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I am Siamese How to raise Siamese cats and kittens

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Cherished The Secret Lives of Cats and Kittens in Morocco 2nd edition

Author : Colette Apelian, author and photographer
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A photographic essay of urban street cats in Rabat, Morocco with over eighty original color photographs Buy in .pdf format from Gumroad Digital Publication Distribution Buy in ePub format from Amazon Kindle

How to Draw Cats Kittens

Author : Diana Fisher
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Drawing is the cat’s meow! With the easy step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations, any cat lover can learn to draw 20 different lifelike kitties of all shapes and sizes. As kids follow along with the clear illustrations, they’ll learn to develop their drawings from basic shapes to finished masterpieces. And fun facts about the featured breeds add extra entertainment value. The step-by-step projects showcase 20 popular cat breeds, including: Persian Egyptian Mau British Shorthair Maine Coon Ragdoll Russian Blue American Curl Norwegian Forest Siamese Sphynx With How to Draw Cats & Kittens, kids will be drawing their own cattery full of cats and kittens in no time at all!

The Holistic Cat

Author : Jennifer A. Coscia
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Written in an accessible and engaging style for both seasoned cat lovers and first-time owners, The Holistic Cat focuses on disease prevention and provides specific tips for raising a cat in a healthy, safe environment. Author Jennifer Coscia combines many years of experience as a nutritional consultant and as the owner of an animal rescue adoption organization to cover a range of topics including nutrition, conventional vs. holistic healthcare and the use of complementary veterinary care, indoor vs. outdoor cats, vaccine-related illnesses, household and outdoor hazards, disease-specific advice, and how to make suitable arrangements for care while traveling and moving. Coscia also explores how overuse of vaccines and drugs in veterinary care, along with chemicals and contaminants in pet foods and the water supply, have radically increased disease in cats. The Holistic Cat contains inspiring first-person rescue stories complemented by vibrant photographs. This indispensable resource teaches a new approach to feline health and is also a valuable guide for veterinary students who want to learn about using alternative modalities to treat these extraordinary creatures.

Werner s Readings and Recitations Cats and kittens c1906

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Librarian s Guide to Online Searching Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction 5th Edition

Author : Christopher C. Brown
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Understanding and navigating online databases is an essential skill for today's librarians, but staying current in this changing landscape can be a challenge. The fifth edition of this vital book ensures that you meet that challenge. Today's librarians not only need to know about existing databases and how to perform searches within them but must also be able to teach search capabilities and strategies to library users. This practical guide introduces librarians to a broad spectrum of the fee-based and freely-available databases that are available, some of which are new to this edition, and explains their underlying information structures as well as updates to some standard databases. In addition, it covers search strategies, provides criteria for evaluating databases, and discusses how to teach others about databases. As in the previous edition, this book takes a "real world approach," covering everything from basic and advanced search tools to online subject databases. Each chapter includes a thorough discussion, recap, concrete examples, exercises, and points to consider, making this an ideal text for courses in database searching as well as a trustworthy professional resource. Provides professional development to librarians looking to acquire or improve their proficiency in an essential professional skill Offers additional professional guidance in the form of recaps, concrete examples, exercises, and points to consider Empowers students and librarians to search online effectively Discusses databases in the context of real-world problems

The Domestic Cat

Author : Dennis C. Turner
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Unravels the mysteries of cat behaviour for the general reader and specialist alike.

Manual of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat

Author : Sue Paterson
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Manual of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat, Second Editionprovides a valuable asset to the practice library for quick andeasy reference on a busy day. Dealing with all common skin diseasesin both the dog and the cat, particular attention is paid to thedifferences between the two species. Each chapter looks at adifferent type of skin disease with descriptions of clinicalpresentations and a guide for diagnostic tests for each. This bookis a combined update of two of Sue Paterson’s books, SkinDiseases of the Dog and Skin Diseases of the Cat, intoone volume for ease of reference. Particular emphasis is placed on those diagnostic techniquesavailable to the veterinarian within a general practiceenvironment Provides a practical approach to diagnosis and management Contains almost 500 color photographs of common and rare skinconditions

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care

Author : Celeste Yarnall
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Celeste Yarnall’s time-tested natural and holistic expertise gives cat owners insight into natural alternatives in food, medication, alternative therapies, and healing practices, improving the lives of feline friends and well as their caregivers. With Dr. Jean Hofve, the esteemed holistic veterinarian, she explores nutrition as preventative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic treatments, and groundbreaking anti-aging modalities never before published in a pet care guide. The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care also includes a complete bibliography and a list of suppliers of holistic remedies and services. As with all other pet health guides, it is a comprehensive resource intended to complement veterinary care, not replace it.

Cat Sense

Author : John Bradshaw
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From John Bradshaw, one of the world's leading experts on animal behaviour, and the author of the Sunday Times Bestseller, In Defence of Dogs, Cat Sense is a scientific portrait of the true, surprising nature of cats Worshipped as gods, feared as demonic servants, seen as both wild opportunists and beloved companions, cats often seem as unfathomable, enigmatic and magical to us today as they did in ancient times. They have lived with humans for at least ten thousand years (far earlier than the reign of the Pharaohs), and today are the most popular pet in the world. That they now outnumber the dog, man's 'best friend', by three to one, is small wonder: at once affectionate and self-reliant, they seem to be perfectly suited to our busy 21st Century lifestyles. Yet cats still think like the wild scavengers and hunters from which they are descended - and to which they can quickly revert. Today, they face unprecedented challenges in their life with humans: from conservationists who cast them as a threat to wildlife; from other cats who they compete for territory with; and from good-intentioned owners and vets with misconceptions of what they require. Cats need not so much our sympathy, but our understanding, if they are to continue to enjoy our companionship. The recent surge in feline science - with John Bradshaw at the forefront - means we are now better equipped to understand them than ever before. Cat Sense offers us for the first time a true picture of one of humanity's closest and most enigmatic companions. Praise for In Defence of Dogs: 'The most fantastic book, a revelation' Observer 'Essential reading' Daily Telegraph 'Nothing less than a manifesto for a new understanding' Guardian 'A case grounded in kindness and science ... Authoritative, wise and rather moving' Independent 'A wonderful, reassuring, and encouraging book' Literary Review 'A wonderfully informative, passionate book' Economist John Bradshaw is a biologist who founded and directs the world-renowned Anthrozoology Institute, based at the University of Bristol. He has been studying the behaviour of domestic cats and their owners for over 25 years, and is the author of many scientific articles, research papers and reviews. He is also the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, In Defence of Dogs.