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Ceremonies Celebrations of Oman

Author : Abdulrahman Bin Ali Alhinai
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A personal insight into the many celebrations, ceremonies and events that take place in Oman each year and reveal that while embracing the modern world Oman remains proud of its traditional identity

Man Oman

Author : Benita Stafford-Smith
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Leaving family, friends and an established business behind, with just two suitcases in hand, Benita begins her adventure in the Middle East. Man Oman! follows her transition from a confident, Canadian born and bred businesswoman to an equally confident cosmopolitan soaking in and throughly enjoying the culture of an Arab country.

World and Its Peoples

Author : Marshall Cavendish
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Describes the geography, people, culture, and politics of the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.

Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Author : Ava Laboy Capo
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Diversity is all around us, celebrate, embrace, and represent your culture on your special day. Incorporate rituals, ceremonies, and traditions, there are many ways to honor and incorporate your ancestry during wedding ceremony and celebration. Many nationalities and cultures chose to include their heritage and traditions, embrace it and incorporate all that applies.

The Festal Year Or the Origin History Ceremonies and Meaning of the Sundays Seasons Feasts and Festivals of the Church During the Year Explained for the People

Author : James Luke Meagher
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Author : Diana Darke
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Author : Tony Walsh
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Bradt's is the most up-to-date and informative guide to Oman, the Arabian peninsula's most welcoming destination, fully revised and updated by an author who has been living in Oman and Arabia since 1986. Oman is finally reaping the economic benefit of its location between Europe, Africa and Asia with substantial investment in major shipping ports and significant expansion of the national airline with new routes to Western Europe and East Asia. Despite being at the crossroads of great trade routes and empires, Oman has remained an independent country through much of its long history, and today tourism and travel are a major focus for Oman's government. This new edition covers the recent substantial investment in new airport facilities and upmarket accommodation and also features the historic UNESCO towns of Samharam and Al Balid. If you want to live like a local, the guide also tells you how to slow cook the traditional spiced meat shuwa and how to be a perfect guest if invited into an Omani home. Oman is not merely a desert. While it has the classic sand seas - Wihibah Sands - home to the nomadic Bedouin and their camels, this sultanate also boasts lush monsoon-soaked valleys near Salalah, mountain villages surrounded by green terraced fields of fruit trees and rose bushes, and the reef-fringed Ad Dimaniyyat Islands. With such a varied wilderness there is huge scope for adventure. Oman is increasingly perceived as a high-end cultural destination. The new Opera House has opened, directly supported by the Sultan, with top-notch international performers like Placido Domingo. The guide includes advice on property buying, since Omani law changed to allow expatriates to buy, explaining the rules and regulations. There is also a detailed overview of language schools teaching Arabic, not found in other guides. With advice on cultural etiquette, basic Arabic phrases and political history - as well as full practical information on where to stay and eat, and what to see and do - this fully updated edition remains the essential guide for travellers looking to discover the real Oman.

Global Dynamics of Shi a Marriages

Author : Yafa Shanneik
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Muslim marriages have been the focus of considerable public debate in Europe and beyond, in Muslim-majority countries as well as in settings where Muslims are a minority. Most academic work has focused on how the majority Sunni Muslims conclude marriages. This volume, in contrast, focuses on Twelver Shi'a Muslims in Iran, Pakistan, Oman, Indonesia, Norway, and the Netherlands. The volume makes an original contribution to understanding the global dynamics of Shi'a marriage practices in a wide range of contexts--not only its geographical spread but also by providing a critical analysis of the socio-economic, religious, ethnic, and political discourses of each context. The book sheds light on new marriage forms presented through a bottom up approach focusing on the lived experiences of Shi'a Muslims negotiating a diverse range of relationships and forms of belonging.

Epic of Qayaq

Author : Lela Kiana Oman
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The Longest Story Ever Told by My People is a splendid presentation of an ancient northern story cycle, brought to life by Lela Kiana Oman, who has been retelling and writing the legends of the Inupiat of the Kobuk Valley, Alaska, nearly all her adult life. In the mid-1940s, she heard these tales from storytellers passing through the mining town of Candle, and translated them from Inupiaq into English. Now, after fifty years, they illuminate one of the world's most vibrant mythologies. The hero is Qayaq, and the cycle traces his wanderings by kayak and on foot along four rivers - the Selawik, the Kobuk, the Noatak and the Yukon - up along the Arctic Ocean to Barrow, over to Herschel Island in Canada, and south to a Tlingit Indian village. Along the way he battles with jealous fathers-in-law and other powerful adversaries; discovers cultural implements (the copper-headed spear and the birchbark canoe); transforms himself into animals, birds and fish, and meets animals who appear to be human. Qayaq is richly illustrated from the Priscilla Tyler and Maree Brooks Collection of Inuit Art, housed at Carleton University Art Gallery. A scholarly preface by Ann Chandonnet explains the conventions of Native Alaskan storytelling, and there is an introduction by Priscilla Tyler and Maree Brooks: art collectors, friends, and conservators of Oman's story legacy for many years.

Report of the Trilateral Workshop on Lanternfish in the Gulf of Oman

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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The main issues addressed by the workshop included the situation of myctophid resources in the Gulf of Oman, their biology and stock assessment, estimation of the precautionary harvest levels, research activities for assuring their effective management, bycatch from lanternfish fishing, exploitation trials in the Gulf of Oman, efficient capture and handling, options for utilization, processing and ecology of myctophids in the Gulf of Oman.

Oman s Insurgencies

Author : J. E. Peterson
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Oman today is a rapidly modernizing and peaceful country on the fringes of a region in turmoil. It does, however, have a long history of internal strife. In the twentieth century, this strife took the form of two internal conflicts. The Northern Oman or al-Jabal al-Akhdar War of the 1950s was a struggle between the forces of the old tribally based Imamate and the newer Sultanate in the northern part of the country. In the Dhufar War of the 1960s-70s an anti-Sultanate - and later Marxist - front sought secession in the south. J. E. Peterson takes a detailed look at these two wars in the context of insurgency and counter-insurgency warfare. He surveys Oman's transition from a strictly traditional regime controlling only parts of the country to a modern, inclusive state, particularly in terms of security concerns. Peterson analyses the development of the Sultanate's successful responses to security challenges, especially in the creation and evolution of modern armed forces. 'John Peterson provides the nearest we will perhaps ever see of an official history.' David Benest, The British Army Review 'Peterson does an excellent job of developing the thesis that victory in these counter-insurgencies resulted from the two factors of establishing political legitimacy by meeting the local demands of the population and military efforts, which succeeded largely through British support.' Calvin H. Allen Jr., Middle East Journal

A History of Modern Oman

Author : Jeremy Jones
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This book combines recent scholarship on Omani history with insights drawn from close analysis of Oman's politics and international relations.

The Way We Pray

Author : Maggie Oman Shannon
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Collecting prayer practices from around the world, the author introduces readers to her favorites--fifty forms of prayer, worship, and meditation, with details about their history and roots in particular religious traditions. Original.

Prehistoric Fisherfolk of Oman The Neolithic Village of Ras Al Hamra RH 5

Author : Lapo Gianni Marcucci
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Reports on excavations at the prehistoric site Ras Al-Hamra RH-5, located in the Qurum area of Muscat. The site dates from the late 5th to the end of the 4th millennia BC and comprises an accumulation of superimposed food discards deriving from continuous and repeated subsistence activities such as fishing, collecting shells, hunting and herding.

Lost Histories

Author : Kirsten L. Ziomek
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"A grandson’s photo album. Old postcards. English porcelain. A granite headstone. These are just a few of the material objects that help reconstruct the histories of colonial people who lived during Japan’s empire. These objects, along with oral histories and visual imagery, reveal aspects of lives that reliance on the colonial archive alone cannot. They help answer the primary question of Lost Histories: Is it possible to write the history of Japan’s colonial subjects? Kirsten Ziomek contends that it is possible, and in the process she brings us closer to understanding the complexities of their lives.Lost Histories provides a geographically and temporally holistic view of the Japanese empire from the early 1900s to the 1970s. The experiences of the four least-examined groups of Japanese colonial subjects—the Ainu, Taiwan’s indigenous people, Micronesians, and Okinawans—are the centerpiece of the book. By reconstructing individual life histories and following these people as they crossed colonial borders to the metropolis and beyond, Ziomek conveys the dynamic nature of an empire in motion and explains how individuals navigated the vagaries of imperial life."

The Craft Heritage of Oman

Author : Neil Richardson
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The Report Oman 2010

Author :
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A New Universal History of the Religious Rites Ceremonies and Customs of the Whole World or a Complete and impartial view of all the religions in the various nations of the universe etc With plates

Author : William HURD (D.D.)
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Social and Gender Inequality in Oman

Author : Khalid M. Al-Azri
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Looking at the social, political and legal changes in Oman since 1970, this book challenges the Islamic and tribal traditional cultural norms relating to marriage, divorce and women’s rights which guide social and legal practice in the modern Omani state. The book argues that despite the establishment of legal instruments guaranteeing equality for all citizens, the fact that the state depends upon Islamic and tribal elites for its legitimacy invalidates these guarantees in practice. Two particular features of the legal and cultural regulation of marriage and marital rights are focused on - the perceived requirement for kafa’aor equality in marriage between so called high and low socio-economic status peoples is examined, and the institution of talaq, which grants greater rights to men than to women in appeals for divorce. This book addresses highly complex subjects with great rigor, in terms of empirical research and engagement with theory, sociological and political as well as theological and legal. It is an interesting investigation of the divisions of authority between the state, Islam and tribal norms, highlighting barriers to reform in both Oman and wider Islamic society, and advocating the removal of such obstacles.

Marriage Customs of the World An Encyclopedia of Dating Customs and Wedding Traditions 2nd Edition 2 volumes

Author : George P. Monger
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This book presents a comprehensive overview of global courtship and marriage customs, from ancient history to contemporary society, demonstrating the vast differences as well as the similarities across all of human culture. • Over 300 topical entries organized in alphabetical order make this book a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource • "Further Reading" sections following each entry promote deeper research • Photographs of various elements of wedding celebrations illustrate the text