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Chronicle of the Living Christ

Author : Robert A. Powell
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This pioneering, monumental work utilizes the visionary legacy of Anne Catherine Emmerich and the spiritual scientific discoveries of Rudolf Steiner concerning various hidden facts of Christ's incarnation. Powell has established the dates and daily events of Jesus Christ on Earth. Further, he indicates their significance for our future. In part one, Powell gives a historical overview. Then, using esoteric sources and his own knowledge of sidereal astrology, he offers startling insights into the circumstances of the Christmas event and the incarnation. In part two, Powell offers a daily chronicle of the three-and-a-half-year ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth, dating the events with an unprecedented accuracy. Also, Powell correlates significant events in Christ's life with upcoming dates in the history of humankind and indicates that the living presence of the Christ is increasingly accessible to us. C O N T E N T S Foreword by James Wetmore Introduction PART I: BACKGROUNDS 1. Historical Overview 2. The Genealogies of Jesus 3. The Solomon Jesus 4. Astrological Biography 5. The Nathan Jesus 6. The Nathan Mary 7. The Solomon Mary Table of Dates Astrological Charts PART II: CHRONICLE OF CHRIST'S MINISTRY Introduction Chronicle Geographical Maps with Index Afterword Appendices: 1. The Date of the Crucifixion 2. The Hebrew Calendar 3. Reconstruction of the Hebrew Calendar... 4. Summary of the Chronicle 5. John the Baptist 6. Tabulation of Dates for the End of the Century

The Most Holy Trinosophia and the New Revelation of the Divine Feminine

Author : Robert Powell
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The rising interest in goddess spirituality expresses our current need to understand the feminine side of God, the Sophia (or Divine Wisdom), and her relationship to the masculine aspects of God. Offering a new perspective, the author draws on his own research and on the teaching of Russian philosopher Pavel Florensky, according to whom Sophia has a relationship to the masculine Trinity as an independent spiritual being. Robert Powell discusses Sophia as a Trinity-as Mother, Daughter, and Holy Soul- and as the feminine aspect of Divine Godhead. He connects our reawakening to the feminine aspect of God with many of the changes now taking place in the world. Also included is an introduction to the Divine Feminine by Daniel Andreev, author of The Rose of the World. C O N T E N T S Foreword by Carol E Parrish-Harra Introduction by Robert Powell The Divine Feminine by Daniel Ancreev The Most Holy Trinosophia Interlude The New Revelation of the Divine Feminine Notes Bibliography

Across the Great Border Fault

Author : Kevin T. Dann
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Christ The Maya Calendar

Author : Robert Powell
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In The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, it is said: Katun 11 Ahau is set upon the mat, set upon the throne, when their ruler is set up.... The heavenly fan, the heavenly wreath and the heavenly bouquet shall descend. The drum and rattle of the lord of 11 Ahau shall resound, when flint knives are set into his mantle.... Ahau 11 is the beginning of the count, because this was the katun when the foreigners arrived. They came from the east when they arrived. Then Christianity also began. The fulfillment of its prophecy is [ascribed] to the east.... This is a record of the things which they did. After it had all passed, they told of it in their [own] words, but its meaning is not plain. Despite the explosion of books, videos and TV shows that claim to penetrate the mystery of "2012"--the numerical shorthand for the completion on December 21, 2012, of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar--consensus about its meaning seems to remain elusive. The discussion about the significance of 2012 falls generally into two distinct camps: "New Age" authors who see this date as marking the advent of an imminent, universally accelerated psychic/spiritual evolution and professional astronomers and ethnologists who generally discount such metaphysical claims. Christ and the Maya Calendar approaches the significance of 2012 by spiritually penetrating phenomena of today. Drawing on the book of Revelation--which provides an archetype for understanding spiritual history, as well as Rudolf Steiner's Apocalyptic indications--a completely new context for grasping the end date of the Maya calendar emerges. In a November 1919 lecture, Steiner made a stunning remark: "Ahriman skilfully prepares his goal beforehand...[and] will find an important instrument for preparing his incarnation. His incarnation is undoubtedly coming, and this lack of insight will enable him to prepare it triumphantly." The subtitle of this book--"2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist"--refers to this coming incarnation of Ahriman. In fact, Steiner narrowed the timeline for Ahriman's incarnation, saying it would come "before only a part of the third millennium has run its course." Just after Christmas 1919, Steiner revealed more about the impending incarnation of Ahriman, saying almost offhandedly that Ahriman's name might be "John William Smith." With this remark, he clearly pointed to the incarnation occurring in the English-speaking West, while other remarks made it is certain Steiner meant that the incarnation would take place in America. In addition to penetrating the spiritual background of our time in relation to the coming of the Antichrist (the incarnation of Ahriman), the authors explore the significance of the Mexican mysteries and present a wealth of new research with the intention of helping the reader to navigate the Apocalyptic scenario currently shaping up, with the global financial crisis as one important expression. Most important, the authors refer to the Second Coming of Christ as the true event of our time; the incarnation of Satan/Ahriman is its shadow. The authors also show the significance of Divine Sophia as the antidote to negative consequences of Ahriman's incarnation. Finally, as a positive manifestation of the world of spirit in our time, the book discusses the significance of the young anthroposophist, Judith von Halle, who since Easter 2004 has born the stigmata, the visible signs of the wounds of Christ. A Note on the Title The word Antichrist is used in the title and throughout this book, and there are at least two ways in which this word may be understood. The more general use of the word is found in the Bible and in Christian tradition, in which the Antichrist is understood to be the human being who bears the incarnated Satan (also called "Ahriman" in Persian tradition and, in Revelation 13 in the Bible, "The Beast"). This is how the word Antichrist is used in this book. However, this general meaning should be distinguished from another, more specialized use of the word, as found in the spiritual science of Anthroposophy, which often uses the word Antichrist to designate the Sun Demon, known as Sorath in the Hebrew tradition, referred to as the "Beast whose number is 666," and as "the two-horned Beast" in Revelation 13. In this connection, Rudolf Steiner refers to "the False Prophet who represents the teachings of The Beast." The authors of this book discuss the significance of Sorath in chapters 7 and 8. Authors' Note Rudolf Steiner's large body of spiritual research has paved the way for further research encompassing thousands of volumes and numerous projects and social endeavors around the world. This book focuses upon Steiner's indications about the return of Christ, on the one hand, and the coming of the Antichrist, on the other hand. Both events, according to Steiner, are taking place, or will take place, in our time. Our endeavor is to provide a context in which the reader can find help to be able to grasp the larger picture as to the nature of the time in which we live. The purpose of the book is to draw attention to Christ's return in the realm of life forces known as the etheric, as well as to the impending physical incarnation of Ahriman as the Antichrist. The book is carefully written in the spirit of the age of the clear, critical consciousness of modern humanity to allow people to draw their own conclusions. Thus, it is not a matter of pointing the finger and pronouncing slogan-like statements. Rather, it is a matter of providing a context for the reader to arrive at a deeper grasp of what is taking place in the world at the present time, which can be attained only by way of hard study and the honest endeavor to attain a higher level of cognition. The main point is that the coming of the Antichrist is actually the shadow side of the much greater event of Christ's coming in the etheric realm, whereby Divine Sophia is actively working to help humanity to become aware of this greatest event of our time. Central to Rudolf Steiner's impulse is the development of intuitive faculties, which he named Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. This means that, when research is presented, people--through the exercise of their intuitive faculties--come to their own cognition of the truth and do not depend simply upon what is said by those presenting the research. The goal is--and must be--to arrive at truth for oneself, not based upon anyone else's statements. Although, of course, the statements of others can be taken as a starting point for arriving at the truth. However, cognition of the truth depends upon the development of intuitive faculties going beyond intellectual speculation. Since the publication of this book, various pronouncements--many of a speculative nature--have been made concerning the content of the book. The authors fully support the expression of freedom of thought and freedom of speech underlying statements about the book but obviously cannot be held responsible for the conclusions drawn by others from the research presented in this book. Their concern is truth--in the spirit of the words: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). In relation to the Antichrist, called the Beast in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, his way (Revelation 13) is prepared by the Prophet of the Beast. Nowhere in this book are statements made identifying specific individuals as the Beast (Antichrist) or as the Prophet of the Beast. Yet, in this age of the Internet, all kinds of pro

Inner Life of the Earth

Author : Leary, Paul V.
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Throughout human history, ancient wisdom and traditional myths have placed human beings between the heavens and the underworld, describing the heavens as the light-filled realm of the gods and the source of goodness, and characterizing the underworld as a demon-filled realm of darkness and the source of evil. Modern science, however, denies the heavens and knows little of the Earth's interior -- even physically -- beyond the first few miles, after which it simply resorts to conjecture based on the extrapolation of existing sensory data. In other words, natural science fails to take into account that the Earth is a living, spiritual being and ignores the presence of its soul-spiritual qualities and influences. To remedy this, during the early twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner researched the psychic, spiritual, and cosmic nature of the Earth's interior. He described how the different layers of the inner Earth affect and interact with human beings living on Earth. More theologically and cosmically, he spoke of the layers of "Hell," through which Jesus Christ traveled in the period between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, uniting and integrating himself with the Earth and with human destiny. The seven authors in The Inner Life of the Earth approach this difficult and little-discussed topic from different directions. They discuss how the forces emanating from the interior of the Earth affect the weather, our atmosphere, human beings, and how human behavior in turn affects them, showing that earthly and human evolution are a unity and should never be thought of as occurring separately. They also discuss the deep significance of Christ's incarnation, by which he united with the Earth to become the Spirit of the Earth. Without Christ's deed, the Mystery of Golgotha, which reunites cosmic and human evolution with the divine, human beings would be unable to work in freedom with Christ or with Sophia, divine feminine Wisdom, in her form as the Soul of the Earth, to overcome evil and help lift all creation toward goodness and greater human, cosmic, and divine fellowship.

Eurythmy as Visible Speech

Author : Rudolf Steiner
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Following his lecture-course Eurythmy as Visible Singing, these fundamental lectures on speech eurythmy – offered in response to specific requests – gave Rudolf Steiner the opportunity to complete the foundations of the new art of movement. Speaking to eurythmists and invited artists, Steiner connects to the centuries-old esoteric and exoteric Western traditions of ‘the Word’ – the creative power in the sounds of the divine-human alphabet – giving it concrete form and expression in the performing arts, education and therapy. In addition to the fifteen lectures in the course, this special edition features supporting lectures and reports by Rudolf Steiner, dozens of photographs and line drawings, as well as introductions, commentary, notes and supplementary essays compiled by editor Alan Stott, including ‘Eurythmy and the English Language’ by Annelies Davidson. Although aimed primarily at the professional concerns of eurythmists who perform, teach or work as therapists, the lectures offer a wealth of suggestions and insights to those with artistic questions and concerns. ‘Only someone who creatively unfolds a sense for art from an inner calling, an inner enthusiasm, can work as an artist in eurythmy. To manifest those possibilities of form and movement inherent in the human organisation, the soul must inwardly be completely occupied with art. This all-embracing character of eurythmy was the foundation for all that was presented.’ – Rudolf Steiner ‘For the poet, for the thinker, and for the movement artist who thinks with his/her whole body, the highest mental act is done with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their soul.’ – Alan Stott

Astrological Revolution

Author : Powell, Robert
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Like the prostrate pilgrim on the front cover—with his head protruding through the vault of heaven to discern the working of the cosmos—humanity has for many centuries employed astrology to penetrate the mystery of the stars' relationship to human destiny. Based on decades of research into both astrological reincarnation and the history of astronomy/astrology, The Astrological Revolution unfolds this mystery. The reader is invited to call into question the basis of modern astrology. This basis, the tropical zodiac, emerged through Greek astronomers from what was originally a calendar dividing the year into twelve solar months. The fact that ninety-eight percent of Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac means that contemporary Western astrology is based on a calendar system that does not reflect the actual location of the planets against the background of the starry heavens. In other words, most astrologers in the West are practicing a form of astrology that no longer embodies the reality of the stars. What is needed to bring astrology (which means the "science of the stars") back into alignment with the stars in the heavens? The first step in an astrological revolution that leads to true astrology is to recognize the sidereal zodiac (sidereal meaning "related to the stars"). In antiquity, the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Hindus used the sidereal zodiac, and today Hindu (Vedic) astrologers still use the sidereal zodiac. Based on recognition—through the newly discovered rules of astrological reincarnation, that the sidereal zodiac presents an authentic astrological zodiac—a new practice of astrology is possible that offers tools to reestablish a wisdom-filled astrology in the modern world. This new astrology, based on the sidereal zodiac, is similar to the classic sidereal form but in a modern form, as that practiced by the three magi, who—prompted by the stars—journeyed to Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Drawing on specific biographical examples, The Astrological Revolution reveals new understandings of how the starry heavens work into human destiny. For instance, the book demonstrates the newly discovered rules of astrological reincarnation through the previous incarnations of composer Franz Schubert and his patron Joseph von Spaun—respectively, the Sultan of Morocco, Abu Yusuf Ya'qub, and his erstwhile enemy, Alfonso X, the Castilian King known as "El Sabio" (the Learned), along with their sidereal horoscopes. Rudolf Steiner's biography is also considered in relation to the sidereal zodiac and the rules of astrological reincarnation. After reestablishing the sidereal zodiac as a basis for astrology that penetrates the mystery of the stars' relationship to human destiny, the reader is invited to discover the astrological significance of the totality of the vast sphere of stars surrounding the Earth. The Astrological Revolution points to the astrological significance of the entire celestial sphere, including all the stars and constellations beyond the twelve zodiacal signs. This discovery is revealed by studying the megastars, the most luminous stars of our galaxy, illustrating how megastars show up in an extraordinary way in Christ's healing miracles by aligning with the Sun at the time of those miraculous events. The Astrological Revolution thus offers a spiritual—yet scientific—path of building a new relationship to the stars.

The Living Christ

Author :
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The only comprehensive critical anthology of theological and historical aspects related to Florovsky's thought by an international group of leading academics and church personalities. It is the only book in English translation of Florovsky's key study in French – "The Body of the Living Christ: An Orthodox Interpretation of the Church". The contributors tackle a broad range of subjects that comprise the theological legacy of one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century. The essays examine the life and work of Florovsky, his theology and theological methodology, as well as ecclesiology and ecumenism. A must-have volume for those who study Florovsky and his legacy.

Days of the Living Christ

Author : W. Cleon Skousen
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No other life has had such an amazing impact upon the human race as did our Savior, Jesus Christ. From His birth in a humble stable until His death upon the cross of Golgotha, He left all of us simple teachings, direct commandments and profound doctrines which have altered the history of the world. He performed astounding miracles that left His disciples and other onlookers stunned and speechless. He condemned the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of the day, who would eventually conspire and arrange His death at the hands of the Romans. The culminating act of His ministry was the priceless gift of His eternal Atonement, which opened the floodgates of the resurrection, ending the final and icy grip of death upon all mankind. One day we too will participate in the glorious experience of the resurrection, when all tears will be dried and fears will cease. In a matter of just three years, His brief ministry changed the course of history. Gone was the harsh and rigid Mosaic law, replaced by the higher law of love for friends and enemies alike. His life is an example to all. All of these magnificent scriptural accounts and doctrines can be found within the pages of Days of the Living Christ.

Jesus Lazarus and the Messiah

Author : Charles S. Tidball
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Drawing on the Gospels, medieval and Renaissance tradition and art, the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, and the work of Rudolf Steiner, the authors unravel three key mysteries: the nature of Jesus; the identity of Lazarus and the meaning of his initiatory ?raising from the dead?; and the Messianic mystery of Christ's incarnation. This is for all those interested in the ?Jesus mysteries.?