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Charlotte Sometimes

Author : Penelope Farmer
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A time-travel story that is both a poignant exploration of human identity and an absorbing tale of suspense. It’s natural to feel a little out of place when you’re the new girl, but when Charlotte Makepeace wakes up after her first night at boarding school, she’s baffled: everyone thinks she’s a girl called Clare Mobley, and even more shockingly, it seems she has traveled forty years back in time to 1918. In the months to follow, Charlotte wakes alternately in her own time and in Clare’s. And instead of having only one new set of rules to learn, she also has to contend with the unprecedented strangeness of being an entirely new person in an era she knows nothing about. Her teachers think she’s slow, the other girls find her odd, and, as she spends more and more time in 1918, Charlotte starts to wonder if she remembers how to be Charlotte at all. If she doesn’t figure out some way to get back to the world she knows before the end of the term, she might never have another chance.

Charlotte Gray

Author : Sebastian Faulks
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Faulks's first novel since the extraordinary success of Birdsong is written with the same passion, power and breadth of vision. Set in England and France during the darkest days of World War II, Charlotte Gray, like Birdsong, depicts a complex love affair that is both shaped and thwarted by war. It is 1942. London is blacked out, but France is under a greater darkness, as the occupying Nazi forces encroach ever closer in a tense waiting game. Charlotte Gray, a volatile but determined young woman, travels south from Edinburgh. Working in London, she has a brief but intense love affair with an RAF pilot. When his plane is lost over France, she contrives to go there herself to work in the Resistance and to search for him--but then is unwilling to leave as she finds that the struggle for the country's fate is intimately linked to her own battle to take control of her life. Faulks's novel is an examination of lost paradises, politics without belief, the limits of memory, the redemptive power of art and the existence of hope beyond reason. It is also a brilliant evocation of life in Occupied France and, more significantly, a revelation of the appalling price many Frenchmen paid to survive in unoccupied, so-called Free France. As the men, women and children of Charlotte's small town prepare to meet their terrible destiny, the truth of what took place in wartime France is finally exposed. When private lives and public events fatally collide, the roots of the characters' lives are torn up and exposed. These harrowing scenes are presented with the passion and narrative force that readers will recall from Birdsong. Charlotte Gray will attract even more readers to Faulks's remarkable fiction.

A Companion to the Bront s

Author : Diane Long Hoeveler
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A Companion to the Brontës brings the latest literary research and theory to bear on the life, work, and legacy of the Brontë family. Includes sections on literary and critical contexts, individual texts, historical and cultural contexts, reception studies, and the family’s continuing influence Features in-depth articles written by well-known and emerging scholars from around the world Addresses topics such as the Gothic tradition, film and dramatic adaptation, psychoanalytic approaches, the influence of religion, and political and legal questions of the day – from divorce and female disinheritance, to worker reform Incorporates recent work in Marxist, feminist, post-colonial, and race and gender studies


Author : Natasha Duquette
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This critical edition of Julia is the first modern printing of a novel that blends the character development of a poet with critical reflections on social injustice.

Inherit the Land

Author : Gene Stowe
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In the early twentieth century, two wealthy white sisters, cousins to a North Carolina governor, wrote identical wills that left their substantial homeplace to a black man and his daughter. Maggie Ross, whose sister Sallie died in 1909, was the richest woman in Union County, North Carolina. Upon Maggie's death in 1920, her will bequeathed her estate to Bob Ross—who had grown up in the sisters' household—and his daughter Mittie Bell Houston. Mittie had also grown up with the well-to-do women, who had shown their affection for her by building a house for her and her husband. This house, along with eight hundred acres, hundreds of dollars in cash, and two of the white family's three gold watches went to Bob Ross and Houston. As soon as the contents of the will became known, more than one hundred of Maggie Ross's scandalized cousins sued to break the will, claiming that its bequest to black people proved that Maggie Ross was mentally incompetent. Revealing the details of this case and of the lives of the people involved in it, Gene Stowe presents a story that sheds light on and complicates our understanding of the Jim Crow South. Stowe's account of this famous court battle shows how specific individuals, both white and black, labored against the status quo of white superiority and ultimately won. An evocative portrait of an entire generation's sins, Inherit the Land: Jim Crow Meets Miss Maggie's Will hints at the possibility for color-blind justice in small-town North Carolina. Gene Stowe grew up in Monroe, North Carolina, and was a reporter for the Charlotte Observer for twelve years. He is head of the writing program of Trinity School at Greenlawn in South Bend, Indiana. Carl A. Sergio earned degrees in art design and psychology at the University of Notre Dame. He is currently working in Chicago while preparing to attend graduate school. Learn more about the author at

A Hellhound for Halloween

Author : Calandra Hunter
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She met her mate. Only to watch her leave. Chipmunk shifter Charlotte can’t believe it when she finally meets her true mate. She definitely can’t believe it when the gorgeous woman leaves her standing by the side of the road. But Charlotte refuses to give up on her mate and their chance at happiness. When Teresa has to track down a criminal in the state park Charlotte works at, Charlotte grabs the chance to spend more time with her. She’ll show Teresa they’re meant to be together—no matter the risk. Teresa lives for the chase. As a hellhound shifter, she never loses a trail and uses her unique skills to find dangerous shifters and bring them to justice. Meeting her mate is the last thing she needs. She can’t put Charlotte in danger. She’ll just have to fight her attraction until she’s solved her case and can leave. Never mind that her hellhound has decided that only one thing matters—chasing down their mate. A Hellhound for Halloween is a steamy shifter romance, and perfect if you like chipmunks coming to the rescue and stubborn hellhounds! One-click A Hellhound for Halloween now! This book is set in the same series as The Gargoyle Gets A Girlfriend, but can be read separately. (chipmunk shifter hellhound fated mates rescue park ranger series lesbian ff lesfic lgbt steamy paranormal)

The Speed of Souls A Novel

Author : Nick Pirog
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The Speed of Souls is the heart-warming, often hilarious, often outrageous, journey of Hugo (a dog who dies and comes back as a cat), Cassie (an aging rescue dog coming to terms with her own mortality), and Jerry (a once popular sci-fi writer in the midst of a cataclysmic mid-life crisis). Hugo was a dog. He died. Now he's a kitten. As Hugo adjusts to his new body (not just a cat--a baby cat!), his new home (San Francisco), his new outside (Where are the mountains? Where is the lake?), and his sudden urge to sit in every box he sees, he wonders if he'll ever see Cassie or Jerry again. Back in Lake Tahoe, Cassie and Jerry attempt to come to grips with life without Hugo. Cassie fills the void with "Tadpole Guard", "Worm Patrol", and ups her protection of Jerry (her human), who is in the midst of a cataclysmic midlife crisis. In addition to his dog dying, Jerry's last two books have been monumental flops and he's still reeling from his fiancée leaving him for another man. As if these problems aren't enough, his parents (who have become late-stage hippies) are coming to live with him for the entire summer. And so begins the journey of three souls, intertwined by loss, love, and perhaps something even greater. Told with Nick Pirog's charm and razor sharp wit, The Speed of Souls is at once a hilarious, moving, and transcendent work of storytelling

Mr Bartram s daughter

Author : Catherine Jane Hamilton
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Don John

Author : Jean Ingelow
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Don John a Story

Author : Jean Ingelow
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