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Cocktails with Molotov

Author : Barry Farber
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Presents the broadcaster's fondest memories in a collection of short tales, revealing moments from his childhood in North Carolina, his life as a young reporter, his meetings with Alfred Hitchcock and Buzz Aldrin, and his passion for languages.

Never Drink a Molotov Cocktail

Author : Andrew Sholl
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Molotov Cocktails

Author : Anna Mandoki
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Hungary, 1956. The height of the Cold war. Three years after the death of Stalin, and the satellite states of the Soviet Union are at flashpoint. Budapest is the place where it will explode. Weaving together interviews with Australians and others who were there, Anna Mandoki takes us on an exhilarating journey through the events of October and November 1956. She tells powerful stories of student demonstrations, the toppling of Stalin's statue, fierce street fighting against Soviet tanks, and daring escapes. She looks at how the politics spilled over into Melbourne's Olympic Games, and examines the reactions of the West. And she visits Budapest fifty years on, to see how things have changed.

Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi

Author : Mark Boyle
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More than ever, people are longing for deep and meaningful change. Another world is not only possible; it is essential. Yet despite our creative and determined efforts to attain social justice and ecological sustainability, our global crises continue to deepen. In Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi, best-selling author Mark Boyle argues that our political and economic system has brought us to the brink of climate catastrophe, ransacking ecosystems and unraveling communities for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. He makes a compelling case that we must "rewild" the political landscape, as history teaches us that positive social change has always been wrought by movements prepared to use any means available. The time has come for pacifists, revolutionaries, and freedom fighters to work together for the creation of a world worth sustaining. Eloquent, visionary, and beautifully written, this incendiary manifesto strikes at the heart of the world’s crises and reframes our understanding of how to solve them, signaling a turning point in our journey towards an ecologically just society. The three R’s of the climate change generation—reduce, reuse, and recycle—are long overdue for an upgrade .Welcome to resist, revolt, rewild. Mark Boyle is the author of The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto. He lived completely without money for three years, and is a director of the global sharing community

Federal Register

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Author : Books, LLC
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 57. Chapters: Molotov cocktail, Detonator, Electromagnetic pulse, Bomb, Letter bomb, Dirty bomb, Improvised explosive device, Operation Fishbowl, Proximity fuze, Unexploded ordnance, Bomb-making instructions on the internet, Pipe bomb, Coal torpedo, Suitcase nuke, Explosively formed penetrator, M-80, Aerial bomb, Pumpkin bomb, Petard, Cherry bomb, Time bomb, Bicycle bomb, Carcass, Pencil bomb, Next Generation Multiple Warhead System, Camouflages for sabotage equipment used by the German sabotage services in World War II, Bombing range, Lewes bomb, Orsini bomb, Flour bomb, OFAB-100-120, Blast bomb, PTAB, List of bombs, Ground burst. Excerpt: An electromagnetic pulse (sometimes abbreviated EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. The abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation usually results from certain types of high energy explosions, especially a nuclear explosion, or from a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. In military terminology, a nuclear bomb detonated hundreds of kilometers above the Earth's surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Effects of a HEMP device depend on a very large number of factors, including the altitude of the detonation, energy yield, gamma ray output, interactions with the Earth's magnetic field, and electromagnetic shielding of targets. The fact that an electromagnetic pulse is produced by a nuclear explosion was known since the earliest days of nuclear weapons testing. The magnitude of the EMP and the significance of its effects, however, were not realized for some time. During the first United States nuclear test on 16 July 1945, electronic equipment was shielded due to Enrico Fermi's expectation of an el...

Uruguay 1968

Author : Vania Markarian
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Students take to the streets -- Coordinates of a cycle of protest -- On violence -- The unions and the movement -- The Lefts and the students -- Paths and paradoxes of revolutionary action -- Militant mystiques -- Youth cultures -- More nuances -- Conclusion : 1968 and the emergence of a "New Left

Initial Fire Investigation

Author : National Fire Academy
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Author : Joseph M. Carlin
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Gimlet, negroni, manhattan, Long Island ice tea, flirtini, hurricane, screwdriver—cocktails have come a long way from their first incarnation in the seventeenth century, when rum punch was everyone’s go-to drink. Originally made of five ingredients, including a spirit, sugar, and spices, “cocktail” now refers to any drink made of liquor and a mixer. In this book, Joseph M. Carlin uncovers how many of our favorite cocktails were invented and describes how this most American of alcoholic beverages—but most international of drinks—came to influence society around the world. Traveling back to the nineteenth century, Carlin explains that, though England and the American colonies were enjoying rum punch years earlier, the true cocktail was born in America in 1806. Soon after mechanically harvested ice became widely available, Americans were sipping martinis and mint juleps in bars, saloons, and taprooms, and it didn’t take long for these tasty concoctions to spill over into all corners of the globe. The result, Carlin reveals, was the birth of a number of cocktail spinoffs—cocktail parties, cocktail dresses, cocktail wieners, cocktail napkins, and the Molotov cocktail, to name just a few. Featuring many tempting recipes, Cocktail: A Global History is a book to peruse with a mimosa in the morning and a martini at night.

Molotov Cocktail

Author : Chy'Ann
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If you thought Halloween was bad, you've never seen Hell night. The day of the dead has nothing on the city of death. Step into Detroit in the year 2000 when one bad act, sets the city on fire. Kane is a good kid that gets pulled into a bad idea. The only question is when the city goes up in flames will Kane walk away unscathed.

Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail

Author : Gary Phillips
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An array of stories that revolve around riots, revolts and revolution features tales by Cory Doctorow, Sara Paretsky, Paco Taibo II, Kim Stanley Robinson and more. Original.

Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases

Author : Andre A. Moenssens
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Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases provides those participating in trials with a concise understanding of the scope of commonly encountered types of expert testimony and the nature of results which my be expected from specialists. It explores both the potentialities and limitations of expert proof. It discusses the qualifications needed for expert witnesses from various disciplines and explains the status of the law concerning the types of evidence encountered in a trial. One volume.

United States Code Service Lawyers Edition

Author : United States
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Scientific evidence in criminal cases

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Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Broadcasting Films and Assistance to the Arts

Author : Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Standing Committee on Broadcasting, Films and Assistance to the Arts
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Elsevier s Dictionary of Eponyms

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This dictionary containing more than 2,900 terms deriving from the names and pseudonyms of renowned, or seemingly unknown people, covers most fields of human development such as economy, science, technology, history, religion, culture, politics, sport and many others. The main aims of this dictionary are to provide professionals with a vast and updated compilation of the many eponymous forms used in English; to highlight the invaluable contribution of eponyms which enrich the vocabulary of the English language; to give succinct and accurate information on etymological aspects featuring the terms herein included and to show, by means of sample sentences and expressions mostly taken from original sources, how ubiquitous and unpredictable eponymic forms are.

The Dictionary of Eponyms

Author : Robert Hendrickson
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More than 3500 definitions/etymologies/miniature biographies.

France in Focus

Author : Elizabeth Ezra
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This volume brings together the work of leading film scholars from the UK, France and the US who assess a dominant art form's engagement with expressions of national identity at key moments in French cinematic history, from its origins at the end of the nineteenth century, through the inter-war period, the Occupation, the post-Liberation era, and the New Wave, up to the current state of the industry. The essays go against the grain in their attempts to construct an alternative history of French cinema, whether by bringing to light overlooked films or by examining well-known, indeed even 'over-exposed' films or filmmakers in a new light. In re-evaluating the work of Georges MÈliËs, Jacques Becker, Jean Renoir, Diane Kurys, FranÁois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Jacques Beineix, the contributors to this volume focus on the paradoxical centrality of the marginal in constructions of national identity. In doing so, they reveal the structure of 'l'exception franÁaise', in which French culture makes an exception for itself by suppressing alterity within it. This multi-faceted assessment of French visual culture and identity will be of interest to students and scholars in French studies, media and film studies, cultural studies and French history.

Publications de la Cour Europ enne Des Droits de L homme

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Harrap s Shorter Dictionary

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Bilingual dictionary covering technical and specialist terms, literary and old-fashioned language, idioms, colloquialisms and slang as well as regional variations.