. But now for the first time ever, Cole and Sav invite you beyond the highlight reel and into the beautiful and messy, funny and tender story of how God brought two unlikely people together in a surprising, unexpected way. With their signature charming and engaging style, Cole and Sav take you behind the camera and open up about past heartaches and mistakes; painful secrets and difficult expectations; the joys and challenges of raising their daughter, Everleigh; and the spiritual journey that changed their hearts—and relationship—forever.

Banks Branches Data Book June 30 1981

Author :
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A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS and R

Author : Jenifer Larson-Hall
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A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS and R, Second Edition is the only text available that demonstrates how to use SPSS and R as specifically related to applied linguistics and SLA research. This new edition is up-to-date with the most recent version of the SPSS software and now also includes coverage of R, a software program increasingly used by researchers in this field. Supported by a number of pedagogical features, including tip boxes and practice activities, and a wealth of screenshots, this book takes readers through each step of performing and understanding statistical research, covering the most commonly used tests in second language research, including t-tests, correlation, and ANOVA. A robust accompanying website covers additional tests of interest to students and researchers, taking them step-by-step through carrying out these tests themselves. In this comprehensive and hands-on volume, Jenifer Larson-Hall equips readers with a thorough understanding and the practical skills necessary to conducting and interpreting statisical research effectively using SPSS and R, ideal for graduate students and researchers in SLA, social sciences, and applied lingustics. For more information and materials, please visit

Don Wright s Sav a buck Camping

Author : Don Wright
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Calcutta Magazine and Monthly Register

Author :
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Select works tr by H Cole

Author : Martin Luther
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The New Hampshire State Directory and Gazetteer for 1892

Author :
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The Hudson River Estuary

Author : Jeffrey S. Levinton
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The Hudson River Estuary is a comprehensive look at the physical, chemical, biological and environmental management issues that are important to our understanding of the Hudson River. Chapters cover the entire range of fields necessary to understanding the workings of the Hudson River estuary; the physics, bedrock geological setting and sedimentological processes of the estuary; ecosystem-level processes and biological interactions; and environmental issues such as fisheries, toxic substances, and the effect of nutrient input from densely populated areas. This 2006 book places special emphasis on important issues specific to the Hudson, such as the effect of power plants and high concentrations of PCBs. The chapters are written by specialists at a level that is accessible to students, teachers and the interested layperson. The Hudson River Estuary is a fascinating scientific biography of a major estuary, with relevance to the study of any similar natural system in the world.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz 1900 1950 Biographies A through K

Author : Roger D. Kinkle
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The New and Complete Dictionary of the English Language

Author : John Ash
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The Southern League

Author : Bill O'Neal
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The Bankers Magazine

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Pirates and Seafaring Swashbucklers on the Hollywood Screen

Author : James Robert Parish
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Pirate films hold a special appeal for movie fans, with swashbuckling heroes performing their derring-do in a bygone era. Full filmographic data are provided for each of the 137 feature and made-for-television pirate films from 1914 through 1992, including complete casts and credits, year of release and studio. Each entry also includes an essay blending plot synopsis and critical commentary.

A Comprehensive Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary

Author : Joseph Emerson Worcester
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History of McDonough County

Author : Alexander McLean
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The Gospel Discography

Author : Cedric J. Hayes
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Bankers Magazine

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The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz

Author : the late Leonard Feather
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Do you want to know when Duke Ellington was king of The Cotton Club? Have you ever wondered how old Miles Davis was when he got his first trumpet? From birth dates to gig dates and from recordings to television specials, Leonard Feather and Ira Gitler have left no stone unturned in their quest for accurate, detailed information on the careers of 3.300 jazz musicians from around the world. We learn that Duke Ellington worked his magic at The Cotton Club from 1927 to 1931, and that on Miles Davis's thirteenth birthday, his father gave him his first trumpet. Jazz is fast moving, and this edition clearly and concisely maps out an often dizzying web of professional associations. We find, for instance, that when Miles Davis was a St. Louis teenager he encountered Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie for the first time. This meeting proved fateful, and by 1945 a nineteen-year-old Davis had left Juilliard to play with Parker on 52nd Street. Knowledge of these professional alliances, along with the countless others chronicled in this book, are central to tracing the development of significant jazz movements, such as the "cool jazz" that became one of Miles Davis's hallmarks. Arranged alphabetically according to last name, each entry of this book chronologically lists the highlights of every jazz musician's career. Highly accessible and vigorously researched, The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz is, quite simply, the most comprehensive jazz encyclopedia available.

Extending the Frontiers

Author : David Eltis
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"The essays in this book provide statistical analysis of the transatlantic slave trade, focusing especially on Brazil and Portugal, from the 17th through the 19th century. It contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive research on slave ship voyages, origins, destinations, numbers of slaves per port, country, year, and period. In 1999 the same authors published The Transatlantic Slave Trade Dataset (Cambridge, book and CD), but it did not include data on Brazil and Central America, which this book fills in"--Provided by the publisher.

Fundamentals of Legal Research

Author : J. Myron Jacobstein
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