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China s Growth

Author : Linda Yueh
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China's economic growth has transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world to its second largest economy. Understanding the drivers of growth remains elusive as the country is affected by both its transition from central planning and the challenges of a developing country. This book examines the main themes of growth, offering micro level evidence to shed light on the macro drivers of the economy. It also focuses on law and informal institutions of the economy to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector.

Understanding China s Growth

Author : C. Lo
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Using rigorous economic analysis backed by solid data and accounts of real life experiences, this book twists conventional wisdom to drive the thinking about China 'outside the box'. It dispels China's economic myths and probes deep into the hidden forces that drive China's economic future.

China s Economic Development

Author : Ming Lu
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Written by distinguished Chinese academics, this book provides a unique and rare insight into the development of the modern Chinese economy. The authors identify three major factors in the growth of the Chinese economy: economic decentralization and political centralization; the urbanÐrural divide; and relational society. These are explored in depth via analyses of factors including urban and rural economic development and their political and social foundations, industrial agglomeration, transitions of public services and governmental responsibilities towards them and developmental imbalances and mechanisms. It is illustrated that whilst contemporary China has obviously made great economic strides, a wide variety of problems are accumulating over time. The book concludes that following three decades of high economic growth, China now faces great challenges for sustainable growth, and the institutions of ChinaÕs economy have reached a critical point. Strategies for dealing with these challenges and requirements for the successful future development of China are thus prescribed. This fascinating book will provide a stimulating read for scholars, students and researchers in the fields of Asian studies, economics and development.

China s Growth and Poverty Reduction

Author : Shaohua Chen
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Author : Tao Wang, Louis Kuijs
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Critical Issues in China s Growth and Development

Author : Eden S.H. Yu
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In approximately two decades China has transformed from a stagnant socialist economy to one that is vibrant and largely market-oriented. Given China's size, rapid economic growth, and her increasing importance as an economic and political power, the country's growth and development have aroused major interest among academics and policymakers worldwide. Written by a distinguished group of economists, this volume offers insight and in-depth analysis of a wide range of issues related to China's growth and development, from the role of higher education in the country's economic growth, to socioeconomic issues such as stock market manipulation and rural-urban migration. The contributors are established scholars in the field and their research methodologies are at the frontier of modern analytical economics, including economic dynamics and computable general equilibrium analysis. The volume will be of interest to students and researchers in the areas of Chinese economic studies, finance and international economics, international business, and transitional economy.

Dilemmas of China s Growth in the Twenty first Century

Author : Ligang Song
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Since economic reforms began in 1978, China has been a focal point for observing the effects of market liberalisation. China has not only truly become one of the ‘emerging giants’ in the world economy but also provided a successful example for transition from a centrally-planned to a market economy. Thus, there is a keen interest about what lies ahead for such a significant economic player. Dilemmas of China’s Growth in the Twenty-First Century is a comprehensive treatment of China’s economic achievements to date and prospects for the twenty-first century. Covering topics as diverse as economic stability and growth sustainability, WTO membership and its implications, income disparity, agricultural policy, trade and investment prospects, Dilemmas of China’s Growth in the Twenty-First Century is a powerful work and essential guide to the latest trends and prospects for the Chinese economy. This work, originally published by Asia Pacific Press, is reproduced here in the interests of maintaining open access to high-quality academic works no longer in print.

China s Economic Growth

Author : Yanrui Wu
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The current growth of the Chinese economy is of immense importance for the global economy. This book outlines the main characteristics of Chinese economic growth over the last two decades, and investigates in detail the key determinants of growth, especially capital formation and productivity issues. It goes on to examine the important related questions of employment and underemployment, regional disparity, and economic integration, exploring in detail how far economic integration has taken place in south China, including the economies of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and how far this integration has been a determinant of economic growth. The book makes comparisons with other East Asian economies, and concludes with a consideration of the prospects for continuing growth in the twenty-first century.

Sustaining China s Economic Growth After the Global Financial Crisis

Author : Nicholas R. Lardy
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The Anatomy of China s Export Growth

Author :
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Abstract: Decomposing China's real export growth, of over 500 percent since 1992, reveals a number of interesting findings. First, China's export structure changed dramatically, with growing export shares in electronics and machinery and a decline in agriculture and apparel. Second, despite the shift into these more sophisticated products, the skill content of China's manufacturing exports remained unchanged, once processing trade is excluded. Third, export growth was accompanied by increasing specialization and was mainly accounted for by high export growth of existing products (the intensive margin) rather than in new varieties (the extensive margin). Fourth, consistent with an increased world supply of existing varieties, China's export prices to the United States fell by an average of 1.5 percent per year between 1997 and 2005, while export prices of these products from the rest of the world to the United States increased by 0.4 percent annually over the same period.

China s Economic Growth and Transition

Author : Clement Allan Tisdell
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China's economic growth in the last few decades has been very rapid and China is well on the way to achieving its goal of becoming a middle-income country in the 21st Century. China's Economic Growth and Transition covers the many dimensions of China's economic growth and transition to a market influenced economy. Areas given particular attention are: China's economic reforms, it economic growth and macroeconomics; Economic inequality, regional issues and property rights in China; Environmental issues and land-use; Science and technology policies and issues. Several of the contributions involve comparative analysis, for example with the former Soviet Union, and with Vietnam (from the Preface).

The Chinese Economy

Author : Barry Naughton
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The most comprehensive English-language overview of the modern Chinese economy, covering China's economic development since 1949 and post-1978 reforms—from industrial change and agricultural organization to science and technology.

Economic Growth Transition and Globalization in China

Author : Yanrui Wu
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This book addresses a number of important topics and issues associated with China's economic transition, growth and global integration. The chapters, by a distinguished group of scholars, provide a timely assessment of recent developments in the Chinese economy. The authors employ contemporary economic theory and the latest statistics to analyze the sources and spillover effects of China's growth, to investigate the relationship between growth and business cycle, and to shed light on China's growth prospects in the coming decade. In the context of growth, transition and globalization, the chapters also cover issues such as labour economics, urban efficiency, banking and macroeconomic management. Economic Growth, Transition and Globalization in China is a highly focused and unique work of direct policy relevance and is aimed at an international audience. It is an invaluable combination of rigorous theoretical work and empirical material. This timely book should be an important reference for researchers and students of Asian studies, and the Chinese economy, in particular. It will also appeal to business analysts.

China s Remarkable Economic Growth

Author : John Knight
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China's economy has been growing at ten per cent per annum for the last three decades. This book considers one of the biggest questions facing contemporary economists: why and how is the Chinese economy growing so fast?

Peak Oil Climate Change and the Limits to China s Economic Growth

Author : Minqi Li
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This book studies the limits imposed by the depletion of fossil fuels and the requirements of climate stabilization on economic growth with a focus on China. The book intends to examine the potentials of various energy resources, including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, and other renewables, as well as energy efficiency. Unlike many other books on the subject, this book intends to argue that, despite the large potentials of renewable energies and energy efficiency, economic growth eventually will have to be brought to an end as China and the world undertake the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. China has overtaken the US to become the world’s largest energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter. Their energy consumption is dominated by coal and China now accounts for one quarter of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, China is set to become the world’s largest oil importer in the next decade. This book will consider energy development in the broader context of economic and social changes, especially the historical dynamics of the capitalist world system. Historical lessons of capitalism and socialism will be discussed. The book will evaluate the implications of ecological limits to growth on the economic system and argue that the existing capitalist system is fundamentally incompatible with ecological sustainability.

Deepening Reform for China s Long term Growth and Development

Author : Ligang Song
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The Chinese economy has entered a new phase of development in which sources of growth are not so much dependent upon pure increases in labour, investment and credit expansion, but from productivity improvement, structural changes, technological progress and the benefits from improvement of the social security and welfare improvement. When market functions are fully established to become a main channel for allocating resources, the entrepreneurship will flourish engaging in more innovative activities, workers will move more freely and have more incentives to improve their skills, firms will become more productive through market entry and exit, the economic structure will become more balanced because of the improved resource allocation, and in the end, growth will become more spontaneous and sustainable. In this sense, reforms could deliver ‘dividend’ by raising China’s potential economic growth rates. For China to confront all the challenges it faces at present, the reforms undertaken now have to be deep, comprehensive and far-reaching in order to succeed in paving the way for China to complete the task of transformation in the long-term. There is no better alternative than deepening the market-oriented reform in advancing the course of China’s modernisation for future development and prosperity and lifting China to the status of a developed economy in the next two decades. The recent China update books have covered the topic of reform from different angles and this new book is another attempt to address this important issue.

Enhancing China s Medium Term Growth Prospects

Author : Mr. Malhar Nabar
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China’s current growth model—which has delivered steady and robust growth for two decades and lifted some 500 million individuals out of poverty—has become too reliant on credit and investment, and has begun to experience diminishing returns. Delays in advancing the government’s reform agenda will mean that vulnerabilities continue to grow and the probability of stalled convergence increases. On the other hand, with reforms to accelerate TFP growth and shift the economy away from its continued reliance on capital accumulation, China can grow at a healthy pace and maintain its convergence toward the level of high income economies. Evidence from China’s provinces indicates that there is room to improve productivity and sustain such a convergence toward the level of more prosperous economies.

Sustaining China s Economic Growth in the Twenty first Century

Author : Xiaming Liu
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Economic growth in China has been exceptionally strong in recent decades, but the country still faces enormous economic problems, including huge poverty, uneven regional development, the problems associated with strengthening capital formation, modernising and making more productive the very large former state sector. This book presents the work of a wide range of leading economists of China, all members of the prestigious Chinese Economics Association, who put forward new research findings and new thinking on a wide range of issues connected with the problem of sustaining China's economic growth.

Governing Rapid Growth in China

Author : Ravi Kanbur
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After three decades of spectacular economic growth in China, the problem is no longer how to achieve growth, but how to manage its consequences and how to sustain it. The most important consequence, at least as far as Chinese policy makers are concerned, is the rapidly growing inequality, between persons, between rural and urban areas, and between inland and coastal regions. At the same time, the institutions that have brought rapid growth so far are now under stress, and there is a need to reform and innovate on this front in order to sustain rapid growth, and to have growth with equity. The analytical literature has responded to the emerging policy problems by specifying and quantifying their magnitude, understanding their nature, and proposing policy approaches and solutions. Policy makers have also been looking to analysts for interaction and assistance. This volume brings together a collection of the best available analyses of China’s problems in governing rapid growth, focusing on equity and institutions. Contributions include perspectives from leading policy makers who were intimately involved in the reform process, and from leading academics in articles published in top peer reviewed journals.


Author : Robert André LaFleur
File Size : 33.5 MB
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Covers the geography, history, culture, and customs of China and includes a discussion of economic, political, and social issues, as well as an alphabetical section explaining significant people, places, and events.