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Mapping China

Author : Chongqing Wu
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The seven articles in this collection all deal with the topic of “peasants, migrant workers and informal labor,” but each has a different emphasis on one of these elements.

A Synchronic and Diachronic Study of the Grammar of the Chinese Xiang Dialects

Author : Yunji Wu
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This is the first book in Chinese linguistics which discusses the grammar of a dialect group, in this case the Xiang dialect spoken in Hunan, from both a synchronic and diachronic prespective. The author uses new data and new frameworks to present her analysis. The synchronic part covers contemporary grammar across localities within the Xiang-speaking area by using the methods and theories of comparative and typological linguistics. The diachronic analysis reconstructs earlier grammatical systems based mainly on modern data but also on historical written records, and analyses the development of the syntactic systems of the Xiang dialects, adopting the methods and theories of historical linguistics and grammaticalization. The discussions in this book raise new issues on dialect research which have not yet been fully acknowledged by Chinese dialectologists. The author shows, for example, how the earlier layers of grammar may be reconstructed on the basis of modern data, and how the path of grammaticalization of functional words may be traced. The discussions reveal that the Xiang dialect group forms a transitional zone between northern and southern dialects. The syntactic constructions in these two areas often co-exist or are mingled in Xiang. Thus, the grammatical constructions in different localities of the Xiang dialect group often provide a bridge connecting the constructions of northern and southern Chinese, or Modern Chinese and Chinese of earlier periods. This book is of interest to scholars and students who are working on grammar, dialectology, historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, typological linguistics, and grammaticalization, as well as those researchers focusing on language policy, language acquisition, and education.

China s changing map

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Geotectonic Evolution of China

Author : Jishun Ren
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Anyone studying the geology and tectonics of China and who is not able to read Chinese will need to have a copy of this book: Ceotectonic Evolution of China and a companion copy of the Tectonic Map of China, scale 1:4000,000. Professor Huang Jiqing and his collaborators from the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences have provided the English-speaking earth scientists with an extremely valuable tool that can be used towards understanding the geo b;;y of China. The introductory chapter is necessary to read prior to effective use of the material discussed in other chapters as it clearly presents the philosophy of this school of tectonics. The collaborators of the book acknowledge the important changes have been brough about by the plate tectonics theory but do not fully incorporate these ideas into their discussion. The book and map are testimony to the tremendous amount of geologic work accomplished by Chinese geologists in the past fourty years. As our Chinese collea gues begin to publish more English summaries such as this, it will become apparent to the rest of the world the vast amount of geologic mapping along with supportive stratigraphy and geophysics that has already been accomplished. Nearly all major non Chinese tracts on tectonic synthesis of the world treat China in only a cursory fashio)1 because so little is known of the area. With this text and map, future world tectonic synthesis can no longer afford to leave China out of the picture.


Author : Robert Storey
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Presenting thorough coverage of accommodations, restaurants, and transportation, this guide makes China accessible to travelers on any budget. in color. 130 maps.

Journal of Chinese Linguistics

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Urban Geography

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Asian Migrations

Author : Tony Fielding
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This textbook describes and explains the complex reality of contemporary internal and international migrations in East Asia. Taking an interdisciplinary approach; Tony Fielding combines theoretical debate and detailed empirical analysis to provide students with an understanding of the causes and consequences of the many types of contemporary migration flows in the region. Key features of Asian Migrations: Comprehensive coverage of all forms of migration including labour migration, student migration, marriage migration, displacement and human trafficking Text boxes containing key concepts and theories More than 30 maps and diagrams Equal attention devoted to broad structures (e.g. political economy) and individual agency (e.g. migration behaviours) Emphasis on the conceptual and empirical connections between internal and international migrations Exploration of the policy implications of the trends and processes discussed Written by an experienced scholar and teacher of migration studies, this is an essential text for courses on East Asian migrations and mobility and important reading for courses on international migration and Asian societies more generally.

Field trip guide

Author : Hongfei Hou
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Proposed Loan and Technical Assistance Grant People s Republic of China

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Hammond Scholastic World Atlas

Author : Hammond World Atlas Corporation
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Perfect for students, this conveniently-sized, computer-generated atlas is an excellent reference tool for learning about our changing world. Each country's political boundary is clearly distinguished with a contrasting band of color, making this value-priced atlas easy to read.