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Child Survivors of the Holocaust in Greece

Author : Pothiti Hantzaroula
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A historical investigation of children’s memory of the Holocaust in Greece illustrates that age, generation and geographical background shaped postwar Jewish identities. The examination of children’s narratives deposited in the era of digital archives enables an understanding of the age-specific construction of the memory of genocide, which shakes established assumptions about the memory of the Holocaust. In the context of a global Holocaust memory established through testimony archives, the present research constructs a genealogy of the testimonial culture in Greece by framing the rich source of written and oral testimonies in the political discourses and public memory of the aftermath of the Second World War. The testimonies of former hidden children and child survivors of concentration camps illuminate the questions that haunted postwar attempts to reconstruct communities, related to the specific evolution of genocide in Greece and to the rising anti-Semitism of postwar Greece. As an oral history of child survivors of the Holocaust, the book will be of interest to researchers in the fields of the history of childhood, Jewish studies, memory studies and Holocaust and genocide studies.

Child Survivors of the Holocaust

Author : Beth B. Cohen
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The majority of European Jewish children alive in 1939 were murdered during the Holocaust. Of 1.5 million children, only an estimated 150,000 survived. In the aftermath of the Shoah, efforts by American Jews brought several thousand of these child survivors to the United States. In Child Survivors of the Holocaust, historian Beth B. Cohen weaves together survivor testimonies and archival documents to bring their story to light. She reveals that even as child survivors were resettled and “saved,” they struggled to adapt to new lives as members of adoptive families, previously unknown American Jewish kin networks, or their own survivor relatives. Nonetheless, the youngsters moved ahead. As Cohen demonstrates, the experiences both during and after the war shadowed their lives and relationships through adulthood, yet an identity as “survivors” eluded them for decades. Now, as the last living link to the Holocaust, the voices of Child Survivors are finally being heard.

Child Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel

Author : Sharon Kangisser Cohen
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The life stories of child survivors who rebuilt their post-war lives in Israel have been largely left untold. This work is the first exploration into the experience of child survivors in Israel, focusing on the child survivors' experience in telling his/her past to a wider audience and in publicly identifying themselves as Holocaust survivors. While psychological research focuses on the survivor's personal inhibitions and motivations in retelling his/her past, Child Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel attempts to understand the impact that the post-war environment has had on the individual's relationship to it. Using a qualitative narrative approach, this study examines the dynamics of "silence" and "retelling" in the post-war experience of child survivors. This work demonstrates the ways in which social dynamics, as well as internal motivations, had an impact on the extent to which these people were likely to speak publicly about their war-time experience or whether they were more inclined to remain silent. The interviews with survivors are presented using their own voice, and can thereby be understood in their own unique context. The result is a unique work that synthesizes social science fields as disparate as history and psychology.

The Children of Buchenwald

Author : Judith Hemmendinger
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Some of the 426 child survivors of Buchenwald tell their stories, from their lives in the camp, their liberation, and their struggle for normalcy and emotional well-being.


Author : Samuel Harris
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This gripping first person account of a child caught in the horror of the Holocaust is a testament to the enduring resilience of faith and the ability of the human spirit to rebound from tremendous adversity. Sam Harris is one of the, if not the, youngest Holocaust survivors who actually spent time in a concentration camp and was miraculously saved. Almost without exception, all Jewish children his age were, after the arrest of their families, immediately murdered. His story is one that should be read by children to learn how a young boy survived the Holocaust. It is a story of hope and courage. Harris' recollection of his childhood journey from Poland to America is beautifully written. "In sharing your personal testimony as survivor of the Holocaust you have granted future generations the opportunity to experience a personal connection with history. Thanks you for your invaluable contribution, your strength and your generosity of Spirit" -Steven Spielberg, Director of Shindler's List. "Sammy Child Survivor of the Holocaust is the remarkable story of a child who was saved because of the persistence of his sister and the cooperation of so many who wanted to enable at least one child to defeat the German plan to destroy all the Jews. What gives the story its remarkable poignancy is that the child's voice has been preserved, the innocence of his perceptions, the simplicity of his emotions and the acuteness of his sense of danger. Sammy did know pretend to know more than he knew or see history in all its complexity; rather the child is our guide to a world than even the most sophisticated of adults could not understand. The book is both haunting and humbling." _ Michael Berenbaum, President's Commission on the Holocaust and project director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Messages and Memories

Author : H. Dasberg
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And Life is Changed Forever

Author : Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut Staff
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Looking at the Holocaust through the eyes of children who lived through it, this collection offers an inspiring assortment of perspectives on survival.

Child Survivors of the Holocaust

Author : Paul Valent
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At the end of the Second World War approximately 1.5 million Jewish children had been killed by the Nazis. In this book, ten child survivors tell their stories. Paul Valent, himself a child survivor and psychiatrist, explores with profound analytical insight the deepest memories of those survivors he interviewed. Their experiences range from living in hiding to physical and sexual abuse. Child Survivors of the Holocaust preserves and integrates the personal narratives and the therapist's perspective in an amazing chronicle. The stories in this book contribute to questions concerning the roots of morality, memory, resilience, and specifc scientific queries of the origins of psychosomatic symptoms, psychiatric illness, and trans-generational transmission of trauma. Child Survivors of the Holocaust speaks to the trauma facing contemporary child victims of abuse worldwide through past narratives of the Holocaust.

The Last Witness

Author : Judith S. Kestenberg
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Special attention is paid to the effects of the Holocaust on children who were in hiding and the experience of adolescent children, as described in the diary of an adolescent girl.

How We Survived

Author :
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Love Despite Hate

Author : Sarah Moskovitz
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Interviews with twenty-four people who survived Nazi concentration camps as children recall that dark period of their lives, the continuing burdens of loss and pain, and the durability of hope and the resilience of the human spirit

Hidden Children

Author : André Stein
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Tells the stories of Jewish children who survived the Holocaust through the help of brave adults

Ne arim

Author : Thelma Gruenbaum
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This challenging and compelling new book reveals the previously undocumented life of the children at Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. During the war approximately 10,000 children were held here. Concentrating on a group of boys, aged between 12 and 14 at the time of imprisonment, Nesarim: Child Survivors of Terezin recounts their stroies both during and after the war. The 10 boys detailed here shared a room with 30 others and they called themselves the Nesarim or eagles. This is their poignant story, one of survival, strength and above all, brotherhood.

Second Generation Voices

Author : Alan L. Berger
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An anthology in which people that the Holocaust touched second hand reflect on their relationships with their parents, society at large, and the events of the past.

Children of the Holocaust

Author : Helen Epstein
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Born to survivors of Auschwitz and Terezin, the author recounts her private quest to come to terms with her parents' past, a quest which took her to Israel and into the homes of other children of concentration-camp survivors

Shards of Memory

Author : Yehudi Lindeman
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The Holocaust continues to resonate with the general public and with historians--as survivors die out and memory fades, collecting and analyzing primary documents becomes a necessary historical art.

Little Holocaust Survivors

Author : Barbara Wolfenden
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Recounts the stories of the traumatized Jewish children who found refuge in Europe's Stoatley Rough School during World War II.

Hidden from the Holocaust

Author : Kerry Bluglass
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Presents the oral histories of fifteen psychologically healthy people who survived the Holocaust as children hidden by Christians.

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors

Author : Bernice Eisenstein
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Presented in a graphic novel format, a memoir of the author's experience of growing up in the 1950s with Holocaust survivor parents describes their memories of family members lost in the war and the author's observations about memory and loss.

Miracle Child

Author : Anita Epstein
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This memoir is about a Jewish baby born in the Krakow ghetto in November 1942, three years after Hitler conquered Poland, and, remarkably, escaping death--one of a mere one half of one percent of Jewish children in Poland who survived during the Nazi era. Her life was saved because her parents hid her with a Catholic family. Just as remarkably, her mother, still alive after suffering terribly through four of Hitler's camps, traveled for weeks back to Poland and found her again. The book also depicts the author's postwar challenges in Germany and America.