The Wales Coast Path

Llwybr Arfordir Cymru


Author: Paddy Dillon

Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited

ISBN: 178362132X

Category: Travel

Page: 368

View: 9795

The Welsh Coast Path, at 870 miles is the longest trail in Britain, tracing the coastline from Chester to Chepstow. This guidebook divides the entire coastal path into 9 geographical areas and 57 stages, ranging between 10 to 20 miles in length. However there is no need to stick rigidly to this schedule, as there are usually places where each stage can be broken early, or extended further. Alongside detailed route descriptions and maps for each stage, the guidebook provides a range of practical information, whether you plan to walk the Wales Coast Path in full, in shorter sections, or as a series day-walks. Travel information, advice on accommodation and planning, as well as details on the history, wildlife and geology of the coast ensure that this is an ideal companion to uncovering the Welsh coast on foot.

A Wander Around the Coast of Wales


Author: Steve Plant

Publisher: Fast-Print Publishing

ISBN: 1780357613

Category: Travel

Page: 290

View: 7434

Rugged coastline, outstanding beaches, numerous historic buildings and a good dollop of folklore are just some of the fabulous attractions of the Wales Coast Path. Add to this the warmth and friendliness of the Welsh people and a wander around Wales becomes a truly memorable experience. The 870 miles of continuous coast path offer a unique view of Wales and all that it has to offer. Every geographic section of the path has its own highlights and every day presents you with a new experience to savour and enjoy. So, charge your camera, walking boots at the ready and prepare to be amazed as you wander around the Wales Coast Path, whatever the weather!!

The Geology of England and Wales


Author: P. J. Brenchley

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 9781862392007

Category: Science

Page: 559

View: 5981

This second edition of The Geology of England and Wales is considerably expanded from its predecessor, reflecting the increase in our knowledge of the region, and particularly of the offshore areas. Forty specialists have contributed to 18 chapters, which cover a time range from 700 million years ago to 200 million years into the future. A new format places all the chapters in approximately temporal order. Both offshore and economic geology now form an integral part of appropriate chapters. Most of England and Wales is formed from part of a single terrane, Avalonia, and its pre-Cambrian (Neoproterozoic) history is preserved in patches. However the time intervals from the Cambrian to the present day are well represented in our sequences and the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian systems were all defined here. William Smith's map of England and Wales was the world's first geological map of a country and the British Geological Survey's copy is reproduced in the introductory chapter. This chapter, by the editors, consists of a broad overview aimed particularly at the non-specialist while guiding the reader towards the appropriate succeeding chapters. The volume concludes with a look at the future, from the short-term effects of climate change and sea-level rise to the position of our region in a possible plate tectonic configuration 200 million years hence. While the authors have taken a 'dynamic' view of the evolution of the area over geological time, they have also ensured that the geological evidence on which the interpretations are based is reviewed thoroughly. Hence the volume provides a valuable resource for both Earth scientists and the broader community.

The coastal archaeology of Wales


Author: Andrew Davidson

Publisher: Council for British Archeology


Category: History

Page: 160

View: 1851

This report presents the findings of CADW funded surveys carried out between 1993 and 1998 on the Welsh coastal zone and discusses the broader implications of the project. The contributors define what is meant by coastal archaeology and outline the methodology of the surveys, before presenting a chronological overview of their results, of the location, type and importance of sites threatened by natural erosion, the construction of sea defences and of harbour and port facilities for example. Moreover, this report looks at priorities for the future and stresses the urgent need for archaeological representation on national forums and committees and in any decision-making that threatens the heritage of the Welsh coastline.


Walking the Coastline of England and Wales


Author: McCloy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780340657393

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

View: 5216

This book offers one long haul for the super-ambitious but lots of varied and satisfying shorter walks for backpackers or Sunday afternoons. Places covered include the Tweed to the Thames, the Channel coast, the Solway Firth & Gretna Green.

Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business


Author: Prof. Derek R Hall,Irene Kirkpatrick,Morag Mitchell

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 1845413350

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 349

View: 4933

This book provides the latest conceptual thinking on, and case study exemplification of, rural tourism and sustainable business development from Europe, North America, Australasia, the Middle East and Japan in 19 concise, manageable chapters. The book is organised into distinct yet interrelated sections, and benefits from strong editorial input in terms of context setting and summary chapters. Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business represents a high quality text integrating the latest thinking on the evolving strategic roles of rural tourism and its role in sustainable business development. It provides readily accessible material drawn from a range of environmental and cultural contexts and draws attention to the nature and interrelationships between local and global issues in rural tourism and development.