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The Little Book of Cold Feet

Author : Rupert Smith
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What is David's marriage guidance tips? Jo's advice on how to ruin your chances of promotion? Ramona's top gambling tips? All this and more can be found in The Little Book of Cold Feet. Drawn from the scripts, this book will include loads of quotes and information from everybody's favorite TV drama.

Rules of life of the new medical art or hom opathy etc

Author : Arthur LUTZE
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Reiki Without Rules

Author : Keith Beasley
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Most of us now know that Reiki is the universal life-force energy . . . but what happens when we allow that to live in and through us? How does Reiki help us to become 'more spiritual' in our day to day lives? In this book Keith shares his path in and through Reiki - out of the therapy centre and into our pasts and futures.

How to Live Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science

Author : Eugene Lyman Fisk
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"How to Live: Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science" by Eugene Lyman Fisk, Irving Fisher. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Phrenological Journal and Life Illustrated

Author :
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Cold Feet

Author : Amy FitzHenry
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Pre-wedding jitters turn into serious doubts in this fresh and funny debut about tying the knot and untethering from the past... Everyone’s expecting her to walk down the aisle. But something is telling her to run. Emma Moon's mother thinks it's acceptable to miss her only daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner for a work obligation. Her father left when she was six months old. Emma hasn't exactly been raised to be a happily-ever-after kind of girl. So when her anxieties get out of hand, Emma and her best friend, Liv, decide to take a road trip to San Francisco, find her long-lost father, and put her family issues to rest. But her quest for the truth stirs up events and emotions she didn’t expect. The urge to run away may just be a part of Emma’s genetic makeup, because she’s growing more and more tempted to do just that…

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Rules for Reasoning

Author : Richard E. Nisbett
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This book examines two questions: Do people make use of abstract rules such as logical and statistical rules when making inferences in everyday life? Can such abstract rules be changed by training? Contrary to the spirit of reductionist theories from behaviorism to connectionism, there is ample evidence that people do make use of abstract rules of inference -- including rules of logic, statistics, causal deduction, and cost-benefit analysis. Such rules, moreover, are easily alterable by instruction as it occurs in classrooms and in brief laboratory training sessions. The fact that purely formal training can alter them and that those taught in one content domain can "escape" to a quite different domain for which they are also highly applicable shows that the rules are highly abstract. The major implication for cognitive science is that people are capable of operating with abstract rules even for concrete, mundane tasks; therefore, any realistic model of human inferential capacity must reflect this fact. The major implication for education is that people can be far more broadly influenced by training than is generally supposed. At high levels of formality and abstraction, relatively brief training can alter the nature of problem-solving for an infinite number of content domains.

Plain Rules for improving the health of the delicate etc

Author : William HENDERSON (M.D., of Perth.)
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All the Rules

Author : Ellen Fein
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The search for Mr. Right starts here. This simple set of dating dos and don'ts-combining The Rules and The Rules II-will teach you how to find (and keep!) a man who treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve. You are a creature unlike any other (Rule #1)-that's why you need... The Rules. Refreshingly blunt, astonishingly effective, and at times hilarious, All the Rules will lead you to where you want to be: in a healthy, committed relationship. These commonsense guidelines will help you: Lead a full, satisfying, busy life outside of romance. Accept occasional defeat and move on. Bring out the best in you and in the men you date. Whether you're eighteen or eighty, these time-tested techniques will help you find the man of your dreams.

Cassell s Household Guide to Every Department of Practical Life

Author :
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What I Learned in Life from a Liquid Manure Pit

Author : Stan Barnes
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"Sometimes you have to be covered with manure before you can look inside yourself to find the power of change that will make your life smell better. Stan's book is one of a kind when it comes to helping you 'live the good life.' I recommend this book to everyone in sales who wants to succeed at a higher level." Bryan J. Dodge - Speaker/Author of: "The Good Life Rules" and "Becoming The Obvious Choice" "Stan's down-to-earth message not only makes sense, it is right on. Selling has never been about complexity, it's about simplicity. Thanks for taking the techno-buzz out of the wonderful process of simply selling what people already want. A must read." Beverly A. Koehn - Consultant/Author of: Best selling book "Loyalty Is Love: How To Hold Clients Close For Life" "I did not expect to learn much from Stan's book since I have read many motivational and training books. However, as I read his book, I could see how the events and life lessons Stan experienced, helped shape and mold him into the person he is today. By applying the principles Stan presents, you will be able to change your life while reaching the goals you desire. It is a must read." Mary Jo Schneller, Ph.D., L.C.P.C. - CEO of: South County Christian Counseling Center - St. Louis Mo. "Stan Barnes has assembled a collection of powerful stories that will make you laugh, and put a smile on your checkbook too, if you do what he suggests. It's a great book, by a great guy, at the right time when our economy needs a serious shot in confidence and sales. Read each page with a highlighter and understand you are being mentored by a master." Tony Rubleski - Speaker/Consultant/Author of: #1 Bestselling Book "Mind Capture"

Cold Feet

Author : Patricia Weaver Francisco
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Returning from a six-year Canadian exile, a Vietnam draft-dodger finds himself estranged from friends, family, and his past, but a relationship with a carefree young girl may allow him to redeem his life

Serve It Cold

Author : Ronnie Blackwell
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Detective Jonny C. Speed's life can't get much better. He's booked into the French Quarter's most luxurious guesthouse, and his day job as convenience store manager is 104 miles behind him in Catherine, Mississippi. He's already taken care of one pro-bono missing persons job since he's been in New Orleans, and his paying client's cheating wife is a beautiful and very accommodating exhibitionist. Are things too good to be true? Of course they are. Jonny starts to worry when his client turns up dead, but when the suspects start dropping, Jonny and his crack team of beauty queens, recovering addicts, professional athletes, computer hackers, and pampered dogs find themselves caught in a twisted scheme of revenge that threatens to turn the town of Catherine inside out.

The Laws of Life and Health

Author : Alexander Bryce
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Author : Carroll
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A collection of humorous quips and offbeat suggestions is culled from the author's popular advice column, collecting her most outrageous truths for the inspiration and amusement of help-seeking fans.

Name Address Withheld

Author : Jane Sigaloff
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Dear Lizzie, My marriage is in dire straits. I know you must get hundreds of people writing to you with this problem, but I think my husband may be having an affair…. —Name & Address Withheld Lizzie Ford is an urban sexpert, and her hip London magazine column and radio show are bombarded with romantic casualties on a daily basis. What a relief that, after years in the dating jungle, Lizzie herself has finally leaped off the shelf into the arms of Matt Baker—an advertising genius with enough charm to win over even Lizzie's man-cynical best friend. Little does Lizzie know there's more to Matt Baker than witty one-liners and bedroom eyes. Or that this innocent, seemingly anonymous note from a reader is about to catapult her into a scorching scandal, forcing Lizzie to confront some compelling home truths about life, love—and loyalty….

The wife and mother s guide or A few plain rules for pregnant women

Author : Robert Hills (M.D.)
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Mining and Scientific Press

Author :
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Country Life

Author :
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