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Choosing the Wrong Baby Daddy 2

Author : Sophia Jenkins
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Desiree is torn between her feelings for Rashad and Tyrell ever since Tyrell stepped up to be a better father. Kendra plans to stop at nothing to keep Desiree as far away from her baby’s daddy as possible. Her efforts work, and Desiree gives up on her relationship with Rashad and decides to marry Tyrell—even though she still loves the “King of Houston.” She wants to make her family with Tyrell work, but a new addition to their family just may split them up. Keywords: Urban Street Fiction, Side Chick, Cuffing Season, Urban Books, African American Books, Urban Fiction, Urban Literature, African American Romance, Side Chick Romance, Urban, Urban African American, Urban Books, Urban eBooks, Urban Books Black Authors, Urban Books Black Authors, Urban Lit, Side Chicks

Choosing the Wrong Baby Daddy 3

Author : Sophia Jenkins
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She thought she would be happy, but Desiree finds out that she’s miserable with the man she married. Giving up the man she truly loves to protect her heart and her family, turned out to be the wrong move. Her husband comes with all of the drama she wanted to avoid and more. He isn’t fulfilling any of promises and she regrets saying “I do.” A new scandal threatens to rip the family she wanted apart, and not only that, she can’t stop thinking about the love she lost. Rashad will always be the man for her, but she’s resigned to only relive sweet memories of their time together until she he comes back into her life and claims he still loves her. Desiree is caught up in a whirlwind of painful discoveries and infidelity. Will she risk it all to be with the man she’s wanted all along? Keywords: Urban Street Fiction, Side Chick, Cuffing Season, Urban Books, African American Books, Urban Fiction, Urban Literature, African American Romance, Side Chick Romance, Urban, Urban African American, Urban Books, Urban eBooks, Urban Books Black Authors, Urban Books Black Authors, Urban Lit, Side Chicks

Cute Baby Daddy Check Yourself

Author : Hua Zhinuan
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She was originally a rising star in the world of law and government. Her father had been framed overnight and her childhood sweetheart had betrayed her. However, she had met him at the end of her road. He was a business legend, and also the mysterious person that made her have nightmares for five years. When they met again five years later, he used his precious son to grab onto her heart step by step ...

Baby Daddy from Hell

Author : Kelly Dunn
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Bad Boy Inc 2

Author : Eve Langlais
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In this second collection, the employees of Bad Boy Inc. are still finding love while dodging bullets. Includes previously released titles : Hitman Wedding ~ The employees of Bad Boy Inc. are gathered for a celebration. The bride sported the latest in bulletproof corsets. The groom wore a gun. The guests came armed for action. But the cake blew up before they could eat it. As for the honeymoon, it’s going to be a mad dash to Russia for a final showdown. Killer Daddy ~ When a baby is left on Declan’s doorstep with a note saying it’s his, he doesn’t believe it . However, until that paternity test proves him right, he’s in charge of changing diapers and quickly discovers he needs help. Bad Boy Holiday ~ Blake knows she shouldn’t get involved with a client, but she’s lonely, it’s Christmas, and when he smiles a certain way, she throws caution to the wind. After all, it’s only a holiday fling—until the guns come out.

Guilty The Inside Truth

Author : Bonita Fahy
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Braylin Falls is quite happy with her life until she has a back injury that cripples her family financially. With no way out she turns to the streets to support her family. Now in the drug game Braylin sells just enough marijuana to support her family for a short time. Then one day in April 2002 the unthinkable happens. Braylin finds herself in fear of her life and facing 80 yrs for the murder of her friend. Follow Braylin from the streets of Milwaukee to the Wisconsin Prison System as she struggles with her guilt and deals with the consequences of her actions. Where will her life take her as she tries to deal with the daily challenges she is faced with being an inmate?

Lovely Baby CEO Daddy Please Wait

Author : Rou DuoDuo
File Size : 82.43 MB
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Oh my god, the baby left the house and actually brought a daddy back!

Baby Daddy Mystery

Author : Daisy Pettles
File Size : 71.72 MB
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It's spring in Pawpaw County, Indiana and everybody has a bad case of hanky-panky pants. Senior sleuths Ruby Jane Waskom (RJ) and Veenie Goens are on the run, chasing down cheating heart jezebels and shaking child support out of deadbeat daddies. After Avonelle Apple’s husband, William, the esteemed town dentist, passes away, she receives a child support letter from a self-proclaimed mistress. Suspicious, she hires the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency, to determine if her late husband was a philandering baby daddy. The case seems simple until Avonelle’s son, Bromley, heir to his father’s dental empire, and well-known King of the Hanky-Panky Pants Club, pops up dead in a scarecrow costume. The mounting romantic mysteries come to a surprise head as the senior sleuths outrun shotgun showers to close in on the answers at the Moon Glo Motor Lodge, the Original Home of Hillbilly Hanky Panky. Veenie and RJ have to buy an extra case of Bengay and a buttload of BBs just to keep up with the romantic misadventures in this humorous crime classic.

Tug of Attraction Book 2 Love Spells Gone Wrong Series

Author : Ashlyn Chase
File Size : 36.11 MB
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Failed actress Brigit Love moved back to New Hampshire from Hollywood with one goal: to have a child. So far her only babies are furry and live at the animal shelter where she works. Brigit isn’t willing to marry to get what she wants, so doing things in “the correct order” may not be possible. Even her Wiccan spells don’t seem to be working. Until she comes up with an outrageous idea that just might do the trick. Handsome tugboat captain Ethan Cox loves his life as a happy bachelor and his only goal is to keep things exactly the way they are. No wonder his coven friend Brigit thinks he’d be the perfect guy to plant the seed and walk away whistling, especially with an iron clad contract protecting his interests. Ethan truly wants to help Brigit, but the contract she draws up stating he must give up all rights and responsibilities leaves him with a sinking feeling. Will he lose Brigit’s friendship and make coven rituals awkward if he refuses—or lose even more if he doesn’t?

California Connection 2

Author : Chunichi
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Jewel used to be content with being a ride or die chick, playing Bonnie while the men in her life played Clyde. But now she realizes that it was her connections and street smarts that helped her man, Calico, rise to the top, and Jewel wants to be the one in control. She's tired of taking orders from men. She's willing to do anything to be queen of the streets, but when a deal she makes with the enemy comes back to haunt her, her dream is turned into a nightmare. Hopeless and struggling to keep her head above water, Jewel meets Misty, who seems to be her savior. They quickly form a bond, but when that bond is broken and the mist turns to rain, Jewel finds herself in the middle of a storm that she might not make it out of.