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Clean Break

Author : Karen Stewart
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"When it comes to divorce, there's the old way- and there's the fair way. I know, because I learned the hard way." —Karen Stewart Divorce is costly. It costs money-masses of your money. It costs time-hours and hours spent in meetings, on the telephone, and completing paperwork and depositions and filing affidavits. It costs heartache as battle lines are drawn and loved ones, especially children, suffer emotional pain. Karen Stewart's own harrowing story of divorce is an unqualified testament to these truths. Her experience led her to believe that there had to be a better way to end a marriage and get on with life. Her ideas and vision evolved into Fairway Divorce Solutions, which provides a model for divorce with dignity and an end to traditional divorce. the Fairway Process Offers: a strategic step-by-step process that brings win-win resolutions regarding children, property, and money a decision-making process that leads to consensus and fair outcomes a focus on the children of the marriage a plan to control costs that can often escalate out of control in typical divorce proceedings a process that rejects blame or victimization a focus on the future that has a well-thought-out plan for parenting and finances. More and more Canadians are turning to this new divorce approach to help them transition to new beginnings. If you are facing the reality of divorce, you owe it to yourself, our chi8ldren, and your bank account to read a book that offers promise, not dread, and calm instead of a storm. "This Practical step-by-step process will not only save considerable time, energy and money, but most of all it will provide a clear path for a hopeful future." —Les Hewitt

Clean Break

Author : David Klein
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A riveting tale of psychological suspense about a woman who finds herself in an impossible situation Lured by the hope of a better life for herself and her son, Celeste Vanek must deal with the emotional and physical resistance of her compulsive gambler husband when she asks for a divorce. Though she hopes she is on the verge of making a clean break, her husband demands his family back, and things get violent. Jake Atwood, who witnesses the shocking scene between Celeste and her husband, struggles with his own emotional and ethical issues while attempting to help Celeste escape her marriage. At the same time, Jake is involved with Sara, a married and childless police detective who has a private agenda to pursue when a crime is committed that links all of these characters together and changes their lives forever. With heart-pounding suspense and brilliant psychological insight, CLEAN BREAK will leave readers breathless.

Clean Break

Author : Tammy Cohen
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Marriage is complicated, especially for Kate. Her husband Jack has a temper on him, and has been an absent father for years. Kate knows it's time for a divorce. The trouble is, Jack refuses. And now that he has found out Kate has met another man, his jealous rages escalate. Can Kate rid herself of her jealous husband before it's too late?

Clean Break

Author : Jacqueline Wilson
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Em adores her funny, glamorous dad - who cares if he's not her real father? He's wonderful to her, and to her little brother Maxie and sister Vita. True to form at Christmas, Dad gives them fantastic presents, including a real emerald ring for his little Princess Em. Unfortunately he's got another surprise in store - he's leaving them. Will Dad's well-meaning but chaotic attempts to keep seeing Em and the other children help the family come to terms with this new crisis? Or would they be better off with a clean break - just like Em's arm?

A Clean Break

Author : Christophe Bassons
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The autobiography of cycling's Mr Clean who refused to dope or to remain silent about doping - and was exiled from the sport

A Clean Break

Author : Anne Melville
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Hedda Zane is a contented woman. She has a happy marriage, good friends, satisfying hobbies, useful work and a beloved house. Then her husband Sandy announces that he is making a clean break, taking early retirement and moving to the country. Hedda resists at first, but surrenders when she learns the secret reason for Sandy's decision. Slowly she finds new friends and occupations, then Sandy explodes another bombshell ...

Family Law

Author : Frances Burton
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From Frankenstein to futuristic feminist utopias, Decoding Gender in Science Fiction examines the ways science fiction writers have incorporated, explored, and revised conventional notions of sexual difference. Attebery traces a fascinating history of men's and women's writing that covertly or overtly investigates conceptions of gender, suggesting new perspectives on the genre.

The Penal Voluntary Sector

Author : Philippa Tomczak
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Winner of the 2017 British Society of Criminology Book Prize The penal voluntary sector and the relationships between punishment and charity are more topical than ever before. In recent years in England and Wales, the sector has featured significantly in both policy rhetoric and academic commentary. Penal voluntary organisations are increasingly delivering prison and probation services under contract, and this role is set to expand. However, the diverse voluntary organisations which comprise the sector, their varied relationships with statutory agencies and the effects of such work remain very poorly understood. This book provides a wide-ranging and rigorous examination of this policy-relevant but complex and little studied area. It explores what voluntary organisations are doing with prisoners and probationers, how they manage to undertake their work, and the effects of charitable work with prisoners and probationers. The author uses original empirical research and an innovative application of actor-network theory to enable a step change in our understanding of this increasingly significant sector, and develops the policy-centric accounts produced in the last decade to illustrate how voluntary organisations can mediate the experiences of imprisonment and probation at the micro and macro levels. Demonstrating how the legacy of philanthropic work and neoliberal policy reforms over the past thirty years have created a complex three-tier penal voluntary sector of diverse organisations, this cutting-edge interdisciplinary text will be of interest to criminologists, sociologists of work and industry, and those engaged in the voluntary sector.

Commonwealth Caribbean Family Law

Author : Karen Tesheira
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This important new text is the product of several years of research of the family law of fifteen Commonwealth Caribbean jurisdictions. It is the first and only legal text that comprehensively covers all the main substantive areas of spousal family law, including marriage, divorce, financial support, property rights and domestic violence. The rights of the statutory spouse in the jurisdictions of Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are examined, thus addressing, on a jurisdictional basis, an important area of spousal family that is seldom covered in English family law texts. The book also covers the number and variations of divorce regimes applicable to the region – the matrimonial offence divorce model of Guyana and Montserrat, the English five fact model of Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Grenada, Anguilla, and St Vincent and the Grenadines, the hybrid model of Antigua and Barbuda, Belize and St Kitts and Nevis, and the no fault model of Jamaica and Barbados. This book will prove an indispensable resource for law students and legal academics, as well as for family law practitioners across the English-speaking Caribbean. Other professionals, including sociologists and social workers, will also find the book useful and informative.

Family Law in Practice

Author : City Law School
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Written specifically for students on the Bar Vocational Course, the bar manuals are updated regularly and are very popular with practitioners as well as students.