Chapatti Moon


Author: Pippa Goodhart

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 144819413X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Mrs Kapoor and a whole host of animals and friends give chase to a cheeky chapatti in this hilarious modern take on the runaway pancake story. Follow the trail of the chapatti as it bounces and bursts through the book -- where will its adventure end?

Chapatti Or Chips?


Author: Nisha Minhas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 074343045X

Category: Indians

Page: 452

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For twenty-three years, Naina has saved herself for the Indian man that her parents have chosen for her to marry. Ashok, the man they've chosen, is handsome, kind and considerate. Although she has only met him twice, Naina knows that he will make a good husband. There's just one small problem: Dave. Goodlooking and charming, Dave is everything that Ashok is not. An unreliable rogue and incorrigible womaniser, Dave is bad news. Naina knows that. And with six months to go until her wedding day, she knows she should keep well away from him. So why can't she stop herself? As for Dave, he's met the only woman he's ever really regarded as a friend: the one woman whose knickers he can't get into. And as such, he finds Naina irresistible. . .

Horned Moon

An Account of a Journey Through Pakistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan


Author: Ian Melville Stephens

Publisher: N.A


Category: Afghanistan

Page: 288

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Horned Moon

An Account of a Journey Through Pakistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan


Author: Ian Stephens

Publisher: London : Chatto & Windus


Category: Pakistan

Page: 288

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The Waterless Moon


Author: Elizabeth Balneaves

Publisher: N.A


Category: Pakistan

Page: 175

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Travel impressions of Pakistan.



Author: Aporva Kala,

Publisher: Sristhi Publishers & Distributors

ISBN: 9380349505

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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Aporva Kala is an explorer of Yogic knowledge. Writing for him is an exercise in creativity, which, he says, is a soul song. Since last Fifteen years he has been actively involved in mentoring students in particular and guiding humanity in general to lead a holistic and a rewarding life-style.

Foot Prints on the Rocks


Author: Amitabh Shanker Roy Choudhury

Publisher: Book Bazooka

ISBN: 9386895196


Page: 145

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It’s for the back cover of the book. If not required, don’t keep all the three excerpts, just choose only two out of them. But the second one is a must (Chetak again raised its two …..). It all happened in mid-June, 2013. The nature’s fury had broken loose in Kedarnath valley………….. Excerpts from the book:- …….It didn’t take long for nature to reveal its frightening designs. It was indeed a natural calamity, but, a manmade disaster too. The sudden blackening of the blue sky, which Inder had witnessed, was caused by a cloud burst over the Chorabali Tal, situated at the height of 14,000ft, four km. from the Kedarnath temple…… It remains blanketed throughout the year with snow white flakes. The clouds poured – god knows how many thousand cusecs of water- into the lake. Consequently the walls of the lake could no longer withstand the water pressure and were breached at several points, releasing a huge water jinn which tore apart whatever tried to block it. And then …when no shackle was left to constrain it, the jinn was free to wreak havoc upon the lives of the people…. …….Chetak again raised its two bleeding forelimbs to hit the attacker. But by that fraction of a second the war was lost and won. The poor dog tried to bark. But its neck was stifled between the leopard’s two sets of teeth. The hapless creature could not make even a final cry. Blood was oozing from its throat. The black brown hairs of the neck gradually became crimson. ……..The birds had returned to their nests. They were chirping all around. The leaves of the kafol tree were fluttering in the evening breeze and emanating the sound like ankle-bells. The temple bells were ringing. Standing on the ramparts of heaven, with silver peak railings on the sides, the not so bright moon was smiling and peeking through the fluttering leaves of the peepal tree in front of their house. The heaven and earth extended a warm welcome to the long lost son of the family. The sky above Himalaya was bathed in a crimson red hue.



Author: Nigel B. Hankin

Publisher: India Research Press

ISBN: 9788187943044

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 576

View: 6635

In the tradition of "Hobson-jobson, this dictionary contains Indo. English idioms and English words derived from Hindi. It serves as both a reference book and an interesting cultural examination of language and the postcolonial relationship between the British and Indians. Such words as "dungaree, chintz, and "lacquer are revealed as having a Hindi origin. Also included are entries on words tied to Hinduism such as "guru, gherao, nirvana, asana, avatar, and "mantra.