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Cloud Busting

Author : Malorie Blackman
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Davey is the new boy in class and Sam can't stand him. He thinks Davey is a Grade A moron. But when the two are thrown together Sam discovers that Davey's eccentric way of looking at the world makes life a lot more fun. Until the day something terrible happens... A funny and sad story, told completely in verse.

The Best Australian Stories 2005

Author : Frank Moorhouse
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No Marketing Blurb

No Burning Bushes

Author : Kathy Marotta
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This 52-week devotional is organized by season and allows readers to ponder their thoughts and the scriptures provided throughout their week—delving deeper into God's Word about thematic material. The threefold delivery includes: the devotional reading, a scripture-wrapped nature photograph and a “Weekly Wisdom Walk” or activity. This devotional is perfect for anyone, including buys moms, new seekers and seasoned Christians looking to experience Scripture in a new way.

The Ultimate Reality

Author : Joseph H. Cater
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This book is Mr. Cater's follow up work to The Awesome Life Force. It contains countless gems of thought provoking ideas. In this two volume set you will discover an explanation for seemingly unexplainable phenomena. Levitation, missle weight loss in space, pyramid power and a closer look at the properties of light. Joseph Cater points out the fundamental weakness in conventional mathematics. The role of the soft electrons is expanded upon. Magnetic fields and astronomical error in determining planetary sizes and distances are fully explained. Volume 2 carries us into the mystery of the Crystal Skull. Have you ever wondered how from certain rock formations water can be produced? Everything in the process of creation proceeds from the simple to the more complex. If there is a test for the validity of a theory or concept in its ability to be explained Joseph Cater accomplishes it in this set of books. You do not have to be a genius to understand, there is something here for everyone!

National Theatre Connections 2011

Author : Sam Adamson
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This brilliant new collection of ten plays for young people will prove indispensable to schools, colleges and youth theatre groups. Specially commissioned by the National Theatre for the Connections Festival 2011 involving 200 schools and youth theatre groups across the UK and Ireland, each play is accompanied by production notes and exercises. The Pied Piper re-imagined, the aftermath of genocide in Rwanda, witches in seventeenth century Norfolk, a giant baby on the rampage, an extraordinary day in an ordinary school are just some of subjects covered in the thrilling and varied new plays created by talented writers for young actors to perform in National Theatre Connections 2011. The plays in this anthology offer a huge variety of stories and styles to ignite the imagination of young casts and creative teams. Themes are both teenage and universal - ambition, dashed hopes, fear and confidence, loyalty and betrayal. These new plays embrace a huge range for their inspiration: they plunder classics and imagine the future.

Little Green Man from Mars

Author : Michael Casher
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Michael Casher's sixth novel is a sci-fi treatment of the Antichrist and Rapture prophecies. Dwight Tinker is a humble, unemployed man whose luck has run out. When his best friend offers him a menial job, suddenly there are others who need Dwight for a more important job: to give the world a sign and save planet Earth in the biblical Latter Days. Dwight must soon decide if he is the right man for the job and if the new woman in his life is really from the afterlife. He must also search his own conscience for a reason to fight or to help the mythical Illuminati who have a desperate stake in the prophesied Rapture. As Dwight Tinker endures the abrasive personality of the alien man sent to Earth to protect him during his mission, the eyes of Providence are watching and judging. In this deadly, end-of-days struggle the stakes are nothing less than the destiny of those who will be rescued from a troubled Earth and those who will be left behind.

Cyberculture Counterconspiracy

Author : Kenn Thomas
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The most notorious conspiracy-minded zine, Steamshovel Press, presents what the conspiracy doesnt want the readers to have: Information. Both volumes contain powerful conspiratorial undercurrents from recent times and past history. Includes internet links to help involve the readers in the counterconspiracy. The New Yorker calls it on the cutting edgeand a strange place that is. Volume One includes Reich and Little Rock, Cord Meyer, book reviews, Gloria Steinem, bugs and bombs, Curtis Lemay, Jenny Randles, Iron Mountain, JFK, Lobster, Monicagate, Starbucks murders, right-wing conspiracy, Octopus, Crewes, Ginsberg, Liskers Birthday, Dr. John, Kerry Thornley, and more.

An Introduction to HTML5 Game Development with Phaser js

Author : Travis Faas
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Experience the thrill of crafting your own HTML5 game with Phaser.js game engine. HTML5 and modern JavaScript game engines have helped revolutionized web based games. Each chapter in An Introduction to HTML5 Game Development with Phaser.js showcases a sample game that illustrates an aspect of Phaser.js (now Lazer.js) that can be used as is, or in remixed games of the developer’s design. Each of these examples help the reader to understand how to optimize JavaScript game development with modern project tooling like Grunt and Bower. Though the world of HTML game development continues to grow and evolve, An Introduction to HTML5 Game Development with Phaser.js, provides a grounded resource and vital learning tool to anyone looking to optimize web game development process.

CompTIA Network Practice Tests

Author : Craig Zacker
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A smarter, faster review for the CompTIA Network+ exam N10-007 Expertly authored questions provide comprehensive, concise review of 100% of all CompTIA Network+ exam objectives. This certification validates skills equivalent to nine months of practical networking experience; those earning the Network+ certificate will have the skills needed to install, configure, and troubleshoot today's basic networking hardware peripherals and protocols. CompTIA Network+ Practice Tests (Exam N10-007) offers 1200 practice questions with answers and explanations, organized into 5 full-length chapter tests, PLUS 2 practice exams, and a year of FREE access to the online test bank. Coverage includes: Network Architecture; Network Operations; Network Security; Troubleshooting; and Industry Standards, Practices, and Network Theory. It’s the ideal companion to the CompTIA Network+ Study Guide, CompTIA Network+ Review Guide, and CompTIA Network+ Deluxe Study Guide for Exam N10-007! • Covers advances in networking technology • Reflects changes in associated job tasks • Places emphasis on network implementation and support • Includes coverage of cloud and wireless networking topics This book helps you gain the confidence you need for taking the new CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-007. The practice test questions prepare you for test success.

Strange True Encounters and Unearthly Experiences

Author : Jean Marie Stine and Phyllis Galde
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FIRST NEW BOOK IN FATE MAGAZINE’S “STRANGE” SERIES IN THREE DECADES! In 1965 FATE (founded 1949) released the first book in its bestselling “Strange” series, reprinting many of the publication’s most acclaimed reports of paranormal phenomena selected from its pages. Over the next ten years the “Strange” books sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide. Strange True Encounters & Unearthly Experiences is the first new book in the series in over three decades, and features: Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University on discoveries at Anatolia‘s Gobekli Tepe suggesting civilization is far older than previously believed. Gregory Sams on unfolding evidence that stars may be conscious. Janet Brennan on Europe’s mysterious Black Madonna statues. Martin Cadin, ex-member Federal Aviation Administration, on his personal experiments using telekinesis. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York, on our ten-dimensional universe and paranormal phenomenon. Journalist Chris Friar on 19th century UFO sightings proving they are not a modern phenomenon. Actor Anthony Quinn on the “profound mystical experience” in the Sinai Desert that changed his life. Plus over a dozen other accounts, investigation and in-depth reports on the Ouija board, remote viewing, poltergeists, Kansas’ sacred sites, the U.S. warship that was saved by an angel, and much more. We believe this brand new entry in the “Strange” series – is in every way the equal of its predecessors. And will prove every bit as entertaining and enlightening as the earlier books did. Asked where he got the ideas for his stories, Steven King credited FATE. “My mother used to read me FATE Magazine, which was about the paranormal, flying saucers…all that stuff. I was fascinated.”