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Cassowary Hill

Author : David de Vaux
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When Tom Pryce-Bowyer returns to his cabin in Queensland's wet tropics to write a biography, he expects only forest animals to disturb his concentration. Then Tom is faced with another disraction: deflecting the quixotic plans of Jack, a former intelligence officer who wants to thwart the promotion of an unsavoury American general.As he researches for his biography, he's also forced to confront secrets about the recent atrocities in East Timor. A more pleasant distraction for Tom is Emjay, a New York publisher with whom he strikes up a whirlwind affair after their respective marriages break off.To Tom's dismay, his idyllic rainforest, and the life of his inquisitive neighbour - a colourful southern cassowary of mystical dimensions - both become endangered, and his late-blooming romance begins to fray...

Tree Leaf Talk

Author : James F. Weiner
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This is the first book to explore the relationship between Martin Heideggers work and modern anthropology. Heidegger attracts much scholarly interest among social scientists, but few have explored his ideas in relation to current anthropological debates. The disciplines modernist foundations, the nature of cultural constructionism and of art even what an anthropology of art must include are all informed and illuminated by Heideggers work. The author argues that many contemporary anthropologists, in their concern to return subjectivity and voice to their interlocutors, neglect to recognize that language and other representational practices conceal the world and human subjectivity as much as reveal it. The author also suggests that Heideggers critique of western technology provides the basis for a return to anthropologys sociological foundations. Emerging from over ten years of original research, and drawing on a rich knowledge of Australian and Melanesian ethnography, this book reassesses the underlying framework of modern and, particularly, visual anthropology. Innovative and provocative, it will be of interest to all anthropologists, philosophers and students of art and culture.

Mister Cassowary

Author : Samantha Wheeler
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The Cassowary s Revenge

Author : Donald Tuzin
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Donald Tuzin first studied the New Guinea village of Ilahita in 1972. When he returned many years later, he arrived in the aftermath of a startling event: the village’s men voluntarily destroyed their secret cult that had allowed them to dominate women for generations. The cult’s collapse indicated nothing less than the death of masculinity, and Tuzin examines the labyrinth of motives behind this improbable, self-devastating act. The villagers' mythic tradition provided a basis for this revenge of Woman upon the dominion of Man, and, remarkably, Tuzin himself became a principal figure in its narratives. The return of the magic-bearing "youngest brother" from America had been prophesied, and the villagers believed that Tuzin’s return "from the dead" signified a further need to destroy masculine traditions. The Cassowary's Revenge is an intimate account of how Ilahita’s men and women think, emote, dream, and explain themselves. Tuzin also explores how the death of masculinity in a remote society raises disturbing implications for gender relations in our own society. In this light Tuzin's book is about men and women in search of how to value one another, and in today's world there is no theme more universal or timely.


Author : Sy Montgomery
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Meet the ladies: a flock of smart, affectionate, highly individualistic chickens who visit their favorite neighbors, devise different ways to hide from foxes, and mob the author like she's a rock star. In these pages you'll also meet Maya and Zuni, two orphaned baby hummingbirds who hatched from eggs the size of navy beans, and who are little more than air bubbles fringed with feathers. Their lives hang precariously in the balance-but with human help, they may one day conquer the sky. Snowball is a cockatoo whose dance video went viral on YouTube and who's now teaching schoolchildren how to dance. You'll meet Harris's hawks named Fire and Smoke. And you'll come to know and love a host of other avian characters who will change your mind forever about who birds really are. Each of these birds shows a different and utterly surprising aspect of what makes a bird a bird-and these are the lessons of Birdology: that birds are far stranger, more wondrous, and at the same time more like us than we might have dared to imagine. In Birdology, beloved author of The Good Good Pig Sy Montgomery explores the essence of the otherworldly creatures we see every day. By way of her adventures with seven birds-wild, tame, exotic, and common-she weaves new scientific insights and narrative to reveal seven kernels of bird wisdom. The first lesson of Birdology is that, no matter how common they are, Birds Are Individuals, as each of Montgomery's distinctive Ladies clearly shows. In the leech-infested rain forest of Queensland, you'll come face to face with a cassowary-a 150-pound, man-tall, flightless bird with a helmet of bone on its head and a slashing razor-like toenail with which it (occasionally) eviscerates people-proof that Birds Are Dinosaurs. You'll learn from hawks that Birds Are Fierce; from pigeons, how Birds Find Their Way Home; from parrots, what it means that Birds Can Talk; and from 50,000 crows who moved into a small city's downtown, that Birds Are Everywhere. They are the winged aliens who surround us. Birdology explains just how very "other" birds are: Their hearts look like those of crocodiles. They are covered with modified scales, which are called feathers. Their bones are hollow. Their bodies are permeated with extensive air sacs. They have no hands. They give birth to eggs. Yet despite birds' and humans' disparate evolutionary paths, we share emotional and intellectual abilities that allow us to communicate and even form deep bonds. When we begin to comprehend who birds really are, we deepen our capacity to approach, understand, and love these otherworldly creatures. And this, ultimately, is the priceless lesson of Birdology: it communicates a heartfelt fascination and awe for birds and restores our connection to these complex, mysterious fellow creatures

CRC World Dictionary of Palms

Author : Umberto Quattrocchi
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From the Foreword Umberto Quattrocchi has brought us some amazing and useful works through the various dictionaries that he has compiled. This time it is for two very important plant families the palms and the cycads that are synthesized here in these two volumes. Each entry is fascinating not just for the botany and full nomenclature of the plant species but for all the associated uses, folklore and interactions with other organisms. ...These entries are fascinating glimpses of natural history. ... Botanists, conservationists, ethnobotanists, anthropologists, geographers, bird watchers, naturalists, historians and those of many other disciplines will find these volumes a most valuable and useful resource. It is the sort of book that will be in frequent use in my library. ----- Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS, VMH, Former Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Following the same format as Umberto Quattrocchi’s highly praised and well-used previous works, The CRC World Dictionary of Palms: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology brings together the vast and scattered literature on palms and cycads to provide better access to information on these economically important plants. Each genus and species has a detailed morphological description and includes a list of synonyms and vernacular names in many languages. Bibliographies accompany each entry which are comprehensive, up-to-date and multi-lingual. The detailed information for every entry on habitats, economic uses, historical and biographical data, botanical exploration, and linguistics will be useful for any library involved with botany, herbal medicine, pharmacognosy, medicinal and natural product chemistry, ecology, ethnobotany, systematics, general plant science, agriculture or horticulture. Umberto Quattrocchi is the author of the bestselling CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names, winner of the prestigious Hanbury Botanical Garden Award. His most recent multi-volume work, CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants, received strong praise as being "... an unparalleled starting place—a tool of first resort for any thoughtful researcher. Quattrocchi and CRC have delivered a dictionary like no other, a learned finger pointing in the right direction." —John de la Parra, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, from Economic Botany, Vol. 68, 2014

Australia Official Standard Names Approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names

Author : United States. Office of Geography
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Annual Report of the Under Secretary for Mines to the Secretary for Mines Including the Reports of the Wardens Inspectors of Mines Government Geologist Government Analyst and Other Reports for the Year

Author : Queensland. Department of Mines
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Author : Stephanie Anderson
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This book tells the story of a French cabin boy, Narcisse Pelletier, and his life with the Uutaalnganu people of north-east Cape York from 1858 to 1875. Even though it is all but forgotten in Australia, and in France is known only in its broad outlines, Pelletier's story rivals that of the famous William Buckley, both as a tale of human survival and as an enthralling and accessible ethnographic record. Narcisse Pelletier, from the village of Saint-Gilles-sur-Vie, was fourteen years old when the Saint-Paul was wrecked near Rossel Island off New Guinea in 1858. Leaving behind more than 300 Chinese labourers recruited for the Australian goldfields - believed to have been subsequently massacred by the Rossel Islanders - the ship's captain and crew, including the cabin boy, escaped in a longboat. After a gruelling voyage across the Coral Sea, they landed near Cape Direction on Cape York, where Pelletier found himself abandoned when the boat sailed off without him. He was rescued by an Aboriginal family and remained with them as a member of their clan until 1875 when he was sighted by the crew of a pearling lugger. 'Rescued' against his will, Pelletier was conveyed to Sydney and then repatriated to France. The author, Stephanie Anderson, came across Pelletier's story by chance in an old French anthropological journal. As she started researching it, her fascination with the story grew. She found that Pelletier had left an account of his experiences, first published in 1876, that had never been translated into English. Now, for the very first time, this remarkable story is available to read in English, complemented by an ethnographic commentary by anthropologist Athol Chase and an in-depth introduction by Anderson. Pelletier: The Forgotten Castaway of Cape York is required reading for anyone with an interest in Australian history, anthropology, or the intriguing world of pre-colonial Aboriginal life.

Australian Good Birding Guide Northern Queensland

Author : Ted Wnorowski
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This is our fifth book in the series of comprehensive travel guidebooks to birdwatching destinations in Australia. The Northern Queensland guide describes the most interesting and reasonably accessible birding spots located in the northern half of the vast Queensland State. Description of each birding site includes, at a minimum, habitat description, site facilities and key avifauna. The authors have cross-checked and supplemented their findings with verified sightings reported online. Ebook format is also available. Other books by Ted & Alex Wnorowski: Australian Good Birding Guide: NSW-ACT Australian Good Birding Guide: Tasmania Australian Good Birding Guide: Victoria Australian Good Birding Guide: Southern & Central Queensland In preparation: Australian Good Birding Guide: South Australia

Crocodile and Cassowary

Author : Douglas Newton
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The Rough Guide to Australia

Author : Rough Guides
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The Rough Guide to Australia is the indispensable travel companion to this vast, stunning, totally unique destination. Whether you're making a bee-line for the beaches, stepping out on a wine tour, heading-off on an Outback adventure or packing it ALL into one trip of a lifetime, The Rough Guide to Australia has everything you'll ever need on where to go and how to get there. This guide is packed with practical information on once-in-a-life-time experiences: spotting crocs in Kakadu National Park, following the Ocean Road along Victoria's spectacularly rugged coast, shooting the rapids of Tasmania's Franklin River and hiking Carnavon Gorge to gaze at ancient Aboriginal art. Our dedicated authors have scoured the country finding you the best spots to catch a band in Melbourne, view contemporary art in Sydney and savour seafood in Perth, and of course they've listed great places to stay for every budget, loads of shopping, and where to find the wildest parties. Plus there's clear mapping and loads of background information on wildlife, history, music, festivals and Aboriginal culture. Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to Australia. Now available in ePub format.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds

Author : DK
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The beauty and drama of the bird world brought to breathtaking life in ebook format From hummingbirds weighing less than a coin to monkey-eating eagles this is a unique celebration of birds, photographed and studied in their natural environments around the world. Explore the complete bird story: from their origins to up-to-date information on flight, anatomy, feeding, communication, breeding, habitat, migrations and life cycles. Spectacular features on the most impressive birds, plus a huge catalogue that profiles nearly fifteen hundred different species makes this a must-have for every bird enthusiast. Published with Birdlife International, the world's leading avian authority.

United States Board on Geographic Names Gazetteer

Author : United States Board on Geographic Names
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On Surrey Hills

Author : Denham Jordan
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Rules and Meanings

Author : Mary Douglas
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First published in 1973, Rules and Meanings is an anthology of works that form part of Mary Douglas' struggle to devise an anthropological modernism conducive to her opposition to reputedly modernizing trends in contemporary society. The collection contains works by Wittgenstein, Schutz, Husserl, Hertz and other continentals. The underlying themes of the anthology are the construction of meaning, the force of hidden background assumptions, tacit conventions and the power of spatial organization to reinforce words. The work serves to complement the philosophers' work on everyday language with the anthropologists' theory of everyday knowledge.

Steel to Stone

Author : Jeffrey Clark
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Overall, Clark provides a compelling picture of a contemporary Melanesian culture, at the critical point at which the Wiru people are interpreting, invoking, and reinventing their history in the context of a developing nation state."--Jacket.

The Complete Birds of the World

Author : Norman Arlott
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The ultimate reference book for birdwatchers and bird lovers—the first single-volume book to illustrate all of the world’s bird species This is a book like no other—the only truly comprehensive, one-volume illustrated guide to all of the world’s birds, covering the complete International Ornithological Congress World Bird List. Featuring more than 300 stunning large-format, full-color plates, this accessible and authoritative encyclopedic reference presents incredibly detailed, accurate, and beautiful paintings of more than 10,700 species by some of the world’s best bird artists, led by the legendary Norman Arlott and Ber van Perlo. In addition, The Complete Birds of the World provides detailed but concise identification information about each species on facing pages—including facts about voice, habitat, and geographic distribution. The result is a visual and verbal feast that captures the astonishing variety of bird life around the planet—and that will be cherished by any birder. Illustrates more than 10,700 species, covering the complete International Ornithological Congress World Bird List, and including all major adult plumages for each Features more than 300 stunning large-format, full-color plates by some of the world’s leading bird artists Presents detailed but concise identification information about each species on facing pages—including facts about voice, habitat, and geographic distribution

Tropical Fruits and Frugivores

Author : J. Lawrence Dew
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In this book we undertake one of the first global-scale comparisons of the relationships between tropical plants and frugivorous animal communities, comparing sites within and across continents. In total, 12 primary contributors, including noted plant and animal ecologists, present newly-analyzed long-term datasets on the floristics and phenological rhythms of their study sites, identifying important seed dispersers and key plant taxa that sustain animal communities in Africa, Madagascar, Australasia, and the Neotropics.

The Miyanmin

Author : George E. B. Morren
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