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Clinical Management of Vulvodynia

Author : Alessandra Graziottin
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Chronic vulvar pain, or ‘vulvodynia’, is a common problem that can have a considerable impact on the wellbeing of patients. Despite being seen routinely in everyday clinical practice, it remains a neglected disorder that may take many years to diagnose. This book eases the way for physicians, including General Practitioners and Gynecologists, who are motivated to improve the lives of women suffering from vulvodynia. By offering a concise overview of the latest information on the diagnosis and management of vulvodynia, and its numerous comorbidities, in an easy to read, ‘tips and tricks’ format, the book empowers physicians to rapidly and effectively address the complex and sensitive issues surrounding the disorder.

The Vulva

Author : Miranda A. Farage
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A unique compilation of expertise on anatomy, physiology, clinical issues, and current research, this textbook analyzes the range of presentation with age, ethnicity, symptoms, disorders, diagnoses, and toxicity. The second edition of this essential resource for anyone taking care of female patients has been doubled in scope to include additional chapters. All physicians, whether dermatologists or gynaecologists, as well as those researching the scientific evidence and symptoms, will benefit from the experience of the expert contributors and editors gathered here.

Clinical Management in Psychodermatology

Author : Wolfgang Harth
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Psychocutaneous Medicine offers an overview of diseases in psychosomatic dermatology and creates a bridge between cutaneous and emotional disorders using extraordinary illustrations and clinical images of psychosomatic dermatology. It covers both common and rare diseases and helps doctors and psychologists recognize and deal with psychosocial features in dermatology and venerology. This superbly illustrated clinical atlas with concise text passages follows the American diagnosis classification DSM-V and current evidence-based guidelines. It allows rapid recognition of masked emotional disorders and thus administration of the most effective and efficient treatment as early as possible. Hone your diagnostic vision for psychosomatic disorders. Treat your patients efficiently and effectively. Psychocutaneous Medicine is a picture atlas and textbook that is indispensable for dermatologists, psychologists, pediatricians and general practitioners.

The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine

Author : Waguih William IsHak
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“The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine utilizes the biopsychosocial approach to inform physicians, practitioners, residents, trainees, and students about the latest science has to offer today for the evaluation and treatment of sexual dysfunctions especially the utilization of the full armamentarium of assessment methods and treatment interventions in order to restore of sexual health and enhance quality of life.” Louis Ignarro, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate This textbook is a comprehensive resource covering sexual disorders in depth, from etiology, pathophysiology, phenomenology, treatment, to prognosis. The book highlights aspects the biological and psychosocial factors predisposing, precipitating, and perpetuating sexual dysfunction, and the importance of integrating biological and psychosocial treatments. Specialized chapters cover specific common medical complaints, including erectile, ejaculatory, and orgasmic disorders in the male; desire, arousal and orgasmic disorders in the female; and an integrated approach to the couple. With its focus on educational tools including over 100 figures, easy-to-use DSM-5 criteria table, and quick-guide appendices, this textbook is specially designed to educate readers on the psychiatric evaluation, treatment, and management of a wide range of sexual disorders. The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine is a vital resource for medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, psychiatrists, psychologists, women’s health specialists, urologists, endocrinologists, general practitioners, social workers, and all medical professionals and trainees working with patients suffering from sexual disorders.

Viva la Vulva

Author : Dr. Christopher Jenner
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Up to 16% of women experience vulvodynia at some point in their lives, regardless of age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic group. The pain of vulvodynia can upend relationships and turn daily life into a nightmare. Then there is the stigma that vulvodynia carries. Many women are embarrassed to discuss vulvar pain with their doctors, and the taboo on women’s health topics doesn’t help. A lack of open discussion means that thousands of women worldwide are suffering in silence with no hope of a cure. But the idea that you have to suffer in silence is a lie. There are plenty of ways to treat vulvodynia, and with help, it’s 100% possible to take back control of your life and relationships. In this book was written for you by practicing physicians, pelvic physiotherapists, and scientists with years of experience to smash the stigma and empower you with the knowledge you need to rid yourself of vulvar pain.

Pelvic Pain Management

Author : Assia T. Valovska
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Pelvic Pain Management is an evidence-based guide to understanding the basics of pain mechanisms, pharmacology, invasive and noninvasive treatment modalities, and pain management protocols related to the complex problem of pelvic pain. The book addresses all aspects of pain management essentials, new technologies and devices, chronic pain issues, opioid and non-opioid pharmacology, including newly approved drugs, and special populations including pediatrics, the elderly, and patients with co-existing disease. It provides information on performing a proper physical exam, diagnosing the origins of the pain, and developing a treatment plan with emphasis on multidisciplinary management. This is an ideal resource for physicians, trainees, and nurses looking to recognize, diagnose and manage all major issues related to pelvic pain.

Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Author : Michael Hibner
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A practical manual on the treatment of pelvic pain, focusing on the many gynecological and non-gynecological causes of the condition.

Therapeutic Management of Incontinence and Pelvic Pain

Author : Jo Laycock
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Therapeutic Management of Incontinence and Pelvic Pain, 2nd edition contains contributions from many of the well-known authors of the successful first edition, who have updated their chapters in light of more recent research. Chapters include coverage of the management and treatment of bladder and bowel dysfunctions in men and women, pelvic organ prolapse; issues concerning the elderly, neurologically impaired patients and those with pelvic pain. Allied updated chapters are presented on research methodology, the importance of fluids and infection control. Other new chapters are concerned with quality of life, the treatment of bladder and bowel dysfunction in children, the history of pelvic floor muscle exercise and manual therapy. In addition, the use of real-time ultrasound to evaluate pelvic floor muscle contractility, exercise balls to promote coordination of trunk stabilisers and the pelvic floor muscles, and the role of the Occupational Therapist in the continence service are discussed. Finally, a new section on ethical issues regarding the management of incontinence completes this well-illustrated text. This book will be of interest to physiotherapists and nurses working in the continence field, and to all health professionals who wish to gain a better insight into the conservative management of pelvic floor muscle disorders. It will enable the reader to question their present practice and will help in encouraging further research.

Female Sexual Pain Disorders

Author : Andrew T. Goldstein
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A comprehensive reference for the diagnosis and treatment of female sexual pain disorders Female Sexual Pain Disorders: Evaluation and Management, 2nd Edition compiles the most cutting-edge and modern research on sexual pain disorders in women into a single reference. It is the first book of its kind devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of sexual pain in women and is now fully updated in a second edition. The book includes diagnostic tools to differentiate among different forms of dyspareunia, discussions of potential causes of sexual pain, and current knowledge in multi-disciplinary treatments for dyspareunia. Focused on providing practical guidance to the working practitioner, this book includes information to: Help evaluate and distinguish the causes of sexual pain in women Assist in the differentiation of the many forms of sexual pain Implement multi-disciplinary treatments Female Sexual Pain Disorders is perfect for any healthcare worker who is involved in treating women’s sexual health, including gynecologists, urologists, internists, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, psychologists, and sex therapists.

Gynaecology Prepare for the MRCOG E book

Author : Philip N Baker
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Gynaecology is a new e-book presenting a collection of key articles from Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, mapped by module to the MRCOG Part 2 exam. As well as mapping to the MRCOG, the Inkling version of this e-book also enables anyone with a short-term interest in a specific area to buy individual articles at a price-point which will give affordable access to all readers (from medical students to GPs and practitioners in related areas, such a genitourinary medicine). Inkling’s app-like quality of user experience on mobiles, tablets and laptops will be an added bonus for learning on the move. As well as being vital preparation for the MRCOG exam, this material is also ideal for life-long learning, CPD and, indeed, preparation for all post-graduate exams in obstetrics (not just MRCOG), including especially the new EBCOG exam in Europe and local college exams in India.[the Middle East and Africa. The parent journal is a rolling, continuously updated review of gyanecology over a three-year cycle covering all the important topics for the MRCOG Part 2 exam. Its Editorial Board comprises some of Europe’s most influential specialists and includes, among others, the current Presidents of FIGO and EBCOG, as well as the past President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The journal’s articles are refreshed, updated, augmented or replaced as appropriate each time the subject is due for revision to provide a concise overview of knowledge and practice core to the curriculum. Each article is written by invited experts and overseen by the relevant subject specialist on the Board. There is a trainee on the Board too, ensuring relevance and accessibility to exam candidates. Inkling version gives a highly attractive, app-like user experience, enabling much easier, more pleasurable use of the content on smartphones, tablets and laptops for learning on the move. Affordable chapter-level purchase on Inkling version opens out the journal’s authority and expertise to all interested users (medical students, family clinicians, genitourinary specialists and all other related specialties). Derived from top-notch authoritative content from the OGRM journal. Overseen by a world-class Editorial Board of experts, which includes the Presidents of FIGO, EBCOG and past President of the RCOG. A trainee representative on the Editorial Board ensures relevance and accessibility for exam candidates. Relevant to all post-graduate exams, including the new EBCOG exam and college exams in India, the Middle East and Africa. Highly appropriate content for life-long learning, personal development portfolios and CPD.