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Chess Openings for Kids

Author : John Watson
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Introduces readers to the names and starting moves of the main chess openings, while highlighting several devastating opening traps.

Basic Chess Openings for Kids

Author : Charles Hertan
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Award-winning author Charles Hertan knows what kids really need to know (and want to know) about getting their pawns and pieces ready for action. Traditional chess opening books concentrate on the variations in different openings. Charles Hertan believes that for beginners and advanced beginners memorizing lines is not only boring but also a waste of time. Hertan’s approach is different. He helps kids to develop a solid understanding of the fundamental opening principles. What are the properties of each chess piece, and how can they be mobilized effectively to work together and get a strong position on the board? In his trademark humorous and kidfriendly way, Hertan teaches what you should actually be trying to achieve at the start of a game. Kids will love learning how to avoid The Five Most Common Opening Mistakes. This is a fun, easy-to-use, down-to-earth and accessible chess opening primer.

Chess Opening Workbook for Kids

Author : Graham Burgess
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This is a book for those who want to start their chess games purposefully and take full advantage of their opponents' mistakes. It is vital to start a chess game well. Each move needs to be useful and precise. The best way to develop the necessary know-how is by experience and practice, rather than rote learning of 'rules' and principles. It's all about the specifics and being alert to what the opponent is doing, and pouncing on any errors. Chess Opening Workbook for Kids is the second in a new series of books that help players gain chess skills by tackling hundreds of carefully chosen exercises. The themes are similar to those in Gambit's best-selling 'Chess for Kids' series, but the focus is on getting hands-on experience. Many positions build on ones given earlier, showing how advanced ideas are normally made up of simpler ones that we can all grasp. Each chapter is focused on a particular theme and features dozens of exercises, with solutions that highlight the main strategic and tactical points. Each chapter offers tips on opening play, such as how to detect weaknesses and poorly-placed pieces. Later chapters address key aspects of opening strategy such as the centre, development and castling. The book ends with a series of seven graded tests where you are given few clues about the themes involved. Award-winning author Graham Burgess has written 27 chess books, including two on opening play for the 'Chess for Kids' series. He is a FIDE Master and a former champion of the Danish region of Funen. In 1994 he set a world record for marathon blitz chess playing and won the British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award in 1997.

Chess for Smart Kids

Author : Magnus Templar
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How to become a Junior Chess Master - CHESS FOR SMART KIDS Do you want to inspire your daughter or son for the most sophisticated game in human history? Do you want to help your kids to develop their untapped potential? Do you want to enthuse them to become Junior Chess Masters? If so, then this is the book you have been waiting for. He or she will discover: - The long and adventurous history of Chess - The basic rules of Chess - clear and easy-to-understand! - How to develop and execute Chess Strategies and Tactics - The most famous Chess Openings and Endgames - Cool Facts about kids and Chess - And much more! "CHESS FOR SMART KIDS - How to become a Junior Chess Master is a an easy-to-understand yet powerful guide to quickly master the game of chess. It is THE PLACE-TO-GO for your kids to lay the foundation to become the next Junior Chess Masters!" WARNING: This book has been written and tailored to the needs of kids who are seriously interested in the fascinating game of chess. It is best suited for kids not younger than 7. Do not miss this opportunity to help your kid unleash his or her potential to become the next Junior Chess Master! Do not wait longer to GET CHESS FOR SMART KIDS TODAY. No Regrets Guaranteed. And as we always do: get the book with the ebook version free-of-charge

How to Beat Your Kids at Chess

Author : David MacEnulty
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How to Beat Your Kids at Chess is a book that truly starts at the beginning, with the most basic idea of all: the straight line. This book offers clear explanations, opportunities to practice each concept before moving on, and a systematic progression of ideas. If you... - have always wanted to learn to play chess, this is the book to get you started. - are a chess parent who wants to understand what your child is leaning, this is the book for you. - are a teacher or other adult with little chess knowledge, suddenly in charge of a chess program, then this is the book that will become your bible. - are an adult looking for something to keep your brain active, this book will open the door to exciting and complete brain stimulation. - have been daunted by the complexity of chess, think you don't have the patience for the game, or suffer some other fear that keeps you from trying, this book will allay all your anxieties.

How to Play Chess for Children

Author : Tim Ander
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How to Play Chess for Beginners – for Kids of All Ages! When you read How to Play Chess for Children, you’ll discover a wonderful world of challenge and adventure! This easy-to-follow guide provides a complete overview of the game of chess. It’s a perfect introduction to the game. Kids can enjoy every step of learning chess: Discovering the timeless 8x8 chessboard Learning the unique movements of the individual chess pieces Mastering the art and timing of the popular “castling” move Understanding the ins and outs of pawn moves, attacks, and advancement and so much more! With How to Play Chess for Children, little ones can easily develop their long-term thinking skills. They’ll learn how to start out smart and strong by learning the best chess openings. Then, they’ll adopt savvy and flexible strategies for the chess midgame. Kids can finish strong by mastering the endgame, in which weak pieces can become very strong, and complete their game with decisive checkmates! This book even describes techniques for avoiding a draw (tie) game when kids are winning a game – and trying for a draw when their opponent has the upper hand. This practical strategy teaches maturity, adaptation, and smart success for children of all ages! Don’t miss this opportunity to get kids involved in this classic and inspiring game.

Power Chess for Kids

Author : Charles Hertan
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A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To become one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so. You will learn how to weed out silly moves and just consider a few important ones. Forget about learning openings and endgames, power moves will help you win in all stages of the game. Charles Hertan introduces the four main characters who will help you to learn these basic skills: Zort (a teenaged computer from the planet Zugszwang), the Dinosaurs, Power Chess Kid and the Chess Professor . The most complete and fun kids book ever on learning how to win games!

The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids

Author : Richard James
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This accessible how-to guide for parents and teachers on the best way to teach chess to children, from international chess expert Richard James, is linked to both his bestselling book, Chess for Kids, and his website chessKIDS academy. James, who taught grandmasters Luke McShane and Jonathan Rowson, shows how learning chess is interesting and fun. It can also help children develop life skills, such as decision-making and social skills, and be a springboard to other subjects in the school curriculum, such as maths, science, history and even languages. In an easy-to-follow, fun way, James explains how to structure short lessons with worksheets and other activities to introduce the chess pieces, chess notation and chess-board dynamics - so that children can understand the thinking behind the moves and start playing and enjoying this fascinating game.

Jewish Sports Stories for Kids

Author : Judy Labensohn
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents a collection of sports stories that incorporate Jewish themes including Jewish history, language, and culture.

An Idiot Proof Chess Opening Repertoire

Author : Graham BURGESS
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ever wanted a complete chess opening repertoire - for White and Black - whose basics can be learned in a week? A strategic low-maintenance repertoire that does not require memorizing of long variations, and yet can frustrate both stronger and weaker opponents? In this book, award-winning author Graham Burgess has come up with the ultimate simplified repertoire. But it is not based on boring or unambitious openings. The aim is to avoid symmetry and mass exchanges, and reach an unbalanced middlegame. You won't be dumped into do-or-die tactics where the penalty for forgetting a key move is an instant loss. There are plenty of sharp and aggressive ideas within these pages, but the openings chosen provide a firm and sound base for experimentation. If you forget the critical line and have to make something up at the board, then if you have understood the key strategic themes - which are explained with the use of mini-rules and reminders - then you should get a playable game. As Black, we choose the slippery Scandinavian and a carefully crafted hybrid of the Slav and QGA. As White it is the English Opening, often with Botvinnik set-ups that will give our opponents fits! These will become your special lines, where you will know and understand more than most players, even much stronger ones. Graham Burgess has written 28 chess books, including three on opening play for the 'Chess for Kids' series. He is a FIDE Master and a former champion of the Danish region of Funen, and in 1994 set a world record for marathon blitz chess playing.

Start Playing Chess

Author : Charles Hertan
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Award-winning author Charles Hertan has written a lively and user-friendly chess primer for kids and other beginners. You will meet all the pieces, learn all the important rules and get tips on how to start playing real games yourself. Charles Hertan teaches you about the ins and outs of the chess board, how the pieces move, the value of the pieces, capturing (and recapturing!) enemy pieces, check, checkmate and stalemate, illegal moves, pawn promotion (including underpromotion!), castling, En Passant pawn capturing, various tips and tricks. Chess is not just an exciting game that brings fun to millions of people around the globe. More and more educators and scientists agree that playing chess has lots of benefits and is a wonderful educational tool. Playing chess improves your brain functions: your memory, cognitive abilities, attention-span, decision making and strategic thinking! Charles Hertan says: “Kids love chess despite the fact that it is good for them”. His cheerfully laid-out book makes it easy for everyone to start playing games and have fun.

Whiz Kids Teach Chess

Author : Eric Schiller
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Ten chess prodigies and their coach discuss chess basics, winning strategies, getting rated, reading notation, playing online, good games, bad games, and joining tournaments

The Batsford Book of Chess for Children

Author : Sabrina Chevannes
File Size : 51.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Chess is experiencing a new wave of popularity in schools, and it's educational too. Organisations like Chess in Schools are promoting it as the perfect way to develop analytical thinking skills, foster the competitive instinct and provide a lot of fun along the way. This cute, character-based book, aimed at children aged 7 and up, is a complete guide to chess for those starting out in the game. In straightforward, animated language, Jess and Jamie two rough-and-tumble kids who are obsessed with chess explain everything you need to know, from first sitting down at the board to sneaky tricks to help you beat your opponents. The book explains who the pieces are and how they move (and that we're talking about pawns, not prawns), how to reach checkmate (or, in Jess's words, 'how to kill the king'), and the concept of the opening, middlegame and endgame. It also introduces the idea of chess etiquette - and explains why: sometimes no one wins and a game ends in stalemate. Friendlier and more fun than the average children's chess book, The Batsford Book of Chess for Children should become an essential addition to any child's bookshelf.

Chess Strategy for Kids

Author : Thomas Engqvist
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Format : PDF, ePub
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So you have learned how to play chess, studied tactics and know some basic endgames and openings. What’s next? The glue that binds it all together is strategy. By forming a good plan, chess-players seize strong points on the board and target the opponent’s weaknesses. Experienced player and teacher Thomas Engqvist shows that it all depends on logic that can be grasped by players of any age. He explains how to identify the right strategy in a wide range of typical situations. With his guidance, you will soon be finding good plans on your own - and then it will be time to demonstrate your tactical mastery! He first teaches the importance of the central squares and the basics of pawn-play, before examining the role of each of the pieces and how they are affected by the pawn-structure. Finally we see how to use them together to launch attacks of many different types. You then get a chance to test your new strategic skills in 54 exercises, all with full solutions. Chess Strategy for Kids provides a complete course that will help readers understand the potential of their pieces and play more purposefully in their games. Chess will stop feeling like a series of random events as you take command of your forces and direct them like a general in charge of an army. Thomas Engqvist is an International Master from Sweden with more than three decades’ experience of international chess. He is a successful chess trainer and has also made notable contributions to chess theory. Engqvist is editor of the website and teaches at a school in the Stockholm area.

Kids Book of Chess and Chess Set

Author : Harvey Kidder
File Size : 77.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A direct, lively introduction to the game that's inspired passion and challenge for over 900 years—for kids ages 8-12. Everything a child needs to learn how to play chess, hone your skills, and become a grandmaster, including a custom-designed chess board and full set of 32 chess pieces! A 96-page book leads kids through the fundamentals of beginning, middle, and end game, and shows winning strategies for offense and defense. Full-color fantasy art captures the energy and excitement of chess's origins—the medieval battlefield. Over 1 million copies in print. For ages 8-12.


Author : Magnus Templar
File Size : 68.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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CHESS OPENINGS FOR BEGINNERS - A Comprehensive Guide to Chess Openings is an easy-to-understand yet powerful guide to quickly master Chess. You will learn the best Chess Openings, proven strategies and tactics on how to win each and every game.

Chess Life

Author :
File Size : 44.84 MB
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Openings for Amateurs

Author : Pete Tamburro
File Size : 36.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learning how to start a game of chess is one of the most daunting tasks facing intermediate adult and young chess players. Award-winning chess teacher and championship scholastic coach Pete Tamburro offers practical guidance for avoiding common pitfalls at the chessboard, as well as effective strategies for meeting troublesome openings and a choice of openings reflecting his focus on ideas over memorization.

Openings for Amateurs Next Steps

Author : Pete Tamburro
File Size : 81.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Building on the tremendous success of Openings for Amateurs in 2014, Pete Tamburro offers a new collection of practical tips to help club-level and young chessplayers to play the opening on their own terms. Centering the discussion around 67 selected model games, Openings for Amateurs - Next Steps covers troublesome variations commonly seen in amateur play, such as the Smith-Morra Gambit, Grand Prix Attack, Schliemann Defense, Anti-Grünfeld, Two Knights, London System, Stonewall Attack, and the Benko Gambit, among others. As befits an experienced chess teacher, the author gives special attention to promoting positional understanding of the Open Games, isolated queen's pawn strategies, and plans revolving around the queenside pawn majority. In combination with the original volume, you will enjoy over 600 pages of common-sense explanations for average players and 122 model games, enabling you to cope with your booked-up opponents because you understand what the positions are about once you get out of the opening.


Author : Magnus Templar
File Size : 67.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Learn the game of chess together with your kids while having a blast - but be prepared to be overtaken very soon!