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The Clothes We Wear

Author : Sally Hewitt
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Examines the different kinds of clothes that people wear in different times and places.

Carefree Clothes for Girls

Author : Junko Okawa
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Includes patterns and instructions to make twenty items of clothing for little girls, including aprons, pants, hats, dresses, and skirts.

Everyday Clothes through History

Author : Fiona Macdonald
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Looks at the clothes worn around the world through history, telling how they were made, what they were made of, and the purposes for which they were designed.


Author : Rebecca Rissman
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Supplement to Mothers Opinions of Fibers in Children s Clothes

Author : Margaret Weidenhamer
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Author : Katy Pike
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In the book Clothes, students learn how different clothes reflect changes in the weather. What do you wear when it's hot? And when it's cold?

Taylor s No Sew Doll Clothes Patterns

Author : Christine Curry Taylor
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2013 Bronze Medal Winner for the Living Now Book Awards in the crafts, hobbies, and collecting category. The book entitled, Taylors No-Sew Doll Clothes Patterns, Volume 1, by Christine Curry Taylor, is a craft book that includes patterns for making twenty-five doll clothes outfits,hats and accessories without sewing. It provides color pictures of all of the doll clothes. Patterns include doll clothes for the four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter, with outfits for all occasions including career, sports, casual, and evening wear. Patterns include outer garments for winter including coats, capes and jackets. It includes patterns for bathing suits, sun hats, beach robes, jeans, pants, shorts, clothes with sleeves, evening gown, prom dress, dresses, suits, cowgirl shirt, cowgirl hat, cheerleading outfit, clown costume, lab coat, equestrian riding habit with helmet, and hunting outfit with cap, vest and belt pack. This method for making doll clothes without sewing is unique, simple and straightforward. The book includes clear, simple, step-by step instructions for all of the fashions and patterns. Each fashion comes with a list of materials, trim and fabric used, with the amounts given in both United States (US) units and Metric conversions. These patterns fit dolls 10 inches to 12 inches (25.4cm to 30.48cm) in height including the popular fairies, princesses and other dolls. United States (US) units and Metric conversions are given for all measurements. Young children, teens, and adults will enjoy making these doll clothes using this no-sew method with these patterns, and have a great deal of fun while doing it.

Neutrino the Emperor s New Clothes Review of Neutrino Experiments

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In 1930, the idea of neutrino was born. The neutrino was said to have no mass, no energy attribute (frequency), electrically neutral and not interacting with matter - in short, a physically in-describable entity. In 1956 Clyde L. Cowan and Frederick Reines announced that they had detected the neutrinos released from the nuclear reactor. Since then, the neutrino experiments took a giant leap. All the countries are conducting many neutrino experiments at an enormous cost. Every new neutrino experiment finds new things about neutrinos. The neutrinos have – mass- magnetic moment - left handed property – parallel, anti-parallel – neutrino-antineutrino- flavor – many more. The neutrinos interact with almost all elements such as electron, hydrogen, deuterium, chlorine, gallium. The neutrinos have a complex mechanism by which the neutrinos can change their property (flavor) while travelling. 1n 1900, the gamma rays were discovered. By 1914, all properties of the gamma rays were experimentally found. In 1932, the neutron was discovered. In the subsequent experiments conducted in a couple of years, all the properties of the neutrons were understood. Generally, every new experiment of any physical entity brings closer to the understanding of that physical entity. This is a well-observed fact. In the case of neutrino, every new experiment adds a new property to the neutrino. The mystery of neutrino keeps billowing and deepening. Neutrino experiments grow in size and budget. No useful purpose of neutrino is ever found, excepting sky-high claims of the neutrino scientists to their respective governments for sucking the tax payer’s huge money. All looked little fishy – are the neutrino scientists building castles in the air? This book reviews the neutrino experiments and the findings shock one to the core.

Planning for Learning through Clothes

Author : Rachel Sparks Linfield
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Plan for six weeks of learning covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS through the topic of clothes. The Planning for Learning series is a series of topic books written to help early years practitioners plan for the Early Years Foundation Stage with ease. This book takes you through six weeks of activities on the theme of clothing. Each activity is linked to a specific Early Learning Goal, and the book contains a skills overview so that practitioners can keep track of which areas of learning and development they are promoting. This book also includes a photocopiable page to give to parents with ideas for them to get involved with their children's topic, as well as ideas for bringing the six weeks of learning together. The weekly themes in this book include: socks and shoes, uniforms, clothes from around the world, clothes for all weathers - all of which builds up to a children's fashion show.

Harry s Clothes Project

Author : Marie Crook
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Protecting Woolens Against Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles

Author : United States. Science and Education Administration
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Women in Clothes

Author : Heidi Julavits
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Women in Clothes is a book unlike any you have seen before. Part collective memoir, part field study, it incorporates the view from hundreds of women of all nationalities - famous, anonymous, married, single, young and old - of our clothing, and how the garments we put on define and shape us. Featuring interviews, essays, photographs, and illustrations from writers, artists, and cognoscenti, Women in Clothes is an exploration of the power of women's daily choices, bringing humour and depth to the attention we pay to clothes, and plumbing aspects of body image and self-esteem so integral to what women wear.

Mothers Opinions of Fibers in Children s Clothes

Author : Margaret Weidenhamer
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Taylor s No Sew Doll Clothes Patterns Volume Ii

Author : Christine Curry Taylor
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A fashion book of patterns with color photos and full size, simple-to-make patterns for childrens favorite dolls size 10 to 12 inches in height including princesses, fairies and many others. The patterns were designed to be made using felt glue instead of sewing. The fashion collection includes a wedding dress, veil, tiara, brides maid dress, faux fur coat, stole, neck scarf, cape, bed jacket, pajamas, bath robe, night gown, lounging pajamas with cape, surfing suit, tote bag for carrying doll clothes, backpack, beach bag, purses and knit wear made from gloves.

Colonial Clothes

Author : Verna Fisher
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Taking young readers on a journey back in time, this dynamic series showcases various aspects of colonial life, from people and clothing to homes and food. Each book contains creative illustrations, interesting facts, highlighted vocabulary words, end-of-book challenges, and sidebars that help children understand the differences between modern and colonial life and inspire them to imagine what it would have been like to grow up in colonial America. The volumes in this series focus on the colonists but also include relevant information about Native Americans, offering a variety of perspectives on life in the colonies. Looking at the clothing that men and women wore in colonial times, this book examines how fabrics were made and discusses the work of various professions related to clothing, including tailors, cobblers, tanners, milliners, and wigmakers.

The Emperor s New Clothes

Author :
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Enjoy a delightful excursion into the wonderful world of make-believe, where fairy-tales and old favorite stories come vividly to life. Narration by expert storytellers, music, exciting sound effects, and dramatic dialogue will inspire. This classic tale is sure to become a favorite pass-time, treating children to a magical fantasy of entertaining enjoyment along with life lessons to which they can relate.

Clothes Around the World

Author : Moira Butterfield
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Learn about the different clothes children wear in countries around the world.

Plane Clothes

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
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When Clothes Become Fashion

Author : Ingrid Loschek
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When, how and why do clothes become fashion? Fashion is more than mere clothing. It is a moment of invention, a distillation of desire, a reflection of a zeitgeist. It is also a business relying on an intricate network of manufacture, marketing and retail. Fashion is both medium and message but it does not explain itself. It requires language and images for its global mediation. It develops from the prescience of the designer and is dependent on acceptance by observers and wearers alike. When Clothes Become Fashion explores the structures and strategies which underlie fashion innovation, how fashion is perceived and the point at which clothing is accepted or rejected as fashion. The book provides a clear theoretical framework for understanding the world of fashion - its aesthetic premises, plurality of styles, performative impulses, social qualities and economic conditions.

Competition s New Clothes

Author : François Lévêque
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Lévêque recounts twenty revealing tales of real-life rivalry between firms across diverse industries, including wine, skiing, opera, video games and cruise liners. These entertaining and insightful narratives are informed by recent advances in economics, factoring in the many forces driving competition, including globalization and innovation. Divided into four sections, the book covers competition and the market; competition and variety; competition through innovation; and competition and equality. Read together, these stories also serve as building blocks to address the issue of whether competition between firms has entered a new era of increased intensity. This book will appeal to anyone, from company executives to consumers, who are interested in the economics of contemporary industry and want to incorporate a grasp of competition into their everyday decision-making. This book can also be used as a supplementary text in courses in microeconomics, business economics and industrial organisation.