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Chemical Sciences in the Modern World

Author : Seymour H. Mauskopf
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This compilation of essays by leading scholars represents the first fruits of modern historical scholarship on the chemical sciences.

Introducing the Chemical Sciences

Author : Chemical Heritage Foundation
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An introductory guide that is designed particularly for teachers and their students, but is useful in many other contexts. This new edition lists reference works; histories of science and technology; histories of the chemical sciences and industries including company histories; autobiographies and biographies; edited classical texts; and journals.

From Classical to Modern Chemistry

Author : Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)
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This lavishly illustrated book provides a focal point for any historian of chemistry or chemist with an interest in this fascinating topic.

Chemical History

Author : Gerrylyn K Roberts
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This book provides an historical overview of the recent developments in the history of diverse fields within chemistry. It follows on from Recent Developments in the History of Chemistry, a volume published in 1985. Covering chiefly the last 20 years, the primary aim of Chemical History: Reviews of the Recent Literature is to familiarise newcomers to the history of chemistry with some of the more important developments in the field. Starting with a general introduction and look at the early history of chemistry, subsequent chapters go on to investigate the traditional areas of chemistry (physical, organic, inorganic) alongside analytical chemistry, physical organic chemistry, medical chemistry and biochemistry, and instruments and apparatus. Topics such as industrial chemistry and chemistry in national contexts, whilst not featuring as separate chapters, are woven throughout the content. Each chapter is written by experts and is extensively referenced to the international chemical literature. Chemical History: Reviews of the Recent Literature is also ideal for chemists who wish to become familiar with historical aspects of their work. In addition, it will appeal to a wider audience interested in the history of chemistry, as it draws together historical materials that are widely scattered throughout the chemical literature.

Chemical Achievers

Author : Mary Ellen Bowden
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This book was designed to help teachers supplement science curricula with human stories of discovery in the chemical sciences. Chemical Achievers presents the lives and work of two types of achievers. First are the historical greats, those chemical scientists most often referred to in introductory courses. Second are those scientists who made contributions in areas of the chemical sciences that are of special relevance to modern life and the career choices students will make. The human faces summarized in this book range from Robert Boyle to Glenn Seaborg and Stephanie Kwolek. In this lively and comprehensive collection of photographs and biographies, Bowden illuminates how much the chemical sciences owe to the individual achiever. Over 150 images can be easily reproduced as overhead transparencies or other visual teaching aids.

From Chemical Philosophy to Theoretical Chemistry

Author : Mary Jo Nye
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How did chemistry and physics acquire their separate identities, and are they on their way to losing them again? Mary Jo Nye has written a graceful account of the historical demarcation of chemistry from physics and subsequent reconvergences of the two, from Lavoisier and Dalton in the late eighteenth century to Robinson, Ingold, and Pauling in the mid-twentieth century. Using the notion of a disciplinary "identity" analogous to ethnic or national identity, Nye develops a theory of the nature of disciplinary structure and change. She discusses the distinctive character of chemical language and theories and the role of national styles and traditions in building a scientific discipline. Anyone interested in the history of scientific thought will enjoy pondering with her the question of whether chemists of the mid-twentieth century suspected chemical explanation had been reduced to physical laws, just as Newtonian mechanical philosophers had envisioned in the eighteenth century.

Chemical Sciences in the 20th Century

Author : Carsten Reinhardt
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Chemistry in the last century was characterized by spectacular growth and advances, stimulated by revolutionary theories and experimental breakthroughs. Yet, despite this rapid development, the history of this scientific discipline has achieved only recently the status necessary to understand the effects of chemistry on the scientific and technological culture of the modern world. This book addresses the bridging of boundaries between chemistry and the other "classical" disciplines of science, physics and biology as well as the connections of chemistry to mathematics and technology. Chemical research is represented as an interconnected patchwork of scientific specialties, and this is shown by a mixture of case studies and broader overviews on the history of organic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, nuclear- and cosmochemistry, solid state chemistry, and biotechnology. All of these fields were at the center of the development of twentieth century chemistry, and the authors cover crucial topics such as the emergence of new subdisciplines and research fields, the science-technology relationship, and national styles of scientific work. This monograph represents a unique treasure trove for general historians and historians of science, while also appealing to those interested in the theoretical background and development of modern chemistry.

American Chemical Enterprise

Author : Mary Ellen Bowden
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A collection of photographs and biographical information intended to help teachers present "the human face of science. ... The format and special binding of the book allow for easy conversion to overhead transparencies."--Cover.

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences

Author : National Research Council
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Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences is a summary of the December 1999 workshop, "Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Issues for the 21st Century,"This workshop discussed the various features of graduate education in chemical science and technology. Using case histories and their individual experiences, speakers examined the current status of graduate education in the chemical sciences, identified problems and opportunities, and discussed possible strategies for improving the system. The discussion was oriented toward the goal of generating graduates who are well prepared to advance the chemical sciences in academia, government, and industry in the next 5 to 10 years.

Before Big Science

Author : Mary Jo Nye
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Notable features of the book include an insightful analysis of the parallel trajectories of modern chemistry and physics and the work of scientists - such as John Dalton, Michael Faraday, Hermann von Helmholtz, Marie Curie, Ernest Rutherford, Dorothy Hodgkin, and Linus Pauling - who played prominent roles in the development of both disciplines.