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Caudine Forks 321 BC

Author : Nic Fields
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In its long history, the Roman Republic suffered many defeats, but none as humiliating as the Caudine Forks in the summer of 321 BC. Rome had been at war with the Samnites – one of early Rome's most formidable foes – since 326 BC in what would turn out to be a long and bitter conflict now known as the Second Samnite War. The rising, rival Italic powers vied for supremacy in central and southern Italy, and their leaders were contemplating the conquest of the entire Italian peninsula. Driven by the ambitions of Titus Veturius Calvinus and Spurius Postumius Albinus, Roman forces were determined to inflict a crippling blow on the Samnites, but their combined armies were instead surprised, surrounded, and forced to surrender by the Samnites led by Gavius Pontius. The Roman soldiers, citizens of Rome to a man, were required to quit the field by passing under the yoke of spears in a humiliating ritual worse than death itself. This new study, using specially commissioned artwork and maps, analyses why the Romans were so comprehensively defeated at the Caudine Forks, and explains why the protracted aftermath of their dismal defeat was so humiliating and how it spurred them on to their eventual triumph over the Samnites. With this in mind, this study will widen its focus to take account of other major events in the Second Samnite War.

Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars

Author : Duncan Head
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Discourses on Livy

Author : Niccolò Machiavelli
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Discourses on Livy is the founding document of modern republicanism, and Harvey C. Mansfield and Nathan Tarcov have provided the definitive English translation of this classic work. Faithful to the original Italian text, properly attentive to Machiavelli's idiom and subtlety of thought, it is eminently readable. With a substantial introduction, extensive explanatory notes, a glossary of key words, and an annotated index, the Discourses reveals Machiavelli's radical vision of a new science of politics, a vision of "new modes and orders" that continue to shape the modern ethos. "[Machiavelli] found in Livy the means to inspire scholars for five centuries. Within the Discourses, often hidden and sometimes unintended by their author, lie the seeds of modern political thought. . . . [Mansfield and Tarcov's] translation is careful and idiomatic."—Peter Stothard, The Times "Translated with painstaking accuracy—but also great readability."—Weekly Standard "A model of contemporary scholarship and a brave effort at Machiavelli translation that allows the great Florentine to speak in his own voice."—Choice

Dictionary of Battles and Sieges A E

Author : Tony Jaques
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Alphabetically arranged entries cover 8,500 battles, from the Battle of Megiddo in 1468 BC to the American invasion of Iraq.

A Short History of Rome

Author : E. E. Bryant
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First published in 1924, this informative book aimed to provide a concise yet coherent and contextual picture of Roman history for school students.

Struggles of the Nations Or The Principal Wars Battles Sieges and Treaties of the World

Author : Sarah Maria Burnham
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Haydn s Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information Relating to All Ages and Nations

Author : Joseph Haydn
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Guide to Systematic Readings in the Encyclop edia Britannica

Author : James Baldwin
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Author : Eutropius
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A History of the World on a New and Systematic Plan

Author : H. White
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Outlines of Roman History

Author : Henry Francis Pelham
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The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization

Author : Simon Hornblower
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What did the ancient Greeks eat and drink? What role did migration play? Why was emperor Nero popular with the ordinary people but less so with the upper classes? Why (according to ancient authors) was Oedipus ('with swollen foot') so called? For over 2,000 years the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome have captivated our collective imagination and provided inspiration for so many aspects of our lives, from culture, literature, drama, cinema, and television to society, education, and politics. Many of the roots of the way life is lived in the West today can be traced to the ancient civilizations, not only in politics, law, technology, philosophy, and science, but also in social and family life, language, and art. Beautiful illustrations, clear and authoritative entries, and a useful chronology and bibliography make this Companion the perfect guide for readers interested in learning more about the Graeco-Roman world. As well as providing sound information on all aspects of classical civilization such as history, politics, ethics, morals, law, society, religion, mythology, science and technology, language, literature, art, and scholarship, the entries in the Companion reflect the changing interdisciplinary aspects of classical studies, covering broad thematic subjects, such as race, nationalism, gender, ethics, and ecology, confirming the impact classical civilizations have had on the modern world.

M Tulli Ciceronis Cato Maior de senectute

Author : Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Notes on the Travailleurs de la Mer of Victor Hugo

Author : Edward Thomas Owen
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The Garments of Court and Palace

Author : Philip Bobbitt
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The Prince, a political treatise by the Florentine public servant and political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli, is widely regarded as the most important exploration of politics - and in particular the politics of power - ever written. In Garments of Court and Palace, Philip Bobbitt, a preeminent and original interpreter of modern statecraft, presents a vivid portrait of Machiavelli's Italy and demonstrates how The Prince articulates a new idea of government that emerged during the Renaissance. Bobbitt argues that when The Prince is read alongside the Discourses, modern readers can see clearly how Machiavelli prophesied the end of the feudal era and the birth of a recognizably modern polity. As this book shows, publication of The Prince in 1532 represents nothing less than a revolutionary moment in our understanding of the place of the law and war in the creation and maintenance of the modern state.

Empires Wars and Battles

Author : T. C. F. Hopkins
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As current events have made painfully obvious, the Middle East is a region long torn by strife and traditions of warfare. In this elegant, fast-paced, and well thought out cultural and military history, T. C. F. Hopkins, author of Confrontation at Lepanto, provides a remarkable glimpse into the origins of the conflicts that formed the ancient world as well as the world we have inherited. This book examines the development of the traditions and hostilities that have grown from millennia of conflict and looks at the precarious balance between the West and the Middle East. Focusing on complex rivalries, from the Ancient Egyptians and Hittites to the five-hundred-year conflict between the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, this book seeks to shed light on the character of the region, and why it has borne and continues to bear a critical role in world affairs. Incorporating the most recent discoveries and scholarship, Empires, Wars, and Battles provides both an account of political and military events and a survey of the cultures and societies of the ancient Near East. The straightforward, accessible text is clear and credible to the well-read history buff, but understandable and fascinating to the reader who knows nothing about ancient or military history. There are few books on the market that can claim to cover this complex, timely material in such a comprehensive and interesting fashion. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Telling Turning Moments in the Classical Political World

Author : Jan H. Blits
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Turning, Telling Moments in the Classical Political World examines developments in the classical political world which are both turning and telling moments. All the moments-from Theseus's founding of Athens to Augustus's establishment of the Principate-possess the double character of being turning points and revealing fundamental aspects of the ancient political world. By examining ancient histories as works of reflection rather than works of research, Blits reveals the way ancient historians understand—and intend us to understand—the ancient world.

Cato Maior de Senectute

Author : Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Elements of Universal History on a new and systematic plan from the earliest times to the Treaty of Vienna To which is added a summary of the leading events since that period

Author : Henry WHITE (B.A., Ph. D.)
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Elements of Universal History on a new and systematic Plan from the earliest Times to the Treaty of Vienna

Author : Henry White
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