Catholicism at the crossroads

how the laity can save the church


Author: Paul Lakeland

Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group

ISBN: 9780826428103

Category: Philosophy

Page: 164

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Paul Lakeland popularizes ideas about the contemporary American Catholic Church that he had previously treated in a much more academic way in several earlier books

Catholics at a Crossroads

Coverup, Crisis, and Cure


Author: Eileen P. Flynn

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1616406208

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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The sexual molestation of minors by priests and the way the church hierarchy tries to cover up the situation, is a great crisis in the church. This volume offers a penetrating analysis of how the unthinkable happened and what exactly the Catholic Church needs to do to remedy the situation. (Catholicism)

Christian Political Activism at the Crossroads


Author: William R. Stevenson, Jr.

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780819194114

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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This volume illumines the discussion being carried on between the religious right with its concern for moral responsibility in politics and the issue-oriented activists who are concerned with how Christians in America address human-rights and hunger issues. By bringing together both Christian scholars and activists from nearly all points of the political continuum, this book offers a rare glimpse into the reality of Christian diversity on the political task. The media often suggests a monist interpretation of 'Christian politics.' This book shows both the vitality and plurality of Christian politics in America. The book covers the historical background, activist perspectives, organizational structures, and participant characteristics with essays by Frank Roberts, David O'Brien, Ruth Tucker, James Reichley, Delton Franz, Betty Coats, Lucille Taylor, Bruce Buursma, Robert Zwier, Allen Hertzke, James Guth, Lyman Kellstedt, Corwin Smidt, Stephen Monsma and concludes with a suggestion of a new direction by James Skillen of the Association for Public Justice.

Protestant Theology at the Crossroads

How to Face the Crucial Tasks for Theology in the Twenty-First Century


Author: Gerhard Sauter

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802840345

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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In an atmosphere of growing skepticism and discouragement, what hope has theology for the future, and what sources might deliver that hope? In this astute analysis of Protestant theology today, Gerhard Sauter sets himself to help theology answer critical questions and accomplish crucial tasks in order to move forward with hope. Protestant Theology at the Crossroads examines contextual theology, in which particular cultural heritages, race and gender, economic conditions, and the structure of social life inform the teachings of the faith rather than vice versa. How, for example, do we approach the crisis in American self-understanding caused by terrorism? Do changes in European politics alter our theological perceptions? Sauter argues that dogmatics -- properly understood as the process of theological reasoning that supports the life of the church -- can and should be used as the tool to save theology. Dogmatics, he says, can break through pious isolationism and converge with genuine public theology, leading to the church's understanding of its own essence.

Christianity at the Cross-Roads


Author: George Tyrrell

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1597529761

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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Contents Part I: Christianity and Catholicism 1 Modernism and Tradition 2 Various Forms of Modernism 3 The Old Orthodoxy 4 The New Orthodoxy 5 Newman's Theory of Development 6 First Results of New Testament Criticism 7 The Christ of Liberal Protestantism 8 The Christ of Eschatology 9 The Christ of Catholicism 10 The Abiding Value of the Apocalyptic Idea 11 The Truth-Value of Visions 12 The Apocalyptic Vision of Christ 13 The Apocalyptic Vision and the Catholic Church Part II: Christianity and Religion 1 Exclusiveness and Tolerance 2 The Unification of Religion 3 The Science of Religions 4 Character of an Universal Religion 5 The Religion and Personality of Jesus 6 The Church and Its Future

The Assemblies of God at the Crossroads

Charisma and Institutional Dilemmas


Author: Margaret M. Poloma

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 9780870496073

Category: Political Science

Page: 309

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Liberation Theology at the Crossroads

Democracy or Revolution?


Author: Paul E. Sigmund

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195344936

Category: Religion

Page: 257

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Liberation theology originated in Catholic Latin America at the end of the 1960s in response to prevalent conditions of poverty and oppression. Its basic tenet was that it is the primary duty of the church to seek to promote social and economic justice. Since that time it has grown in influence, spreading to other areas of the Third World, along with bitter controversy about its ties to Marxist ideology and violent revolution. Drawing on both English and Spanish sources, this critical study examines the history, method, and doctrines of liberation theology. Sigmund considers the movement's origins in political circumstances in Latin America and provides case studies of its role in such events as the revolution and counter-revolution in Chile, and in the revolutionary movements in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Examining the thought of major liberation theologians, as well as the critical responses of the Vatican, Sigmund shows that liberation theology is a complex phenomenon, comprising a variety of kinds and degrees of radicalism. He discerns a general trend away from the Marxist rhetoric that has often characterized the movement in the past and towards the kind of grassroots populist reform typified by the Basic Christian Communities Movement.

Catholic Teaching Brothers

Their Life in the English-Speaking World, 1891–1965


Author: T. O'Donoghue

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137269057

Category: Education

Page: 215

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O'Donoghue's book, which is written as a traditional historical narrative, while also utilizing a comparative approach, is concerned with the life of Catholic religious teaching brothers across the English-speaking world, especially for the period 1891 to 1965, which was the heyday of the religious orders.

At the Crossroads of Der Zor

Death, Survival, and Humanitarian Resistance in Aleppo, 1915-1917


Author: Hilmar Kaiser

Publisher: Gomidas Institute

ISBN: 9781903656129

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 120

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