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Coastal Dunes

Author : M. L. Martínez
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In this book, coastal dune specialists from tropical and temperate latitudes cover a wide set of topics, including: geomorphology, community dynamics, ecophysiology, biotic interactions and environmental problems and conservation. The book offers recommendations for future research, identifying relevant topics where detailed knowledge is still lacking. It also identifies management tools that will promote and maintain the rich diversity of the dune environments in the context of continuing coastal development.

Coastal Dunes of California

Author :
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Restoration of Coastal Dunes

Author : Luisa M Martínez
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The continuously growing human population along the world’s coasts will exacerbate the impact of human activities on all coastal environments. Restoration activities will therefore become increasingly important. In particular, sandy shores and coastal dunes will require significant restoration efforts because they are preferred sites for human settlement, industrial and urban development and tourism. With this book experts in the field present a comprehensive review of restoration studies and activities, where ‘successful’ and ‘failed’ studies or approaches from around the world are contrasted and compared. A major asset the book provides is a compendium of studies showing that coastal dune restoration has many definitions and thus leads to many different actions. This volume addresses those with an interest in conservation ecology and biology, coastal dune dynamics and geomorphology, and coastal management who are seeking information on the different strategies for coastal dune restoration applied in different regions of the world. Finally, it will be a valuable resource for coastal scientists and planners, as well as for local and state officials, residents of coastal communities, environmental advocates and developers.

Coastal Dunes of South Africa

Author : Ken L. Tinley
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A synthesis is presented on the ecology of South African coastal dune ecosystems. A detailed description of the extent, structure and functioning of these ecosystems is given. The conflict between the physical needs of urban development, and those of retaining the energy absorbing barrier function of the dune cordon, is analysed. Cf. "Abstract": p. v.

Coastal Dunes for Protection and Sand Resources

Author : Maynard M. Nichols
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"The broad objective of this investigation is to develop guidelines to avoid excess removal of sand dunes that protect the coast from storm surge and high waves."--Leaf 2.

Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes

Author : Alfred M. Wiedemann
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Sand Movement on Coastal Dunes

Author : Joe William Johnson
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Ecology of a Solitary Bee Hymenoptera Megachilidae in Coastal Dunes

Author : David Malcolm Gordon
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Conservation Status of the Vertebrate Fauna of the Coastal Dunes in South Africa

Author : K. Van Teylingen
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Coastal Dunes

Author : Psuty
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Coastal Dunes Form and Process Edited by Karl F. Nordstrom Norbert Psuty Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903, USA and Bill Carter Department of Environmental Studies, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, BT52 1SA, Northern Ireland Coastal Morphology and Research Series Series Editor: Eric C. F. Bird This book deals with the formation and establishment of coastal dunes--considering both forms and processes in a wide variety of environments. These landforms are among the most sensitive to environmental change, yet they provide extensive protection against both short-term erosion and flooding and long-term sea-level rise. Until now, there has not been any major book to deal specifically with coastal dunes. The current volume surveys a range of dune features, such as the ephemeral characteristics in the rapidly subsiding Mississippi delta, the extensive sand sheets of Australia and South Africa and the Holocene dunes of Western Europe and North America. This book will provide essential background information for ecological and management studies of coastal dunes. It will be of immense value to geomorphologists, ecologists and other environmental scientists who work on the management of coastal dunes.

Beaches and Dunes of Developed Coasts

Author : Karl F. Nordstrom
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Volume on coastal management aimed at consulting engineers, research scientists, developers and students.

The Biology of Coastal Sand Dunes

Author : M. Anwar Maun
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A concise but comprehensive introduction to the biology of coastal sand dunes. The emphasis in this book is on the organisms that dominate this predominantly marine environment, although pollution, conservation, management and experimental aspects are considered.

The Ecology of Pacific Northwest Coastal Sand Dunes

Author : Alfred M. Wiedemann
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Author : Andrew Warren
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Dunes is the first book in over a decade to incorporate thelatest research in this active and fast-developing field. Itdiscusses the shapes, sizes, patterns, distribution, history andcare of wind-blown dunes, and covers all aspects of dunes,terrestrial and in the Solar System. The only book to cover all dunes, terrestrial and in the SolarSystem, in deserts, on coasts, and in the past Represents the most current update on the research of dunes forover a decade Incorporates the latest research to come out of China where thefield is most rapidly expanding Discusses the most recent range of skills and technology nowfocused on the study of dunes Brings up-to-date a rapidly expanding field

Coastal Environments

Author : R. W.G. Carter
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This original volume draws on the author's own research experiences in Ireland, Britain, France, Canada, and the United States to present a guide of coastal environments for applications of shoreline and environmental management. Topics include: long-term development of coasts, water supply and waste disposal, energy resources and coastal water management, coastal water management for recreation, coastal management of storm hazards, and managing world sea-level rise.

Coastal Sand Dunes of Oregon and Washington

Author : William S.. Cooper
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Ecology of Dunes Salt Marsh and Shingle

Author : J.R. Packham
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Summary: Discusses coastal sand dune, shingle beach, and salt marsh ecosystems, communities based upon relatively unconsolidated granular deposits which frequently rest upon solid rock or, much more rarely, on peat.

Coastal Management in Australia

Author : Brian Caton
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"The coast is one of our most valuable assets but how is it being treated and what is being done to look after it? Coastal Management in Australia is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of this important subject. Interesting case studies are used to illustrate human impact on coastal processes as well as demonstrating the global significance of the coast and the international imperative to manage it properly. Coastal Management in Australia introduces the background to the various coastal management systems operating in Australia and illustrates these with 'real world' examples from the different states and territories. Since this book was first published yet another parliamentary inquiry has been added to some 30 years of national inquiries into coastal management, with further calls for national co-ordination. In addition, the Australian government has focused attention on the potential risks of climate change for the Australian coast. Both authors have national and international coastal expertise; significant academic teaching experience in coastal processes and coastal management; coastal planning and policy skills; and have extensive government expertise in coastal management"--Publisher's description.

Coastal Geography Conference 18 February 1954

Author : United States. Office of Naval Research
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Controlling Coastal Sand Dunes in the Pacific Northwest

Author : Willard Thomas McLaughlin
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