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Christ the Body Builder

Author : Ian McDowall
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New Christians need help in getting to grips with the Christian faith during the first few months of their "new lives". Using illustrations from the world of bodybuilding, Ian provides a solid grounding in the vital Christian disciplines in a warm, conversational and very readable style. Includes chapters on growing as a Christian, finding a church, how to pray, how to read the Bible, and goals and aims.

The Life and Legend of Robert Stonewall Jackson Body Builder Wrestler and Survivor

Author : Robert Jackson
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What keeps you from overcoming obstacles in your life and walking in peace and joy in the Lord? Can you free yourself from the bondage of your past mistakes and learn to develop an identity in Christ? After a lifetime of regret, Robert "Stonewall" Jackson asked himself these hard questions, and the answers he found radically altered his world. With writing that is honest and self-disclosing, The Life and Legend of Robert "Stonewall" Jackson reveals how Jackson overcame drugs, addiction, and mental and physical war trauma to emerge a survivor. What's more, it shares the awesome power of how developing a relationship with Christ held the key to his success. From his stint playing with the Oakland Raiders to his time in prison for drug dealing, Jackson uses personal anecdotes to illustrate how God has worked in his life. He explores the doubts, fears, and perplexities he experienced and demonstrates how he found comfort and guidance in his faith. Today an award-winning bodybuilder and caregiver to his grandchildren, Jackson is committed to a close relationship with Christ and a strong dedication to total body fitness. No matter what age or life journey you are currently experiencing, God's grace and the value of believing in yourself can turn things around. Let Jackson's story inspire and motivate you to change your life!

The Bodybuilder

Author : Anthony Pelella
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"The BodyBuilder" by Anthony L. Pelella Growing up in Brentwood during the 70's, I watched my dad train. In Valley Stream during the 80's, I started training with him. It was these training sessions and thousands more throughout the years that I have gleaned many of the valuable lessons that I write about in my book. There are two passions that have been in my heart for more than half my life; weight training and being a follower of Christ. With all the experience I had gleaned from both areas I decided that the two just looked to close to one another to be ignored. I have been living on Long Island for 41years and have been a pastor in Medford Long Island going on 17 years. I felt in my heart a strong desire to write about these two passions and use them to show the gospel message in a way that the average guy or gal at the gym could easily relate to. In the days that Jesus walked this earth, fishing and farming where great ways to relate to people. Today on Long Island, in the communities that I've grown up in, the gym is something most people understand. If you have anything that moves you toward hard work & dedication in the physical fitness arena then you'll get the "heart" of why this book was written. Using the passage found in 1 Timothy 4:8 -" For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" - I wrote a series of comparisons between the physical body and spiritual maturity. Each chapter is a modern day parable that compares the rigors of intense training to the journey of being a follower of Jesus. Basically, it's as the phrase on the front cover describes, "Physical Discipline and Godly discipleship collide." -The book has received attention globally especially in European markets such as Germany. It is currently available in Italy, Australia, Norway, Hong Kong and other countries. My trainer from Fitness Plus (Rob Martinez) and I have both been on television and national radio in Europe. I have also been encouraged as two sport celebrities have personally endorsed the book. Ted DiBiase and Lee Rouson . This is what they had to say: From pumping iron to preaching the Gospel, pastor Anthony Pelella illustrates brilliantly, that there aren't any shortcuts to success. Discipline is the key to being physically fit or spiritually mature, and Pastor Pelella drives home the point that the latter has eternal consequences. In a word, his book, The Body Builder, is "priceless"! Ted DiBiase-WWE Superstar "The Million Dollar Man" "Pastor Anthony's relentless devotion to our Lord Jesus has set him apart, to where God uses all that He has given him, in the building of so many souls, for the glory of our Father God! Lee Rouson -2x NY Giant Super Bowl champ My desire is to help people understand that physical training has some amazing benefits. My life would not be as fulfilling as it is without the physical lifestyle I lead. On the other hand godliness has value for all things and will have impact on us not just in this life but the life to come. It is so vital for us to understand this truth: It's a great thing to train and condition our bodies but if we neglect the godliness aspects of living then the physical was a waste of time. We invest so hard in the temporary (our body) yet neglect that which is eternal, Our Soul!!! Pastor Anthony L. Pelella is Senior Pastor of Medford Assembly of God. He is available for guest speaking at both church and community gatherings as well as book signings of all types. To order a copy of "The Bodybuilder" visit his website at or contact him at [email protected]

The Discipline of Leisure

Author : Simon Coleman
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The burgeoning social scientific study of tourism has emphasized the effects of the post-industrial economy on travel and place. However, this volume takes some of these issues into a different area of leisure: the spare-time carved out by people as part of their everyday lives - time that is much more intimately juxtaposed with the pressures and influences of work life, and which often involves specific bodily practices associated with hobbies and sports. An important focus of the book is the body as a site of identity formation, experience, and disciplined recreation of the self. Contributors examine the ways rituals, sports, and forms of bodily transformation mediate between contemporary ideologies of freedom, choice and self-control.

Laptop Theologian

Author : Rev. Dr. Luonne Abram Rouse
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Laptop Theologian speaks to the spiritual and clinical need in grief recovery. Readings from the 66 books of the Christian Bible are recommended with existential reflections and the Jesus Prayer as sources for healing and guiding persons in grief recovery. In sixty-six days readers may experience restoration to soundness and wholeness on the journey toward healing through various aspects of human loss. Utilizing life experiences, the book provides guidance through the acceptance of death and dying into the assurance of eternal life. Respecting reality of feelings of human loss, readers experience compassion as an ethical choice of care.

Fit for Eternal Life

Author : Kevin Vost
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Train for strength in body and soul! Catholic psychologist and veteran bodybuilder Kevin Vost shows that God's command to "be perfect" applies not only to our moral life, but also to our bodies. Dr. Vost explains the basic principles of strength and endurance training and then helps you assemble an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week, leaving you plenty of time (and energy) to be an active Christian parent, spouse, and disciple.

The Spiritual Language of Art

Author : Steven F.H. Stowell
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Analyzing the literature on art from the Italian Renaissance, The Spiritual Language of Art explores the complex relationship between visual art and spirituality by revealing that terms, concepts and metaphors derived from spiritual literature were consistently used to discuss art.

The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Religion

Author : James A Beckford
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"In their introduction to this Handbook, the editors affirm: 'Many sociologists have come to realise that it makes no sense now to omit religion from the repertoire of social scientific explanations of social life'. I wholeheartedly agree. I also suggest that this wide-ranging set of essays should become a starting-point for such enquiries. Each chapter is clear, comprehensive and well-structured - making the Handbook a real asset for all those engaged in the field." - Grace Davie, University of Exeter "Serious social scientists who care about making sense of the world can no longer ignore the fact that religious beliefs and practices are an important part of this world... This Handbook is a valuable resource for specialists and amateurs alike. The editors have done an exceptionally fine job of incorporating topics that illuminate the range and diversity of religion and its continuing significance throughout the world." - Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University At a time when religions are increasingly affecting, and affected by, life beyond the narrowly sacred sphere, religion everywhere seems to be caught up in change and conflict. In the midst of this contention and confusion, the sociology of religion provides a rich source of understanding and explanation. This Handbook presents an unprecedentedly comprehensive assessment of the field, both where it has been and where it is headed. Like its many distinguished contributors, its topics and their coverage are truly global in their reach. The Handbook's 35 chapters are organized into eight sections: basic theories and debates; methods of studying religion; social forms and experiences of religion; issues of power and control in religious organizations; religion and politics; individual religious behaviour in social context; religion, self-identity and the life-course; and case studies of China, Eastern Europe, Israel, Japan, and Mexico. Each chapter establishes benchmarks for the state of sociological thinking about religion in the 21st century and provides a rich bibliography for pursuing its subject further. Overall, the Handbook stretches the field conceptually, methodologically, comparatively, and historically. An indispensable source of guidance and insight for both students and scholars. Choice 'Outstanding Academic Title' 2009

Andy Warhol s Blow Job

Author : Roy Grundmann
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In this ground-breaking and provocative book, Roy Grundmann contends that Andy Warhol's notorious 1964 underground film, Blow Job, serves as rich allegory as well as suggestive metaphor for post-war American society's relation to homosexuality. Arguing that Blow Job epitomizes the highly complex position of gay invisibility and visibility, Grundmann uses the film to explore the mechanisms that constructed pre-Stonewall white gay male identity in popular culture, high art, science, and ethnography. Grundmann draws on discourses of art history, film theory, queer studies, and cultural studies to situate Warhol's work at the nexus of Pop art, portrait painting, avant-garde film, and mainstream cinema. His close textual analysis of the film probes into its ambiguities and the ways in which viewers respond to what is and what is not on screen. Presenting rarely reproduced Warhol art and previously unpublished Ed Wallowitch photographs along with now iconic publicity shots of James Dean, Grundmann establishes Blow Job as a consummate example of Warhol's highly insightful engagement with a broad range of representational codes of gender and sexuality. Roy Grundmann is Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Boston University and a contributing editor of Cineaste.

The Therapy of the Christian Body

Author : Brian Brock
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The troubles and ills of the church today can only be understood and healed when Christians begin to face up to their hidden alliances with the Corinthians of the first century and embrace both the Apostle's diagnosis and therapy offered in the epistle. This is the challenge of The Malady and Therapy of the Christian Body, a two-volume commentary by two leading theologians that presents the fruits of a reading strategy that deliberately reflects ecclesial commitment by "reading the Apostle over against ourselves." Sharing their discoveries about the way Paul deals with questions of factionalism, sexuality, legal conflict, idolatry, dress codes, and eating habits, Brock and Wannenwetsch demonstrate how neither the malady nor the therapy that Paul describes conforms to dominant analyses of the malaise of the contemporary church, which tend to be as "organ centered" as modern medicine. The authors describe the way the Apostle engages in "feeling-into" the organic whole of the body in order to detect blockages to the healthy flow of powers by redirecting their vision to how God is working among them toward the "building up" of the Christian body. The book breaks new ground in crossing the traditional disciplinary boundaries between biblical studies, systematic theology, and theological ethics.

Identity Crisis

Author : Dr. Bobby M. Wagner
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THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPERIENCE ALL YOU WERE CREATED FOR In Identity Crisis you will find power and purpose by putting your faith in the One who can transform your identity. Even in crisis, He can do far beyond anything you can imagine. What’s the greatest crisis in our world today? Dr. Bobby Wagner, contends it is our inability to believe in the power of God in our lives. Is it possible to read the Bible and believe God does not work powerfully through His people? Our miraculous identity in Christ has not ceased, our faith in it has. It seems we are losing our faith in our God given identity, in the Bible, in the church, and in our world. A dramatic transformation takes place when you believe in the power of the Gospel. As our unbelief continues one more person misses the Good News. As a result, of the nearly 75 million Americans who have trusted Jesus Christ for salvation, more than 70 million have never shared the Good News. In a postmodern and post Christian culture in the midst of a crisis of unbelief, the only way souls will be touched is if God’s people become witnesses of the power of the Gospel.

My God My Land

Author : Jacqueline Ryle
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Examining the multifaceted nature of Christianity in Fiji, My God, My Land reveals the deeply complex and often paradoxical dynamics and tensions between processes of change and continuity as they unfold in representations and practices of Christianity and tradition in people's everyday lives. The book draws on extensive, multi-sited fieldwork in different denominations to explore how shared values and cultural belonging are employed to strengthen relations. As such My God, My Land will be of interest to anthropologists of Oceania as well as scholars and students researching into social and cultural change, ritual, religion, Christianity, enculturation and contextual theology.

Body of Christ Builder

Author : Creative Juices Publishing
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Funny Bodybuilding Christian Faith Notebook Lined 6x9 notebook

David s Goliath

Author : David Lyons
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An inspiring story of one man's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis at age 47 and his struggle to rise from the depths of despair to the stage of a bodybuilding contest. When David Lyons lay in his hospital bed numb from the chest down, barely able to move and just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, little did he know the journey God was about to take him on. He had two choices: give into the disease and most likely end up in a wheelchair, or fight it with all his might like David did against Goliath in the Bible. David Lyons, like his namesake, chose the battle. In this gripping book, David takes you on his journey of faith, trust, and perseverance. You will read how his walk with Christ took him on an unconventional path of healing. You will see how he battles this debilitating, unpredictable, and often misunderstood disease in what he calls "The MS Bodybuilding Challenge." David's story encourages people with diseases, disabilities, or any of life's hardships to never give up or give in to defeat. Take this journey with David as he pushed forth each day from hardly being able to walk with severe pain and numbness to standing on stage in a bodybuilding contest at age 50. See the impact he continues to make in his mission to educate, inspire, and help others persevere. What's next on David's journey in battling MS?

The Mormon Jesus

Author : John G. Turner
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For two centuries, Jesus has connected the Latter-day Saints to broader currents of Christianity, even while particular Mormon beliefs have been points of differentiation. From the author of the definitive life of Brigham Young comes a biography of the Mormon Jesus that enriches our understanding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Moving from I to We

Author : Paul Ford
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If you think you’re frustrated with church leadership in America, imagine how God must feel. Dr. Paul R. Ford illumines key Scripture passages to exhort readers to go back to the Spirit-led form of leadership God intends for the accomplishment of his kingdom work. By proving that leadership in the body of Christ is to be a series of functions to be fulfilled by a group of people, not just key leaders, Ford inspires a collective sigh of relief and energizes us to move forward God’s way. What a difference that would make!

Christian Soldiers

Author : Winston Abrams
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Have you ever wondered why individuals who claim to have a personal relationship with a Holy God, through His Son Jesus Christ; sometimes perform some of the most unholy acts? Or, why a brother or sister that has faithfully walked with Lord for many years, backslides into the world of sin and degradation? Or, why individuals that have been in ministries or positions in the church for many years, ends up committing gross sins. Or, maybe you - whom you know, loves the Lord dearly - ends up failing him miserably, by committing a sin you never though possible. Maybe you struggle with a besetting sin, which grieves your heart every time you give into its lure and temptation, but you do have a desire to please the Lord - simply because you love Him. This book answers these and many other questions by showing, from scriptures, what is required to live as our Lord and Savior commands. He said ..".Be ye Holy, for I am Holy." Our master deserves no less; for He has also admonished us: ..".Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Praise His Holy name; for He alone deserves all honor, all glory and all praise! This book is not a quick fix. On the contrary, it shows from the Word of God, the simple, practical means which our loving heavenly father has laid out for us, His children, to have lasting victory over the flesh, the world, and the devil; who are every second of the day conspiring to make us fail the master's Holy name. The scripture calls it denying self. In a word - Discipline! Winston Abrams - a sinner saved by grace! ..".But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." Romans 5:20

The Third Covenant of Jesus Christ

Author :
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An Encourager s Notebook

Author : Dennis G. Wood
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In the midst of the trials of life, God miraculously uses those struggles to develop our endurance, to strengthen our character, and to give us hope. In this book, you will recognize the struggles of one man, Dennis Wood, and the journey of hope that grew within him - along with his zeal to share that message with everyone he met. As you delve into his personal story and witness his victory, may you too be encouraged.

Hillsong Church

Author : Miranda Klaver
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