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CitizenPoet Takes on

Author : Dan Speers
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In a year in which famous men like John Edwards, Mark Sanford, David Letterman and many other wealthy, famous and powerful men admitted cheating on their wives, it still came as a shock when the numerous affairs of Tiger Woods suddenly came to light. Surely, not Tiger, was the visceral reaction. Not this fine, upstanding symbol of clean-cut sportsmanship and athletic prowess. It was hard to grasp. It was hard to imagine. Woods not only made his name in golf, he made golf a popular and exciting game. Of course, golf itself is a game of contradictions. Although it started at a rich man's sport, there is little question that it is now a game with millions of poor players. And most of them are fans of Tiger Woods. If not lovers. Citizen Poet examines both the man and the game, investigating the similarities and relationship between golf and sex. And, of course, Citizen Poet has taken its usual liberties with poetic license. Why do men cheat? Why do Tigers become Chetahs? Why is the 1 iron called "God's club?" What is Tiger Woods' secret to winning? And WTF does an elephant's ass have to do with golf? You'll find the answers to all of these questions and even more in "Ten Ways to Play the Lie."

Cultural Forms of Protest in Russia

Author : Birgit Beumers
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Alongside the Arab Spring, the 'Occupy' anti-capitalist movements in the West, and the events on the Maidan in Kiev, Russia has had its own protest movements, notably the political protests of 2011–12. As elsewhere in the world, these protests had unlikely origins, in Russia’s case spearheaded by the 'creative class'. This book examines the protest movements in Russia. It discusses the artistic traditions from which the movements arose; explores the media, including the internet, film, novels, and fashion, through which the protesters have expressed themselves; and considers the outcome of the movements, including the new forms of nationalism, intellectualism, and feminism put forward. Overall, the book shows how the Russian protest movements have suggested new directions for Russian – and global – politics.

Poetry and Cultural Studies

Author : Maria Damon
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A collection of critical texts exploring poetry's engagement with the social

The Late Career Novelist

Author : Hywel Dix
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The first scholarly study of the phenomenon of the 'late-career novel', this book explores the ways in which bestselling contemporary novelists look back and respond to their earlier successes in their subsequent writings. Exploring the work of major novelists such as Angela Carter, V.S. Naipaul, Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Julian Barnes, A.S. Byatt and Graham Swift, The Late-Career Novelist draws for the first time on social psychology and career construction theory to examine how the dynamics of a literary career play out in the fictional worlds of our best-known novelists. From here, Hywel Dix develops and argues for a new mode of reading contemporary writing on the contexts of current literary culture.

The 4 Realities of Success During and After College

Author : Bob Roth
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People are more successful in life when they get off to a great start. You will have an early advantage over the competition when you follow the principles within this practical book and apply them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and a positive attitude. Many highly intelligent young adults fall short of their potential because they dont address The 4 Realities: You Can Be More Successful In College It Takes An Effective Job Search To Land The Job You Want You Can Be More Effective In Your Fist Job Life On Your Own Shouldnt Be A Rude AwakeningMost students would like to do their best in college but receive little guidance and are left to their own devices. Well show you how to develop and carry out a plan of action that will boost your grades, greatly expand your resume and make you more attractive to potential employers and Graduate Schools.Finding a job is an experience for which most students are unprepared. They dont know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to differentiate themselves from other students and dont know how to prepare. This book has the answers to the questions that every student must ask and answer if he/she plans to conduct an effective job search. The way you perform in your first job can positively or negatively affect your career. Making a good first impression and knowing exactly what your employer wants from you can make all of the difference. If you want to get ahead of the learning curve and stay there, you will find some great advice and suggestions in this section.

An Introduction to the Poetry of Yvor Winters

Author : Elizabeth Isaacs
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A detailed examination of the American poet's life, critical theories, and poetic themes and style, includes explications of selected poems

The Library Magazine

Author :
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Fabulous Vernacular

Author : Victoria Kirkham
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An exploration of Boccaccio's Filocolo--its cultural and historical context--and a defense against modern criticism


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Mapping the Sacred

Author : Jamie S. Scott
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Interweaving the interpretative methods of religious studies, literary criticism and cultural geography, the essays in this volume focus on issues associated with the representation of place and space in the writing and reading of the postcolonial. The collection charts the ways in which contemporary writers extend and deepen our awareness of the ambiguities of economic, social and political relations implicated in “sacred space” - the sense of spiritual significance associated with those concrete locations in which adherents of different religious traditions, past and present, maintain a ritual sense of the sanctity of life and its cycles. Part I, “Land, Religion and Literature after Britain,” explores how postcolonial writers dramatize the contested processes of colonization, resistance and decolonization by which lands and landscapes may be viewed as now sacred, now desacralized, now resacralized. Part II, “Sacred Landscapes and Postcoloniality across International Literatures,” draws upon postcolonial theory to inquire into how contemporary fiction, drama and poetry represent themes of divine dispensation, dispossession and reclamation in regions as diverse as Haiti, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Arctic, and the North American frontier. A critical “Afterword” considers the implications of such multi-disciplinary approaches to postcolonial literatures for present and future research in the field. Writers discussed in the essays include Russell Banks; James K. Baxter; Ursula Bethell; Erna Brodber; Marcus Clarke; Allen Curnow; Edwidge Danticat; Mak Dizdar; Sara Jeannette Duncan; Zee Edgell; “Grey Owl”; Haruki Murakami; Seamus Heaney; Peter Høeg; Hugh Hood; Janette Turner Hospital; James Houston; Dany Laferrière; B. Kojo Laing; Lee Kok Liang; K.S. Maniam; Mudrooroo; R.K. Narayan; Ngugi wa Thiong'o; Ben Okri; Chava Pinchas-Cohen; Mary Prince; Nancy Prince; Nayantara Sahgal; Ken Saro-Wiwa; Ibrahim Tahir; Amos Tutuola; W.D. Valgardson; Derek Walcott; and Rudy Wiebe. Maps accompany almost every essay.

Writing Across Cultures

Author : Angel Rama
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Ángel Rama was one of twentieth-century Latin America's most distinguished men of letters. Writing across Cultures is his comprehensive analysis of the varied sources of Latin American literature. Originally published in 1982, the book links Rama's work on Spanish American modernism with his arguments about the innovative nature of regionalist literature, and it foregrounds his thinking about the close relationship between literary movements, such as modernism or regionalism, and global trends in social and economic development. In Writing across Cultures, Rama extends the Cuban anthropologist Fernando Ortiz's theory of transculturation far beyond Cuba, bringing it to bear on regional cultures across Latin America, where new cultural arrangements have been forming among indigenous, African, and European societies for the better part of five centuries. Rama applies this concept to the work of the Peruvian novelist, poet, and anthropologist José María Arguedas, whose writing drew on both Spanish and Quechua, Peru's two major languages and, by extension, cultures. Rama considered Arguedas's novel Los ríos profundos (Deep Rivers) to be the most accomplished example of narrative transculturation in Latin America. Writing across Cultures is the second of Rama's books to be translated into English.

Making America Making American Literature

Author : A. Robert Lee
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If 1776 heralds America's Birth of the Nation, so, too, it witnesses the rise of a matching, and overlapping, American Literature. For between the 1770s and the 1820s American writing moves on from the ancestral Puritanism of New England and Virginia - though not, as yet, into the American Renaissance so strikingly called for by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Even so, the concourse of voices which arise in this period, that is between (and including) Benjamin Franklin and James Fenimore Cooper, mark both a key transitional literary generation and yet one all too easily passed over in its own imaginative right. This collection of fifteen specially commissioned essays seeks to establish new bearings, a revision of one of the key political and literary eras in American culture. Not only are Franklin and Cooper themselves carefully re-evaluated in the making of America's new literary republic, but figures like Charles Brockden Brown, Washington Irving, Philip Frencau, William Cullen Bryant, the other Alexander Hamilton, and the playwrights Royall Tyler and William Dunlop. Other essays take a more inclusive perspective, whether American epistolary fiction, a first generation of American women-authored fiction, the public discourse of The Federalist Papers, the rise of the American periodical, or the founding African-American generation of Phillis Wheatley. What unites all the essays is the common assumption that the making of America was as much a matter of creating its national literature; as the making of American literature was a matter of shaping a national identity.

Anglo Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust

Author : P. Lassner
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In its analysis of Anglo-Jewish women writing the Holocaust, this book highlights the necessity of their inclusion in the evolving canon of modern British literature, by showing how these writers complicate theories of trauma and memory by using fantasy and the Gothic as a response to silence.

Survival Supervivencia

Author : Miguel Algarin
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Citizen and Self in Ancient Greece

Author : Vincent Farenga
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This 2006 study examines how the ancient Greeks decided questions of justice as a key to understanding the intersection of our moral and political lives. Combining contemporary political philosophy with historical, literary and philosophical texts, it examines a series of remarkable individuals who performed 'scripts' of justice in early Iron Age, archaic and classical Greece. From the earlier periods, these include Homer's Achilles and Odysseus as heroic individuals who are also prototypical citizens, and Solon the lawgiver, writing the scripts of statute law and the jury trial. In democratic Athens, the focus turns to dialogues between a citizen's moral autonomy and political obligation in Aeschyleon tragedy, Pericles' citizenship paradigm, Antiphon's sophistic thought and forensic oratory, the political leadership of Alcibiades and Socrates' moral individualism.

Modern Age

Author : Russell Kirk
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The Honest Courtesan

Author : Margaret F. Rosenthal
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The Venetian courtesan has long captured the imagination as a female symbol of sexual license, elegance, beauty, and unruliness. What then to make of the cortigiana onesta—the honest courtesan who recast virtue as intellectual integrity and offered wit and refinement in return for patronage and a place in public life? Veronica Franco (1546-1591) was such a woman, a writer and citizen of Venice, whose published poems and familiar letters offer rich testimony to the complexity of the honest courtesan's position. Margaret F. Rosenthal draws a compelling portrait of Veronica Franco in her cultural social, and economic world. Rosenthal reveals in Franco's writing a passionate support of defenseless women, strong convictions about inequality, and, in the eroticized language of her epistolary verses, the seductive political nature of all poetic contests. It is Veronica Franco's insight into the power conflicts between men and women—and her awareness of the threat she posed to her male contemporaries—that makes her literary works and her dealings with Venetian intellectuals so pertinent today. Combining the resources of biography, history, literary theory, and cultural criticism, this sophisticated interdisciplinary work presents an eloquent and often moving account of one woman's life as an act of self-creation and as a complex response to social forces and cultural conditions. "A book . . . pleasurably redolent of Venice in the 16th-century. Rosenthal gives a vivid sense of a world of salons and coteries, of intricate networks of family and patronage, and of literary exchanges both intellectual and erotic."—Helen Hackett, Times Higher Education Supplement The Honest Courtesan is the basis for the film Dangerous Beauty (1998) directed by Marshall Herskovitz. (The film was re-titled The Honest Courtesan for release in the UK and Europe in 1999.)


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The Eclectic Magazine

Author : John Holmes Agnew
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The selected letters of John Ciardi

Author : John Ciardi
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