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Social Policy and Citizenship

Author : Adalbert Evers
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Taking nine European countries as case studies, the contributions to this volume analyze the ways that citizenship has changed in key areas such as social security, labor market policies and social services.

Refugees Citizenship and Social Policy in Europe

Author : A. Bloch
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Recently, global and European migration in the post-Cold War world have received much attention. This edited collection is a comprehensive, up-to-date account of the social policies of European welfare states towards refugees and asylum seekers. It also examines the contested boundaries between refugees and asylum seekers and citizenship within European nation states and the European Union.

Human Rights and Social Policy

Author : Ann Nevile
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This fascinating study evaluates whether the recent focus on human rights, citizenship and values makes a difference to service delivery on the ground. In doing so, it bridges the social policy and human rights literature. The book adopts a comparative approach with eight case-studies examining the factors that drive policy making in a range of policy sectors in both EU and non-EU countries. The contributing authors explore the ways in which legally enforceable rights and wider rights discourse influence the services that are provided across a range of policy sectors and welfare regimes. Further issues, such as how patterns of service provision can affect how people view and experience citizenship, are also discussed. Human Rights and Social Policy will strongly appeal to academics and students interested in work and family policies, labour market activation policies, welfare reform, gender, children's policy and housing policy.

Poststructuralism Citizenship and Social Policy

Author : Alan R. Petersen
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Shows how poststructuralist ideas can be usefully applied in the areas of welfare, health, education and science and technology policy, making particular reference to the theme of citizenship.

Communication Citizenship and Social Policy

Author : Andrew Calabrese
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What roles can and should governments play in communication policymaking? How are communication policies related to welfare politics? With the rapid globalization of commerce and culture and the increasing recognition of information as an economic resource, the grounds for defending the welfare state have shifted. Communication policy is now more widely understood as social policy. Communication, Citizenship, and Social Policy examines issues of communication technology, neoliberal economic policies, public service media, media access, social movements and political communication, the geography of communication, and global media development and policy, among others, and shows how progressive policymakers must use these bases to confront more directly the debates on contemporary welfare theory and politics.

Regional Organizations and Social Policy in Europe and Latin America

Author : Andrea C. Bianculli
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The contributors assess to what extent regional organizations in Europe and Latin America provide a space for the regulation and provision of social policies in the area of social protection, higher education and health. They analyse the impact of regional organizations on social citizenship following political struggle and contestation.

Poststructuralism Citizenship and Social Policy

Author : Ian Barns
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Poststructuralism, Citizenship and Social Policy shows how poststructuralist ideas can be usefully applied in the areas of welfare, health, education and science and technology policy, making particular reference to the theme of citizenship. The impact of poststructuralism on thinking in the social sciences and humanities over the last decade has been profound. However, to date, there has been little systematic analysis of the implications of poststructuralism for the critical analysis of social policy. Poststructuralism, Citizenship and Social Policy will provide essential reading for students and researchers working in the areas of welfare studies, the sociology of health and medicine, political studies, social work, social administration and education.

Understanding social citizenship second edition

Author : Dwyer, Peter
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EBOOK Reconceptualizing Social Policy Sociological Perspectives on Contemporary Social Policy

Author : Amanda Coffey
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How can sociological perspectives help us make sense of contemporary social policy? How has the discipline of social policy engaged in recent sociological debates and developments? This book provides a variety of sociological frameworks for understanding contemporary social policy. It explores how sociological perspectives may be used to theorize, conceptualize and research social policy. Amanda Coffey captures the different ways in which social policy can be understood - as academic discipline, policy process, service provision and lived experience. The book engages with a range of policy areas and client groups, and pays attention to sociodemographic categories such as gender, 'race', class and age. Themes include: The body and processes of embodiment Citizenship and identity Equality and differences Space and time Research and representation Reconceptualizing Social Policy is a key text for students and lecturers in sociology and social policy.

The Oxford Handbook of U S Social Policy

Author : Daniel Beland
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The American welfare state has long been a source of political contention and academic debate. This Oxford Handbook pulls together much of our current knowledge about the origins, development, functions, and challenges of American social policy. After the Introduction, the first substantive part of the handbook offers an historical overview of U.S. social policy from the colonial era to the present. This is followed by a set of chapters on different theoretical perspectives available for understanding and explaining the development of U.S. social policy. The three following parts of the volume focus on concrete social programs for the elderly, the poor and near-poor, the disabled, and workers and families. Policy areas covered include health care, pensions, food assistance, housing, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, workers' compensation, family support, and programs for soldiers and veterans. The final part of the book focuses on some of the consequences of the U.S. welfare state for poverty, inequality, and citizenship. Many of the chapters comprising this handbook emphasize the disjointed patterns of policy making inherent to U.S. policymaking and the public-private mix of social provision in which the government helps certain groups of citizens directly (e.g., social insurance) or indirectly (e.g., tax expenditures, regulations). The contributing authors are experts from political science, sociology, history, economics, and other social sciences.