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Blindness and Children

Author : David H. Warren
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This study concludes that many aspects of delayed development are not the result of visual impairment itself, but rather of environmental variables that tend to accompany it, after summarizing and interpreting the research literature on infants and children with visual impairments.

Our Blind Children Growing and Learning with Them

Author : Berthold Lowenfeld
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A distinguished authority on blind children offers parents information on the growth, learning processes, and education of the blind child from infancy to adolescence and discusses special problems of the multihandicapped

Vision and the Emergence of Meaning

Author : Anne Dunlea
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This work clearly demonstrates the crucial contribution it makes to child language research.

Language Development and Social Interaction in Blind Children

Author : Miguel Perez-Pereira
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The Classic Edition of this foundational text includes a new preface from Miguel Pérez-Pereira, examining how the field has developed since first publication. The volume provides an in-depth account of blind children's developing communicative abilities, with particular emphasis on social cognition and language acquisition from infancy to early school age. It provides insights into why the development of blind children may differ from that of sighted children and explores development of "theory of mind" and perspective taking in language learning. It also discusses the caregiver–child interaction, research on early intervention and practical strategies for blind children that can assist parents and practitioners. The up-to-date preface discusses recent neurological research and the comparison between the psychological development of visually impaired and autistic children. Language Development and Social Interaction in Blind Children continues to facilitate dialogue between those interested in the study of typically developing children and those interested in the development of children who are blind, and challenges some widely held beliefs about the development of communication in blind children.

Independent Movement and Travel in Blind Children

Author : Joseph Cutter
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The purpose of this book is to contribute to our understanding of Developmental O and M, independent movement and travel in blind children. Unlike many books and articles on orientation and mobility (O&M) for blind children, this one is not about the effect of blindness on movement. Such an inquiry is self-defeating from the start, as it often begins with misconceptions and deficit-thinking about blindness and the blind child’s early motor development. Instead, this book is about the effect of movement on development and the importance of movement experiences for the development of independent movement and travel in blind children. It has a clear premise: blind children must become "active movers" if they are to become independent "travelers."

Blindness in Children

Author : Miriam Norris
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Deaf blind Infants and Children

Author : John M. McInnes
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This is a comprehensive reference guide for teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals working or living with children who are both deaf and blind. It provides day-to-day guidance and suggestions about techniques and methods for assessing children with multi-sensory deprivation, and for devising programs to help them cope.

Cognitive Development in Blind Children

Author : S. Begum
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Contents: Introduction, Conspectus of Research on Cognitive Abilities, A Study Plan and Procedure, Presentation Analysis and Interpretation of Data, Discussion, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations and Suggestions.

A Blind Child s Pathway to Learning

Author : Dr. William Cavitt
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Our intention in writing this book is to provide three distinct but closely related groups with insight into the factors required to help a blind child attain his/her maximum level of cognitive abilities. The first group consists of parents who face the day to day reality of helping their blind child deal with the challenges imposed by the lack of sight. The second group consists of beginning and future professionals who will find themselves deeply involved with providing social, psychological, and educational support of these parents. The third group includes friends, family, and others who are not and will not be on the front lines of working with blind children, but who are interested in understanding the issues for their own reasons. There are many articles and books available that discuss the various aspects of the development of both sighted and blind children from almost every possible perspective related to the factors that impact the learning and developmental processes of children. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these have been written by professionals to professionals, using the jargon of the author's chosen field of study. As a result, people who are not part of the "in groups" often find these publications hard to understand, boring, or both. In this book, we do not aim to provide any new insights to established professionals or other individuals who are knowledgeable in this area. Rather, our purpose is to translate the knowledge provided by these professionals into ideas and concepts that can be readily understood and applied by parents, teachers, and other caregivers of blind children. Throughout the book, we will be dealing with highly specialized concepts and theories of education, psychology, and human development. We have done our best to translate the professional and academic jargon into what most people would call "simple English. Throughout the text, we have provided our definitions of key terms as we have come to understand and apply those terms. We recognize that others may have different interpretations for the same terms, and we do not dispute that their definitions serve their particular purposes.

Teachers of Children who are Blind

Author : Romaine Prior Mackie
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