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Children s Literature in a Multiliterate World

Author : Nicola Daly
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The International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY) presents a collection by scholars of children's literature about outstanding story and picture books that explore issues of identity, belonging and empathy in many parts of the world. The books discussed are as original and exciting in form as they are in content, developing children's literacies while widening their horizons. The Foreword is by Wally De Donker, IBBY President, and the book features Cao Wenxuan's acceptance speech for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2016, in which he likens children's books to "another form of housebuilding."

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Education

Author : Sara Laviosa
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The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Education will present the state of the art of the place and role of translation in educational contexts worldwide. It lays a sound foundation for the future interdisciplinary cooperation between Translation Studies and Educational Linguistics. By adopting a transdisciplinary perspective, the handbook will bring together the various fields of scholarly enquiry and practice that make a valuable contribution to enlarging the notion of translation and diversifying its uses in education. Each contribution provides an overview of the historical background to a given educational setting. Focusing on current research approaches and empirical findings, this volume outlines the development of pedagogical approaches, methods, assessment and curriculum design. The handbook also examines examples of pedagogies that integrate translation in the curriculum, the teaching method’s approach, design and procedure as well as assessment. Based on a multilingual and applied-oriented approach, the handbook is essential reading for postgraduate students, researchers and advanced undergraduate students of Translation Studies, and educationalists and educators in the 21st century post-global era.

Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice

Author : Tina Bruce
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Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice is a brilliantly engaging and practical book that highlights the essential nature of storytelling in all walks of life, and how to best cultivate this in the early years classroom. The authors use a compelling Froebelian approach to explore the role of storytelling not just in the development of literacy but also in the development of communication and language and for maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. Drawing on primary and contemporary research, and presented by a range of experienced authors, this book covers important topics such as: The benefits of regularly practising storytelling Storytelling during play activities Group dynamics in constructing narratives The roles of props and fantasy concepts in storytelling This accessible guide is ideal for all early years practitioners looking to encourage literacy, communication and well-being in a supportive and creative environment, and for policymakers looking to develop best practice in the early years classroom.

Talking Beyond the Page

Author : Janet Evans
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Talking Beyond the Page shows how different kinds of picturebooks can be used with children of all ages and highlights the positive educational gains to be made from reading, sharing, talking and writing about picturebooks. With contributions from some of the world's leading experts, chapters in this book consider how: children think about and respond to visual images and other aspects of picturebooks children’s responses can be qualitatively improved by encouraging them to think and talk about picturebooks before, during and after reading them the non-text features of picturebooks, when considered in their own right, can help readers to make more sense out of the book different kinds of picturebooks, such as wordless, postmodern, multimodal and graphic novels, are structured children can respond creatively to picturebooks as art forms picturebooks can help children deal with complex issues in their lives Talking beyond the Page also includes an exclusive interview with Anthony Browne who shares thoughts about his work as an author illustrator. This inspiring and thought provoking book is essential reading for teachers, student teachers, literacy consultants, academics interested in picturebook research and those organising and teaching on teacher education courses in children’s literature and literacy.

Books Media and the Internet

Author : Shelley S. Peterson
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As editors of Books, Media, and the Internet, David Booth, Carol Jupiter, and Shelley S. Peterson present the work of colleagues from the conference “A Place for Children’s Literature in the New Literacies Classrooms,’ April 2008. Within these pages, teachers, librarians, and others concerned with literacy will find inspiration and strategies for melding technology and children’s literature from practitioners who have found effective ways to engage young people with text, both in print and on screen. The contributors to this anthology include classroom teachers, librarians, university educators, and journalists. They speak not only to the technologically capable and media-savvy teachers but also to the curious, who seek starting points for using new technologies alongside traditional print media in their classrooms. They show how multimedia and digital technologies expand our approaches to literacy education -- and how to extend and enrich our use of stories, whatever the media, with all ages. Their articles cover a vast range of subjects arranged into 5 sections. This book provides current information, classroom examples, and anecdotes as practical tools to help teachers use digital, media, and print texts to extend students’ learning. The helpful “Teaching Tools” section at the end of the book explains how to use a variety of digital tools in the classroom.

Children s Literature in the Elementary School

Author : Charlotte S. Huck
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Author : Gordon Winch
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Providing an introduction to the principal literacy theories, while maintaining a focus on the practical application of literacy skills to everyday teaching, this book is divided into three parts: Reading; Writing; and Children's Literature.

Reflections on Multiliterate Lives

Author : Diane Dewhurst Belcher
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This is a collection of personal accounts of the formative literacy experiences of highly successful second language users, all of who are professional academics. Representing fourteen countries in origin, the contributors recount in their own words past and present struggles and successes as learners of language and of much else.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts

Author :
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The Multilingual Mind

Author : Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa
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The bulk of the world's population is multilingual, and one in seven Americans speak a language other than English at home. Multilinguals crave answers to question both basic and profound, questions relating to linguistic identity, schools, multiliteracy, how languages are actually learned, and why there are so many variations on individual success. Tokuhama-Espinosa combines solid research, humor, and real-life examples into 21 informative and entertaining essays about people who experience the world with multiple languages. This book tackles common misconceptions about polyglots (too many languages can cause brain overload, some languages are easier to learn than others, an adult cannot learn a foreign language as fast as a child, etc.) Other topics include: Curriculum choice Teaching languages using the multiple intelligences How different education systems can influence multilingual skills Language's relationship to mental tasks such as music and math Languages from the womb and bilingualism from birth The growth of the trilingual family The societal situation of third culture kids (those growing outside of their parents' native country) A special case for foreign language development The emerging cross-area study of multilingualism and cosmopolitanism Questions of linguistic identity Challenges to normal foreign language learning, such as dyslexia, Downs Syndrome, and deafness"

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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Learning to Teach Language Arts in a Field based Setting

Author : Donna L. Wiseman
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The New Advocate

Author :
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Current Index to Journals in Education Semi Annual Cumulations 1990

Author : Oryx Press Staff
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Jetzt spricht Dylan Mint und Mr Dog h lt die Klappe

Author : Brian Conaghan
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Der 16-jährige Dylan Mint hat das Tourette-Syndrom und voraussichtlich nur noch ein halbes Jahr zu leben. 3 Dinge will er aber unbedingt noch regeln: mit einem Mädchen schlafen, seinen Vater aus Afghanistan heimholen und für seinen Freund Amir einen neuen besten Kumpel finden. Ab 14.

Art and Creative Development for Young Children

Author : Robert Schirrmacher
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Art and Creative Development for young Children, 5E, written for early childhood professionals and those preparing to work with children in child care, preschool, or a Kindergarten through third grade setting, is a comprehensive, must-have resource for setting up a developmentally appropriate art program. This updated text takes a child-centered approach to art education. It covers the important issues of creative experience, art and the developing child, special needs and diversity, children's artistic development, planning, developing, implementing and evaluating art, integrating art across the curriculum, roles and strategies that facilitate children's artistic expression, evaluation and assessment.

Adolescent Literacy

Author : G. Kylene Beers
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Adolescent Literacy discusses issues such as including English language learners, struggling readers, technology in the classroom, multimodal literacy, compelling writing instruction, teaching in a "flat world," engagement, and young adult literature. In addition Adolescent Literacy's assessment rubrics for teachers, administrators, and staff developers make it a resource for schoolwide and districtwide professional development, while its accompanying study guide is designed for small-group discussions. --From publisher's description.

Journal of Reading

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Teaching English literature

Author : Engelbert Thaler
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The Philosopher s Index

Author :
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Vols. for 1969- include a section of abstracts.