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Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics

Author : A. Mark Dalzell
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Examining children presents unique challenges for trainees and new doctors in paediatrics. Paediatric patients vary greatly in age and development, often find it difficult to describe their symptoms, and can behave unpredictably in clinical settings. Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics helps MRCPCH candidates and other practitioners learn effective history taking and fundamental examination techniques. Clear and concise chapters–with contributions from a team of paediatric specialists–demonstrate the clinical examination and questioning techniques used in daily practice. Emphasis on the intellectual processes involved in decision making assists both trainees preparing for a formal examination as well as new clinicians faced with a difficult diagnostic problem. Topics include cardiovascular and respiratory examination, examining a child with a neuromuscular disorder, musculoskeletal examination, and taking history from a child with diabetes and a rheumatological condition. Includes access to a companion website containing high-quality videos that demonstrate techniques, procedures and approaches Features commentary by experienced practitioners which offer observations and deductions at each stage of the examination process Offers tips for communicating effectively with the patients using appropriate lay terms Helps translate the symptoms and signs experienced by patients into medical-speak Covers all the skills tested in the MRCPCH Clinical exam Clinical Examination Skills in Paediatrics is the perfect study and reference guide for paediatrics trainees, MRCPCH candidates, foundation doctors, allied healthcare professionals, and anyone looking to improve their clinical and communication skills in paediatrics.

Pediatric Clinical Skills E Book

Author : Richard B. Goldbloom
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Pediatric Clinical Skills, 4th Edition, by renowned author Richard B. Goldbloom, is your ideal guide to mastering necessary, often complex and challenging pediatric clinical skills. Written in a clear, informal tone, this book explains the nuances of the child/family interview and history, pediatric physical exam, crucial interpersonal skills, and important issues such as cultural sensitivity, chronic conditions, and athletic participation. An indispensable learning tool for in-training physicians, this book is also a valuable resource for pediatric and family practice physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and all healthcare personnel who work with children. Discover the best approach and demeanor for interviewing patients and their families. Elicit cooperation and gain the maximum value from physical exams of patients of all ages, including preterm and low-birth-weight infants. Enhance cultural sensitivity and capably navigate issues associated with chronic conditions, athletic participation, and more. Perfect the latest approaches for approaching the adolescent, clinical evaluation for possible child abuse, palliative care, examining the head and neck, evaluating gastrointestinal symptoms, surgical assessment of the abdomen, and other rapidly evolving areas. Navigate growing areas of concern including obesity, autism, TV-watching, and video games. Access the complete contents online at, with Integration Links to related content in other Student Consult resources...videos demonstrating different aspects of the neurological exam, including assessing cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy...additional content and images to complement Ch. 21, Clinical Evaluation for Possible Child Abuse...and full-color inserts that complement Ch. 8, Examining the Visual System, and Ch. 19, Assessing the Skin. Study efficiently with the aid of Case Histories, Key Points, and Recommended Readings.

Essential Clinical Skills in Pediatrics

Author : Anwar Qais Saadoon
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This book is a concise learning guide dedicated to the full scope of pediatric history-taking and clinical examination, for use in OSCEs as well as clinical life. It guides the reader simply and methodically through what to ask when taking a history, and how to perform a comprehensive physical examination. The book contains more than 30 “History Stations” covering the most common pediatric cases, as well as 10 “Examination Stations” covering examinations of the different body system. It provides students and resident doctors worldwide with the necessary core information for pediatric history-taking and clinical examination, all in a brief and interesting format. The book adopts a reader-friendly format through a lecture-note style and the use of Key Points, Clinical Tips, Notes, Tables, and Boxes listing the most important features. It is also richly illustrated, demonstrating the correct way to perform clinical examinations. Written “by a resident, for residents and medical students,” this book has been revised, foreworded, and peer-reviewed by fourteen prominent authorities in the field of Pediatrics from various parts of the world (including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, and India), and from different universities (Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oxford, Edinburgh, Keele, Melbourne, Toronto, Parma, and Florence Universities). These experts recommend this book for medical students, pediatric residents, and pediatric practitioners, as well as pediatricians.

IAP Clinical Examination in Pediatrics

Author : Baldev Prajapati
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Accurate diagnosis of paediatric illness is, at times, more challenging than diagnosis of adult illness because children, especially those of a very young age, are often unable to describe or illustrate their symptoms. This book is a practical guide to clinical examination of children for diagnosis of diseases and disorders. Beginning with an introduction to communication skills with both children and their parents, the next chapters discuss the importance of history taking and offer guidance on general physical examination techniques. The following sections cover more specific examination for each system of the body – respiratory, nervous, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, eyes, skin and more. The book concludes with discussion on ethical and legal matters, diagnosis of death, and common procedures in paediatrics. Clinical photographs, illustrations and tables for quick and easy reference, further enhance the comprehensive text. Key points Comprehensive guide to paediatric clinical examination techniques Emphasis on importance of communication skills and accurate history taking Covers all systems of the body Highly illustrated with clinical photographs, diagrams and tables

Pediatric Clinical Skills

Author : Richard B. Goldbloom
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Gathering a detailed history and making an effective physical examination are the most valuable skills in paediatric practice. This book presents a clear, step-by-step instruction, system by system, on the examination of infants, children, and adolescents. The contributors emphasize the approach to the child as a whole and the text is full of useful tips on how to get the most from history taking and physical examination, what questions to ask, what to glean from simply watching the child, and the order in which to undertake the clinical examination.

Paediatric Clinical Examination Made Easy

Author : Denis Gill
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Fully revised, this is an updated new edition of a much-loved book which has built a reputation for pithy, entertaining good sense over the course of six editions. ‘Children are different. Paediatrics is much more than medicine miniaturised.’ From reviews of the previous edition: ‘All in all a very handy book for the student, the resident or other professionals working with children. I had a lot of fun reading it.’ ‘The book is full of wonderful illustrations, and funny and profound advice with quotations, like the words of Sir Dominic Corrigan (1853): "The trouble with many doctors is not that they do not know enough but that they do not see enough", or the advice to teach thy tongue to say" "I do not know" (Rabbi Moses Maimonides or Rambam, 1135-1204). I have used this book for my final medical year paediatrics exams, the DCH and the MRCP and it has been a great help. It reminds us of the most important and basic things - history and examination, and of course a friendly demeanour.’ Short, manageable chapters Clinical examples of examination techniques Very helpful tips and topics section Clinical checklists Simply illustrated Updated throughout New section of ‘questions of fives’ questions Short glossary of Latin terms

Clinical Assessment and Monitoring in Children

Author : Diana Fergusson
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Assessment and monitoring are fundamental aspects of the care of the acutely ill child, especially in high dependency areas and critical care units. Clinical Assessment and Monitoring in Children is a practical, introductory guide which provides detailed information on assessment and monitoring techniques, including physical assessment, physiological monitoring and an appraisal of additional assessment tools to enable practitioners to develop effective skills. The book adopts a physical systems approach, discusses assessment strategies and tools (starting with the least invasive and moving to the more complex) and examines how to analyse and apply the information to provide ongoing care. Each chapter explores physical assessment and examination whilst maintaining the focus on the child and the family. Clinical Assessment and Monitoring in Children assumes no prior knowledge, and provides the knowledge and skills needed to underpin decision-making and provide effective evidence-based care. This is an invaluable resource for all health care practitioners involved in caring for children. Key Features: • Explores assessment and monitoring of children from 0 – 16 years • Draws upon National Service Frameworks and clinical practice guidelines • Adopts a system by system approach • Provides knowledge and skills needed to underpin decision-making and provide effective evidence-based care • Includes hints on trouble-shooting and gaining the child and family’s co-operation • Includes case studies and suggested further reading


Author : Ehab HANAFY
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Go Pass MRCPCH Clinical is the number ONE fully illustrated review notes for MRCPCH clinical exams, DCH and other Pediatric clinical examinations. It is not considered to be a textbook or a reference book for studying Pediatrics. However, it provides vital information in a simple, comprehensive and concise format that suits all Pediatric examinations. The optimal benefit from this book will be achieved after a thorough reading in the Pediatric field, training and practicing clinical examination in the real life. Moreover Go pass is recommended to save effort and to have all topics reviewed in short time just before setting your exam. This book is designed as a study note which covers all the aspects of the MRCPCH clinical examination and other Pediatric clinical exams. It is also useful for medical students, general practitioners and young pediatricians who are planning to set any pediatric clinical examination. The book is arranged in 7 main parts:Clinical short casesDevelopment assessmentCommunication skillsHistory taking Review notesECG notesGrowth charts

Clinical Examination Skills for Healthcare Professionals

Author : Mark Ranson
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Today, an increasing number of healthcare professionals (including nurses, midwives and members of many allied professions) have to conduct the vital first stage in a patient’s journey – taking a clinical history and conducting an effective physical examination. This book offers clear, practical guidance on the fundamentals of clinical examination for any practitioner who wishes to understand their patient’s specific needs and to plan appropriate care. Recognising that readers will come from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds and roles, the opening chapter (on consultation and the skills needed to take an accurate clinical history) underpins the systems-based approach. This, combined with the use of case study examples, allows healthcare professionals to focus on the principles of examining the system or systems that are most relevant to their specific area of practice. The book also includes a helpful glossary and list of abbreviations. The authors come from the same diverse range of professions for whom the book has been written, and their wealth of knowledge and experience enables them to understand the challenges facing today’s healthcare professionals. Contents include: Consultation and clinical history-taking skills Respiratory assessment Cardiovascular assessment Gastrointestinal assessment Neurological assessment Genitourinary assessment Musculoskeletal assessment Obstetric assessment Mental health assessment Perioperative assessment

Go Pass Mrcpch Clinical

Author : Ehab Hanafy
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Go Pass is a quick revision notes and is not considered by any means to be a textbook or a reference book for studying Pediatrics. The optimal benefit from this book will be achieved after a thorough reading in the Pediatric field, training and practicing clinical examination in the real life. Moreover Go pass is recommended to save effort and to have all topics reviewed in short time just before setting your exam. This book is designed as a study note which covers all the aspects of the MRCPCH clinical examination and other Pediatric clinical exams. It is also useful for medical students, general practitioners and young pediatricians who are planning to set any pediatric clinical examination. Go Pass is arranged in 6 main parts in a total of 250 full colored pages: 1-Clinical short cases 2-Development assessment 3-Communication skills 4-History taking 5-Review notes 6-ECG notes Wish you all the best of luck...