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Civilized to Death

Author : Christopher Ryan
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The New York Times bestselling coauthor of Sex at Dawn explores the ways in which “progress” has perverted the way we live—how we eat, learn, feel, mate, parent, communicate, work, and die—in this “engaging, extensively documented, well-organized, and thought-provoking” (Booklist) book. Most of us have instinctive evidence the world is ending—balmy December days, face-to-face conversation replaced with heads-to-screens zomboidism, a world at constant war, a political system in disarray. We hear some myths and lies so frequently that they feel like truths: Civilization is humankind’s greatest accomplishment. Progress is undeniable. Count your blessings. You’re lucky to be alive here and now. Well, maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. Civilized to Death counters the idea that progress is inherently good, arguing that the “progress” defining our age is analogous to an advancing disease. Prehistoric life, of course, was not without serious dangers and disadvantages. Many babies died in infancy. A broken bone, infected wound, snakebite, or difficult pregnancy could be life-threatening. But ultimately, Christopher Ryan questions, were these pre-civilized dangers more murderous than modern scourges, such as car accidents, cancers, cardiovascular disease, and a technologically prolonged dying process? Civilized to Death “will make you see our so-called progress in a whole new light” (Book Riot) and adds to the timely conversation that “the way we have been living is no longer sustainable, at least as long as we want to the earth to outlive us” (Psychology Today). Ryan makes the claim that we should start looking backwards to find our way into a better future.

Im Westen nichts Neues

Author :
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The Sentence Is Death

Author : Anthony Horowitz
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You shouldnt be here. Its too late... These, heard over the phone, were the last recorded words of successful celebrity-divorce lawyer Richard Pryce, found bludgeoned to death in his bachelor pad with a bottle of winea 1982 Chateau Lafite worth £3,000, to be precise. Odd, considering he didnt drink. Why this bottle? And why those words? And why was a three-digit number painted on the wall by the killer? And, most importantly, which of the mans many, many enemies did the deed? Baffled, the police are forced to bring in Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, the author Anthony, whos really getting rather good at this murder investigation business. But as Hawthorne takes on the case with characteristic relish, it becomes clear that he, too, has secrets to hide. As our reluctant narrator becomes ever more embroiled in the case, he realises that these secrets must be exposed--even at the risk of death.

Death Penalty The Seeking Just

Author : Susan C. Wawrose
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Examines the issue of capital punishment, highlighting the Supreme Court cases that have shaped our approach to it and the arguments in favor of and against its use in a civilized society.

How Cancer Crossed the Color Line

Author : Keith Wailoo
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In the course of the 20th century, cancer went from being perceived as a white woman's nemesis to a "democratic disease" to a fearsome threat in communities of color. Drawing on film and fiction, on medical and epidemiological evidence, and on patients' accounts, Keith Wailoo tracks this transformation in cancer awareness, revealing how not only awareness, but cancer prevention, treatment, and survival have all been refracted through the lens of race. Spanning more than a century, the book offers a sweeping account of the forces that simultaneously defined cancer as an intensely individualized and personal experience linked to whites, often categorizing people across the color line as racial types lacking similar personal dimensions. Wailoo describes how theories of risk evolved with changes in women's roles, with African-American and new immigrant migration trends, with the growth of federal cancer surveillance, and with diagnostic advances, racial protest, and contemporary health activism. The book examines such powerful and transformative social developments as the mass black migration from rural south to urban north in the 1920s and 1930s, the World War II experience at home and on the war front, and the quest for civil rights and equality in health in the 1950s and '60s. It also explores recent controversies that illuminate the diversity of cancer challenges in America, such as the high cancer rates among privileged women in Marin County, California, the heavy toll of prostate cancer among black men, and the questions about why Vietnamese-American women's cervical cancer rates are so high. A pioneering study, How Cancer Crossed the Color Line gracefully documents how race and gender became central motifs in the birth of cancer awareness, how patterns and perceptions changed over time, and how the "war on cancer" continues to be waged along the color line.

The Dream of Civilized Warfare

Author : Linda Raine Robertson
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In "The Dream of Civilized Warfare, Robertson presents the compelling, story of the creation of the first American air force--and how, through the propaganda of the flying ace, a vision of "clean" or civilized combat was sold to politicians and the public. She traces the long history of the American desire to exert the nation's will throughout the world without having to risk the lives of ground soldiers--a theme that continues to reverberate in public discussions, media portrayals, and policy decisions today.

Are We Civilized

Author : Robert Harry Lowie
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Reflections on War and Death

Author : Sigmund Freud
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This early work by Sigmund Freud was originally published in 1918 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Reflections on War and Death' is a work on the psychology and social attitudes toward war and death. Sigismund Schlomo Freud was born on 6th May 1856, in the Moravian town of Příbor, now part of the Czech Republic. He studied a variety of subjects, including philosophy, physiology, and zoology, graduating with an MD in 1881. Freud made a huge and lasting contribution to the field of psychology with many of his methods still being used in modern psychoanalysis. He inspired much discussion on the wealth of theories he produced and the reactions to his works began a century of great psychological investigation.

T S Eliot s Civilized Savage

Author : Laurie MacDiarmid
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T. S. Eliot's Civilized Savage revisits this poet's drafts and canonical poetry in a sometimes dismissive critical arena . While contemporary readers emphasize Eliot's charged personal life, his anti-Semitism, his political conservatism, and his misogyny, Laurie MacDiarmid argues that although Eliot's poetics are shaped by private fears and fantasies, in many ways these are the ghosts of a culture that accepts and celebrates him. Comparing early versions with finished poems, this book explores the development and ramifications of Eliot's 'impersonal' poetic without losing sight of his influential, haunting work. Examining Eliot's neurotic relationship with women and his escape into women and his escape into spirituality, this book observes how Eliot conceived and eroticized poetry of worship and a poetic that dictated a sacrificial relationship to a savage God.

The Natural History of Society in the Barbarous and Civilized State

Author : William Cooke Taylor
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This is a reproduction of the original artefact. Generally these books are created from careful scans of the original. This allows us to preserve the book accurately and present it in the way the author intended. Since the original versions are generally quite old, there may occasionally be certain imperfections within these reproductions. We're happy to make these classics available again for future generations to enjoy!

Death with Dignity

Author : Robert Orfali
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In this book the author makes a case for legalized physician-assisted dying. Using the latest data from Oregon and the Netherlands, he puts a new slant on perennial debate topics such as "slippery slopes," "the integrity of medicine," and "sanctity of life." This book provides an in-depth look at how we die in America today. It examines the shortcomings of our end-of-life system. You will learn about terminal torture in hospital ICUs and about the alternatives: hospice and palliative care. The author scrutinizes the good, the bad, and the ugly. He provides a critique of the practice of palliative sedation. The book makes a strong case that assisted dying complements hospice. By providing both, Oregon now has the best palliative-care system in America. This book, above all, may help you or someone you care about navigate this strange landscape we call "end of life." It can be an informed guide to "a good death" in the age of hospice and high-tech medical intervention.

The Civilized Rats

Author : Amaefule Patrick
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The Civilized Rats is a novel that tells the story of a tribe of rats that came together to establish an organized humanlike society under the inspiration of Nunuto, the city rat. In one of their annual tribal gatherings, they adopted the idea and started a kingdom of rats modeled along that of humans. The civilization, as they called it, blossomed. Under the inspirational Nunuto, the rats raised and trained an army that they named ratmy. They attacked humans, killed a snake, killed a cat, and chased away another deadly snake that swallowed rats. However, when Nunuto died of a snakebite, there arose a leadership crisis in the ratmy. This led to the breakup of the kingdom as intractable civil wars set in. Splinter ratmy groups emerged here and there and went violent. Societal problems like violence, stealing, robbery, rape, murder, wars, banditry, looting, fights for supremacy, and other problems akin to those found in human societies set in. The disunity among rats became worse than it was at the beginning. The kingdom collapsed, thus ending their dream of an organized society. One comes to the last but very brief chapter, only to discover that the entire story was a mere dream by an overfed rat that fell asleep in a kitchen.

Civilization Civilized Or The Process of Nationalization

Author : Stephen Maybell
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The Causation of Disease

Author : Harry Campbell
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Men Become Civilized

Author : Trevor Cairns
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Descirbes the first people, earliest farmers, cavemen, Egyptians, and Greeks.

Max Weber s Complete Writings on Academic and Political Vocations

Author : Max Weber
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Weber made many significant interpretations of both academic and political vocations in his two lectures on Science as a Vocation (Wissenschaft als Beruf, 1917) and Politics as a Vocation (Politik als Beruf) 1919), as well as in a series of newspaper articles written between 1908 and 1920. Since these writings are of more than historical interest, there was a need to bring them all together in a single volume. Newly translated and annotated, this collection comprises both lectures plus 32 articles which Weber wrote on academia. Most of these have not been translated before. In the introduction, Prof. Dreijmanis relates the academic and political vocations to each other conceptually, showing that there is considerable overlap and some convergence: the need for passion, an inward calling, as well as career insecurity in both vocations. Dreijmanis then examines the person of Weber and provides a new view of him, in part through the lens of Carl C. Jung's theory of psychological types as further developed by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). As an extravert with a powerful thinking function and intellect, he was driven to take an interest in events outside himself and to speak his mind.

Virgil a Study in Civilized Poetry

Author : Brooks Otis
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In this classic study, Brooks Otis presents Virgil as a radically different poet from any of his Greek or Roman predecessors. Virgil molded the ancient epic tradition to his own Roman contemporary aims and succeeded in making mythical and legendary figures meaningful to a sophisticated, unmythical age. Otis begins and ends his study with the Aeneid and includes chapters on the Bucolics and the Georgics. A new foreword by Ward W. Briggs, Jr., places Otis’s groundbreaking achievement in the context of past and present Virgilian scholarship.

Civilization and Health

Author : Woods Hutchinson
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The Tyranny of Survival and Other Pathologies of Civilized Life

Author : Daniel Callahan
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Originally published in 1973 by Macmillan, this probing book examines the uses, control and consequences of technology in a world which must either take realistic stock of its obsession with unbridled progress and individual freedom or perish in its excesses. Co-published with the Center for the Study of Values, University of Delaware.

Reflections on War and Death

Author : Freud Sigmund
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Famous book of Sigmund Freud, founding father of psychoanalysis.