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China s Belt And Road Initiative Going Global And Transformation In The Global Arena

Author : Hui Nee Au Yong
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China's President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013. The BRI is promoted as a way for win-win cooperation that promotes common development and prosperity. Since the introduction of BRI, China organised the inaugural One Belt One Road Summit and the Second Belt and Road Forum to spur the implementation of the Initiative.President Xi emphasised that the Belt and Road projects should uphold the principles of shared benefits and joint contributions to realise the vision of a high-quality, open, green and clean BRI. Host countries can possibly gain from China's greenfield manufacturing investments to expand the BRI markets.Contributed by academics and business professionals from Asia, Europe and Africa, the chapters discuss the contemporary people, business, civil society and government developments related to the BRI and explore Health, Environment and Security (HES) challenges that confront the Initiative. This volume shows how a host country can leverage on China's investment without losing the nation's interest.

China s Belt And Road Initiative Understanding The Dynamics Of A Global Transformation

Author : Chay Yue Wah
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This book presents critical analyses of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) from economic, social, political and geographical perspectives. Contributed by academics and business professionals from Asia, Europe and Australia, the chapters offer readers a range of regional viewpoints and insights into China's grand development strategy — primarily aimed at boosting connectivity across Asia and beyond via investments in infrastructural projects. The chapters also discuss the contemporary economic, financial, political and infrastructural developments related to the BRI and the challenges that confront the Initiative.This edited volume serves as a primer to China's mega strategic undertaking, a supplementary companion and reference resource to those familiar with the BRI.

The Belt Road Initiative in the Global Arena

Author : Yu Cheng
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This book is among the first to systematically analyze and discuss the Chinese government's“One Belt, One Road” initiative to promote infrastructure investment and economic development, bringing together a diverse range of scholars from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe. The book assembles a package of next generation ideas for the patterns of regional trade, investment, infrastructure development, or next steps for the promotion of enhanced policy coordination across the Eurasian continent and strategic implications for EU, Russia and other major powers, introducing innovative ideas about what these countries across belt and road can do together in the eyes of the young generation. This book will be of interest to scholars, economists, and interested observers of the international impact of Chinese development.

China s Millennium Transformation The Belt And Road Initiative

Author : Da-hsuan Feng
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This is a book on the Belt and Road Initiative, written from an unusual perspective — it is written by someone who was born in India but raised in Singapore; who has never spent a day of schooling in the greater China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) but has Chinese heritage; who eventually built a long and distinguished career in the West. With such an atypical background, he took an off-the-beaten-path approach by asking the fundamental question of how such an important initiative, began entirely by China, can deeply impact and transform the millennium mindset of Chinese.Such a transformation of the Chinese shall render a new definition of what a 'powerful nation' in the 21st century should be, for the betterment of humanity. This is unlike the one made by Western civilization for many centuries since the Renaissance days. Three main outcomes of the BRI have been embedded directly or indirectly throughout the book: Supercontinent, Neo-Renaissance and Cultural Communications. The author felt that these three outcomes are the possible mitigation for the world in the 21st century, facing existential challenges.Related Link(s)

China EU Relations in a New Era of Global Transformation

Author : Li Xing
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This book draws together leading experts to examine the key issues in China-EU relations. China-EU relations are increasingly complex and affected by a number of inter-related factors, such as China’s global rise, growing China-US strategic competition, US global withdrawal, the transatlantic split, the China-Russia comprehensive "alliance," and Brexit. The book highlights the struggles of both China and the EU to look for a dynamic and durable mode of engagement in an attempt to achieve the balance between opportunities and challenges, and between partnership and rivalry. International contributors explore how to conceptualise China-EU relations and identify their differences and commonalities such as the EU’s role in China’s foreign policy process and how the EU works with China as a strategic partner. Finally, it analyses China’s and the EU’s perceptions of their own present and future roles. Shedding light on the perspectives of understanding and change in China-EU relations and its impact on multilateralism, it will appeal to researchers and professionals working in International Relations, International Political Economy and area studies who are interested in the rise of emerging powers and the changing world order.

Handbook on the International Political Economy of China

Author : Ka Zeng
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This book examines the processes, evolution and consequences of China’s rapid integration into the global economy. Through analyses of Beijing’s international economic engagement in areas such as trade, investment, finance, sustainable development and global economic governance, it highlights the forces shaping China’s increasingly prominent role in the global economic arena. Chapters explore China’s behavior in global economic governance, the interests and motivations underlying China’s international economic initiatives and the influence of politics, including both domestic politics and foreign relations, on the country’s global economic footprint.

Alternative Development Finance and Parallel Development Strategies in the Asia Pacific

Author : Jin Sheng
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This insightful book examines the impact of two competing visions of Asian-Pacific economic growth paths and development governance. It discusses law, development and finance in the context of the Indo-Pacific Strategy versus the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), whilst also comparing parallel development financing systems.

The Roads and Belts of Eurasia

Author : Alexander Lukin
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This book addresses the challenges and opportunities of contemporary and future development of Eurasia. The main theme of the first part of the book is examining the reaction evoked in different countries by the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative.” The second part analyses other national and international integration and infrastructure projects in Eurasia. This unique publication brings together in one volume works by leading researchers from different countries, all united by their common interest in the political and economic processes unfolding in the Eurasian continent. By offering various points of view from experts from all over the world, this book provides a multi-dimensional analysis of the Eurasian future and will be of value to a wide range of readers, including scholars, publicists, the international business community and decision-makers.

Europe in Identity Crisis

Author : Carlo Altomonte
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Today’s European Union is in an identity crisis as it seems to be losing its points of reference. The principles that upheld its creation are being increasingly questioned around the world and within the EU itself. Its chances to survive hinge upon its ability to deliver at home and abroad,without abandoning its values and principles but rather adapting and re-launching them.This volume offers policy options on key questions for the future of the EU: How to scale-up its role abroad? How to benefit from new partners without severing ties with traditional allies such as the US? How to contain Eurosceptic forces by reducing inequalities? And how to reinforce the euro while aiming at more sustainable and balanced growth?

The China Question

Author : Dragan Pavlićević
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