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Children s Traditional Games

Author : Judy Sierra
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How they were played, who by, the rules etc.

Traditional Games and Children Today

Author : Ivan Ivič
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The Struggle of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems in an Age of Globalization

Author : Munyaradzi Mawere
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This is a comprehensive study and erudite description of the struggle of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems in an Age of Globalization, using in particular eighty-four childrens traditional games in south-eastern Zimbabwe. The book is an informative and interesting anthropological account of rare African childrens games at the risk of disappearing under globalization. The virtue of the book does not only lie in its modest philosophical questioning of those knowledge forms that consider themselves as superior to others, but in its laudable, healthy appreciation of the creative art forms of traditional literature that features in genres such as endangered childrens traditional games. The book is a clarion call to Africans and the world beyond to come to the rescue of relegated and marginalized African creativity in the interest of future generations.

Traditional Games and Children of Today

Author : Aleksandra Marjonovic
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Popularizing Balinese Traditional Games Back Into Balinese Socity for Children and Their Play

Author : Ayu P. Niastarika
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Appropriate Spaces and Environments for Children u2019 s Lanna Traditional Games in Chiang Mai

Author :
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The Traditional Games of Basotho Children

Author : R. J. R. Masiea
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Traditional Games of South Australian School Children

Author : Rosemary Down
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Games for Children Primary Resource Books for Teachers

Author : Gordon Lewis
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A fresh and enjoyable collection of games for children aged between 4 and 11, including card games, board games, physical games, and co-operative and competitive games. Gives helpful guidance for teachers on integrating games into the English syllabus, classroom management, adapting traditional games, and creating new games with children.

The Musical Playground

Author : Kathryn Marsh
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The Musical Playground is a new and fascinating account of the musical play of school-aged children. Based on fifteen years of ethnomusicological field research in urban and rural school playgrounds around the globe, Kathryn Marsh provides unique insights into children's musical playground activities across a comprehensive scope of social, cultural, and national contexts. With a sophisticated synthesis of ethnomusicological and music education approaches, Marsh examines sung and chanted games, singing and dance routines associated with popular music and sports chants, and more improvised and spontaneous chants, taunts, and rhythmic movements. The book's index of more than 300 game genres is a valuable reference to readers in the field of children's folklore, providing a unique map of game distribution across an array of cultures and geographical locations. On the companion website, readers will be able to view on streamed video, field recordings of children's musical play throughout the wide range of locations and cultures that form the core of Marsh's study, allowing them to better understand the music, movement, and textual characteristics of musical games and interactions. Copious notated musical examples throughout the book and the website demonstrate characteristics of game genres, children's generative practices, and reflections of cultural influences on game practice, and valuable, practical recommendations are made for developing pedagogies which reflect more child-centred and less Eurocentric views of children's play, musical learning, and musical creativity. Marsh brings readers to playgrounds in Australia, Norway, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Korea, offering them an important and innovative study of how children transmit, maintain, and transform the games of the playground. The Musical Playground will appeal to practitioners and researchers in music education, ethnomusicology, and folklore.