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Chromans and Tocopherols

Author : Gwynn P. Ellis
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Professionals in the field comprehensively summarize all the literature that pertains to known members of these classes of compounds. An extensive subject index and comprehensive tables of all recognized compounds permit easy location of data.

The Encyclopedia of Vitamin E

Author : Victor R. Preedy
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Vitamin E is an important dietary constituent which helps in the defence against cellular damage. The process of its absorption from food and its utilization by the body is an intricate series of reactions. It is also used therapeutically in treating numerous diseases and conditions such as skin damage and the prevention of pathological lesions in major organs, and has been shown to be an important factor in preventing heart disease and cancer. Over 100 chapters from international contributors make this book the most comprehensive reference work in describing both the positive and negative effects and actions of Vitamin E. Chapters are divided into subsections which cover: nomenclature, biochemical, physical and chemical aspects of vitamn E related compounds; dietary and nutritional influences and effects; cocktails, anti-oxidants mixtures and novel analogues; general physiological systems, metabolism and metabolic stress; brain, neurological and optical systems; reproductive systems, fetus and infant; musculo-skeletal systems and exercise; cardiovascular and pulmonary systems; skin; hepatic, nephrotic and gastrointestinal systems; immune and haematological systems and cancer.

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Author : H Suschitzky
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Specialist Periodical Reports provide systematic and detailed review coverage of progress in the major areas of chemical research. Written by experts in their specialist fields the series creates a unique service for the active research chemist, supplying regular critical in-depth accounts of progress in particular areas of chemistry. For over 80 years the Royal Society of Chemistry and its predecessor, the Chemical Society, have been publishing reports charting developments in chemistry, which originally took the form of Annual Reports. However, by 1967 the whole spectrum of chemistry could no longer be contained within one volume and the series Specialist Periodical Reports was born. The Annual Reports themselves still existed but were divided into two, and subsequently three, volumes covering Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. For more general coverage of the highlights in chemistry they remain a 'must'. Since that time the SPR series has altered according to the fluctuating degree of activity in various fields of chemistry. Some titles have remained unchanged, while others have altered their emphasis along with their titles; some have been combined under a new name whereas others have had to be discontinued. The current list of Specialist Periodical Reports can be seen on the inside flap of this volume.

Bleaching and Purifying Fats and Oils

Author : Gary R. List
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Since the original publication of this book in 1992, the bleaching process has continued to attract the attention of researchers and the edible-oil industry. In this 2nd edition, the reader is directed to more modern techniques of analysis such as flame-atomic adsorption, graphite furnace atomic adsorption, and atomic emission spectrometry involving direct current plasma (DCP) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP). It also discusses the Freundlich Equation and reports on high-temperature water extraction, high- temperature oxidative aqueous regeneration, and extraction with supercritical CO2. Finally, various degumming methods improved over the past several decades are discussed Second edition features the progress in the bleaching and purifying of fats and oils since the mid-1990s Includes extensive details on the adsorptive purification of an oil prior to subsequent steps in the process, including refining and deodorization Offers practical considerations for choosing membranes, filtration equipment, and other key economic consideratons

THe Chemistry of Vitamin E the Synthesis of Chromans and alpha tocopherol

Author : Henry Charles Miller
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Biochemistry of Insects

Author : Morris Rockstein
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Biochemistry of Insects reviews the state of knowledge in insect biochemistry. The book begins by examining the function of carbohydrates in regulating and maintaining the life processes of insects. This is followed by separate chapters on the functional roles of lipids and proteins in insects; and protein synthesis in insects. Subsequent chapters cover the chemistry of insect cuticle; the structure, distribution, and chemistry of insect biochromes; and chemical control of insect behavior. Also discussed are the biochemical aspects of the natural products used by insects in defensive contexts; the reaction of insecticides and related compounds with their targets; detoxification mechanisms in insects; and genetic variation in natural populations. Designed to serve as a basic textbook in field, this volume should be equally useful as an auxiliary text for most relevant courses in insect biology, particularly insect physiology, insect ecology, insect control, and economic entomology. The book should also serve as an important reference source for the advanced student, the research scientist, and the professional entomologist seeking authoritative details of relevant areas of subject matter.

Principles of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Author : Dr. B.S. Chauhan
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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry Six membered rings with oxygen sulfur or two or more nitrogen atoms

Author : Alan R. Katritzky
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Band 3.

Chemistry and Medicine

Author : Maurice B. Visscher
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Chemistry and Medicine was first published in 1940. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

The Biomarker Guide Volume 2 Biomarkers and Isotopes in Petroleum Systems and Earth History

Author : K. E. Peters
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The second edition of The Biomarker Guide is a fully updated and expanded version of this essential reference. Now in two volumes, it provides a comprehensive account of the role that biomarker technology plays both in petroleum exploration and in understanding Earth history and processes. Biomarkers and Isotopes in Petroleum Exploration and Earth History itemizes parameters used to genetically correlate petroleum and interpret thermal maturity and extent of biodegradation. It documents most known petroleum systems by geologic age throughout Earth history. The Biomarker Guide is an invaluable resource for geologists, petroleum geochemists, biogeochemists, and environmental scientists.