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Changing Times

Author : Martin Chick
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This is a study of how, and why, the British economy has changed since 1951. It covers the Golden Age of 1945-1973 when unemployment was below one million; when governments built millions of council houses and flats; when electricity, telephones, and gas were supplied by nationalised monopolies; when income and wealth inequality were narrowing; and when the UK was not a member of the European Economic Community. Moving through the inflation, rising unemployment, and rapid contraction of the manufacturing industry from the mid- 1970s, Changing Times examines the transfer of assets which was effected in the privatisation of public housing and nationalised industries from the early 1980s. The role of the State changed as public investment fell. The financing of old-age care, of state pensions, and of the National Health Service became of increasing concern and were less politically amenable to the approach of using private finance (the Private Finance Initiative and tuition fees) to fund former public obligations. Changes were made to the system of taxation, but public expenditure changed little as a share of national income, although the government now built little. Difficulties emerged in ensuring adequate housing for a growing population, and uncertainty grew as to where future investment in necessities like electricity supply would come from. Having narrowed in the Golden Age, inequality of income and wealth widened. Environmental concerns also grew, from the local smogs of the 1950s, through the concern with acid rain from the 1960s, to the current global concern with climate change. The financial crash of 2008 and the decision to 'Brexit' in the referendum of 2016 reduced economic growth and highlighted the extent of economic change since 1951. This is a study of that change.

Changing Times

Author : Frank Mielke
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"Many times, the police are the first to respond to an individual in crisis. We've made strides shifting the response from an attitude of control to one of compassion. The additional and difficult task ahead is to bring about systemic change in culture and a concurrent change in attitudes and behaviors. This book serves as a reliable and accessible reference for those intent on bringing change to the vital effort of diversion"--

Changing Times

Author : Nigel Grant
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This is a true account of my childhood and my family seen through my eyes and told as I remember it, in my own words (not always complimentary.) It’s about growing up in the North East of Scotland in a small, rural community; how we amused ourselves and used our imaginations to invent play and adventure. It also gives an insight into the hardships we faced and the challenges of keeping up with the progress through which my generation has had the privilege to live.

The Changing Times

Author : Bradley O. Perkins
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By accidentally discovering time travel, Mark Peters went from being a dedicated scientist and inventor to a hard-hitting, no-nonsense adventurer. His biggest worry; was it worth it?

In Changing Times

Author : Martin P. Levine
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The HIV/AIDS epidemic has been a major catastrophe for gay communities. In less than two decades, the disease has profoundly changed the lives of gay men and lesbians. Not just a biological and viral agent, HIV has become an opportunistic social invader, reshaping communities and the distribution of wealth, altering the social careers of gay professionals and the patterns of entry into gay and lesbian life, and giving birth to groups like ACT UP and Queer Nation. The distinguished contributors to this volume discuss the ways HIV/AIDS has changed collective and individual identities, as well as lives, of gay men and lesbians, and how these alterations have changed our perceptions of the epidemic. They cover such topics as the impact of the epidemic on small towns, cultural barriers to AIDS prevention, gay youth and intergenerational relations, and the roles of lesbians in AIDS organizations. This collection provides compelling insights into the new communities among gay men and lesbians and the new kinds of identities and relationships that are emerging from the social and cultural ferment engendered by HIV/AIDS. Contributors include Barry D. Adam, Lourdes Arguelles, Rafael Miguel Diaz, John H. Gagnon, Gilbert Herdt, Gregory M. Herek, Nan D. Hunter, Peter M. Nardi, John L. Peterson, Anne Rivero, Gayle S. Rubin, Beth E. Schneider, and Nancy E. Stoller.

Changing Teachers Changing Times

Author : Andy Hargreaves
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"The rules of the world are changing. It is time for the rules of teaching and teachers' work to change with them." This is the challenge which Andy Hargreaves sets out in his new book on teachers' work and culture in the postmodern world. Drawing on his current research with teachers at all levels, Hargreaves shows through their own vivid words what teaching is really like, how it is already changing, and why. He argues that the structures and cultures of teaching need to change even more if teachers are not to be trapped by guilt, pressed by time and overburdened by decisions imposed upon them. Provocative yet practical, this book is written for teachers and those who work with teachers, and for researchers who want to understand teaching better in the postmodern age.

Theology for Changing Times

Author : Christopher R. Baker
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From wealth creation to wealth distribution and social ethics, from urban mission to religious studies and psychology the work of John Atherton was breathtaking in scope and variety. Unifying all of his work however, was a concern with engaging the work of theology with wider society.With contributions from some of the leading lights in public theology today, this book offers not only an appreciation of John Atherton's work within a prodigiously large array of disciplines, but also an attempt to ask 'what next', taking his work forward and considering where the future of public theology might lie. John Atherton's last published article is also reproduced.

Changing Teaching Changing Times

Author : Jonathan Clark
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This is the story of a science teacher and her work in an over-crowded and under-resourced township secondary school in contemporary South Africa. While set firmly in the present, it is also a journey into the past, shedding fresh light on how the legacy of apartheid education continues to have a major influence on teaching and learning in South Africa.

Changing Literacies for Changing Times

Author : James V. Hoffman
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Offering the wisdom that only experience and expertise in the field can bring, this book takes a critical look into the present and the future of literacy as envisioned by leading reading researchers. The lead author of each chapter, and in some cases more than one, of the authors, is a distinguished reading researcher elected by their peers into the Reading Hall of Fame. In this book these distinguished literacy leaders extend their role as researchers to speak directly to issues of practice and policy. All chapters address the theme of literacy and the teaching of literacy as being in a constant state of change. The authors are theoretical as they describe literacy, literacy acquisition, and the teaching of literacy; they are practical as they examine the issues that classroom teachers and reading specialists engage with on a daily basis; and they are political as they advocate for informed policy at the local, state and national levels. A key message in this book is that literacy professionals must take an active role to shape change.

Changing Times for Black Professionals

Author : Adia Harvey Wingfield
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This book is a study of the challenges, issues, and obstacles facing black professional workers in the United States. Though they have always been a part of the U.S. labor force, black professionals have often been overlooked in media, research, and public opinion. Ironically, however, their experiences offer a particularly effective way to understand how race shapes social life, opportunities, and upward mobility. As the 21st century continues to usher in increasing demographic, social, and economic change to the United States, it is critical to consider the impact this will have on an important sector of the labor force. In this book, I examine the reasons why sociological study of black professional workers is important and valuable, review the literature that examines their experiences in the workplace, and consider the issues and challenges they are likely to face in a rapidly shifting social world. The goal of this new, unique Series is to offer readable, teachable "thinking frames" on today’s social problems and social issues by leading scholars, all in short 60 page or shorter formats, and available for view on For instructors teaching a wide range of courses in the social sciences, the Routledge Social Issues Collection now offers the best of both worlds: originally written short texts that provide "overviews" to important social issues as well as teachable excerpts from larger works previously published by Routledge and other presses.

Changing Schools for Changing Times

Author : Kerry J. Kennedy
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Examines curriculum development and implementation in Hong Kong.

Managing in Changing Times

Author : Sid Lowe
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This book brings together distinguished writers from diverse fields and their specialised perspectives on new ideas and the challenges they pose to the hegemony of neo-classical scientific management. It explores various possibilities for the future development of the understanding of management and organisation in the context of new economic conditions taking shape in both the East and the West. The focus on these makes this volume topical. It provides today’s managers with alternatives to conventional approaches to management that are now facing a credibility crunch. Managing in Changing Times: A Guide for the Perplexed Manager shows the manager that there are no easy, quick-fix, off the shelf solutions to complex problems. Solutions require thinking and action with multiple perspectives and require considerable effort to master. This imparts the book a global appeal as it speaks to every manager. The initial chapters present the ideas of Schumacher and Capra which, the author shows, could be used as catalysts to evolve a post-scientific global management era. The book will be a handy reference material for students of management, managers and management pundits.

Pastoral Ministry in Changing Times

Author : Aidan Ryan
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An examination of the ecclesial change in Ireland that the author suggests is mainly a result of social and economic change and of the vastly increased influence of the media, both mainstream and social. Reflecting on the factors that have caused the change, he considers the sacramental life of the Church and the present state of liturgy in Ireland. He explores the different ways of being Catholic in a parish context and discusses clergy morale, what nourishes it and what damages it. The book concludes with possible ways of renewal for the fugure.

Navigating Through Changing Times

Author : Anne Eskola
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Complexity theory including the concepts of chaos and emergence has been considered one of the most revolutionary products of the 20th century having influence on science, technology and economics among others. Any complex systems, such as organisms, societies, stock market or the Internet, have emergent properties that cannot be reduced to the mere properties of their parts. The theory has been used in organizational studies and strategic management where it offers an alternative way to look at organizations. The theory rejects the idea of organizations seen as machines and a planned approach to organizational change. Instead, the theory underlines understanding on how organizations adapt to their environments. Complexity theory suggests that organizations tend to self-organize themselves to a state where they regulate themselves. Complexity theory would advocate for approaches that focus on flatter, more flexible organizations. It shifts focus from management control to self-organization and individual interrelations between different people. The aim of Navigating through Changing Times: Knowledge Work in Complex Environment is to give insights on how complexity has changed the environment of many business organizations. The book aims at identifying and discussing special features of business organizations performing knowledge work in a knowledge-oriented economy. Navigating through Changing Times: Knowledge Work in Complex Environment will be vital reading for those scholar and researchers in the fields of knowledge and wisdom management as well as organizational behavior and communication, HRM, strategy, culture, change and development and other related disciplines.

Changing Ministry in Changing Times

Author : Tony P. Lane
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Changing Supervision for Changing Times

Author : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
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Media Fortunes Changing Times

Author : Russell Hiang-Khng Heng
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This book examines how media have brought about or paced dramatic political events in Southeast Asia over the last two decades. It highlights a situation where media dynamics are no longer a simple formula of state control versus media resistance. The state can propel its own media-liberalizing programme; civil society can be an enemy of press freedom; market forces and cultural mindsets are sometimes more potent agents of change than state-appointed media custodians. Practitioners, scholars and activists have come together in this volume to provide a diversity of narratives on subjects as varied as powerful politicians and marginalized transsexuals.

Hindutva For The Changing Times

Author : J.Nandakumar
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Senior RSS leader J Nandakumar, in Hindutva for the Changing Times, states that Hindutva (Hindu-ness) is the apt expression that captures the spiritual, intellectual, religious, philosophical and political dimensions of the millennia-old Dharmic civilization. The book will interest academicians, political thinkers, sociologists and intellectuals, as it is the first time that an RSS leader has attempted to analyze topics such as Multiculturalism versus Hindu Universalism, Cultural Marxism, Environmentalism, Dataism through the Hindutva prism. He states Hindu Rashtra will remain the unchanging core of the RSS. Vedic scholar David Frawley has written the foreword for this thought-provoking book.

Changing Times In Teacher Education

Author : Marvin F. Wideen
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Pressures for reform in teacher education have begun to take on the same sense of urgency as school reform. Those faculties of education who have been strong advocates for change in the schools now find themselves the subject of similar pressures from governmental policy makers. Attempts at change have taken place in many different countries and jurisdictions around the world.; This book details, through a series of international vignettes, how teachers are responding to the changing times and social contexts in which they do their work. The authors hold the view that changes are inevitable in teacher education but what is not clear is who will control the changes and whether the end result will actually improve the preparation of teachers. The theme of the book is that the reform of teacher education should be informed by intelligent debate and that any attempt to restructure teacher preparation should result from a careful reconceptualisation of it purposes and processes.

Ancient Wisdom for Changing Times

Author : Sifu Jim Beasley and Sifu Jeff Larson
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